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I could think of no picture that would be appropriate here.

So we’re discussing the election in class the other day, going over the difference between Democrats and Republicans and their stances on different issues. This can become a little delicate when talking about abortion or gay rights, but I do my best to give an honest account of both sides while keeping it on a 5th Grade level. I’ve always felt if a student has a question and is geuinely interested, I’ll try and give a straight answer while keeping in the bounds of what is appropriate. By the way, we also discussed the difference between Democrats and Republicans regarding taxes, the death penalty, welfare, and the military so don’t think we didn’t cover all the bases.

With that in mind, during one class it was obvious one boy was really uncomfortable discussing gay marriage, the religious angle, and how it was against the law in some states although OK in others. In fact, he told me very distinctly that it made him squeamish to talk about it, and we all had a little laugh over it. You know, trying to keep the mood light. At some point during this discussion I explained what it meant to be homophobic and he seemed genuinely concerned that he might be just that.

Anyway, the next day the boy I mentioned raised his hand so I called on him.


Kid: “Mr. Shoe, can I say something about what we talked about yesterday?”

Me:  “Uh, sure. Go ahead.”

Kid: “Well, about that whole homophobic thing. I made my mom tell me a bunch of gay things last night so I’m OK now.”

Me: “Wait. What?”

Kid: “Yeah, we talked about a lot of gay stuff so I’m used to it. I’m good.”

Man, how I would have loved to have listened in on that conversation.