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Below is the second offering from Dr. David “JR” Allen, my oldest friend. Wait. Not my oldest friend. I have older friends. It’s just that I’ve known him the longest. Ah, screw it, you know what I mean. Enjoy . . .

I just got home from the urgent care, seeing a multitude of sore throats, sinus infections, sprained and fractured ankles and feet, pneumonia, and a gal with vaginal discharge. Oh yeah, and the ingrown toenail on the 13-year old boy, present for 2 years, in which I had to remove the toenail  tonight (upon his father’s insistence) or else this young man would be  forever maimed and my malpractice carrier would pay out a pretty penny and my malpractice rates would rise about 300% next year if I didn’t do anything, in  spite of the fact that his family doctor saw him yesterday and referred him to a  podiatrist. Sorry about the long sentence. But that’s not my  point. Just a description of any other day. We have  healthcare-on-demand in this country, but that’s another story.

As I got home and came to my computer to check my e-mail, one of which was from Shoe regarding Teddy, the young man with Down’s syndrome. I was moved. What a great story!  But as I read it I was struck by the contrast of my emotions of the day. Weary and frustrated by my 12-hour day at the urgent care, yet moved by the saga of Ted’s day with the Reds.

As I finished the piece on Ted’s story, I saw out of the corner of my eye, Zeus, our Shih tzu, staring at the wall. If you haven’t heard of Zeus, check out the link on the left-hand side of Shoe: Untied titled Going  in for fish food and ending up with Zeus. That’ll explain things.

What fascinates me about these beasts (I mean dogs, but it can probably be extended to cats, gerbils, mice, rats or wildebeasts, for that matter) is how can they stare at a wall for minutes on end (or maybe hours when I’m not  home to observe such behavior?). Are they seeing something we mere mortal humans can’t see? It’s almost eerie, like they have this supernatural power to see things we can’t. And as much as I want to think that we are the superior intellectual species on this planet, maybe I’m simply in denial.

Now, I’ve never used LSD.  I’m not claiming to be drug naive, but my experience with LSD is   that I never did it, but have always been a little fascinated by what it would be like. No, I’m just kidding, Medical Board!  But it may be frightening for you to know that one of my best friends in medical school did some LSD one weekend. He told me that he did “two hits” and that his buddy who gave it to him had to talk him down the entire weekend because he was supposed to only do “one” hit.  Anyway, he saw coffee tables walking across the floor (by his description). He’s in a successful practice now, in a city I  won’t mention, but I hope he’s dosing his patients’ medication a little better than he dosed himself with his acid. But to my point, Zeus looks as if he’s watching some kind of movie on the blank wall, as if he’s having some type of LSD trip. Or maybe a prolonged flashback. Or seeing stuff I can’t  see, or maybe I’m just too afraid to see. But I’m certain he could  sit there long enough to watch Ben-Hur or the Ten Commandments (or in today’s culture, any Kevin Costner movie).

Is it just my novice dog-ownership status that makes me question this  stuff?  Or is there something wrong with my dog?  Or maybe, is there  someting wrong with ME?

Yea, I know.  It couldn’t be me!