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Yes, I had hair. Let it go.

Yes, I had hair. Let it go.

As a lot of you know I have a son, Kip Min-Soo, who was born in Korea. My first wife and I adopted him back in 1988. He was born in early June that year and arrived with us 6-months later. Adopting Kip was the single best thing I’ve ever done in my life, with second place being, well, there is no second place. He’s everything to me.

That said, when he was little something really funny happened that I thought I’d share. I hope he doesn’t mind.

We were always very open about the whole adoption thing, and why not? From Day 1 we talked to him about the day he arrived on the airplane and what a special day it was for us and our extended families.

Before we proceed you need to know that as a little boy Kip was always around my basketball teams and got to know great guys like Craig Kerns, Roman Diekan, Shane Cawley, Todd Shoemaker and the rest very well. He really looked up to those guys.

Anyway, I used to lay in bed with him before he went to sleep and read him stories, or just make up something myself. Well, one night when he was 4 or 5 I thought I’d tell him a very special story. Here’s what I told him . . .

Once upon a time there was a little boy from a faraway land that was very lonely and wished he had a mom and dad. At the same time there was man and woman here in Ohio who weren’t able to have children of their own although they really wanted a son or daughter. This couple worked really hard to try and find a baby of their own, and after several years they received the wonderful news that a beautiful little boy had been born and they could have him. The couple was thrilled! That little baby boy from far away didn’t know it yet, but he was about to be united with two people who would shower him with love and affection forever.

As I told the story, Kip lay with his head on my shoulder, looking up at me with wide-eyes, nodding occasionally and smiling.

Soon the couple received word that the little boy was on his way to America! They were also told that they were to be there when he arrived. They were so excited! A couple days later they and several family members drove all the way to the Cleveland Airport to pick up their beautiful baby. The baby had flown on an airplane all the way from the country of Korea, all the way on the other side of the world, to Seattle and then Cleveland, a VERY long trip!

And guess what? It was more than worth it. When the little boy was carried off the airplane, everyone was crying with happiness and joy. He was s-o-o-o cute and his hair was sticking straight up on top. Plus, he never cried, he just smiled as if he knew he’d found a home. The man and woman couldn’t believe how lucky they were.

After everyone got to hold and hug him, they took the little boy home and put him in his own special room, a room filled with toys and other things that make baby boys happy.

It was perfect. Both the little boy and his new mom and dad had found exactly what they wanted.

At that point I looked down at Kip and he was still looking up at me, seemingly enraptured by the story which was obviously about him. Then this happened . . .

Me: “Kip, you know who that little boy was, don’t you?”

Kip, softly: “Yes.”

Me: “Who was it?”

Kip: “. . . Shane Cawley.”

What? Who? As I mentioned earlier, Shane was one of my players.

So much for my spectacular storytelling abilities, huh?

Note: If you know Shane Cawley, I’m certain you’ll REALLY appreciate this story.