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Guy in helicopter rescues another guy’s model plane from a tree. Awesome.

Another hardo weatherman exposed. Seek the bigh ground! LOL.

This is how you do it.

Typical Meteorologist. They love to induce panic, no?

Moms Today – As Halloween nears, many families will gather around the old television set for the annual viewing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” But, one dad says it’s time to retire the classic cartoon because of its taunting messages and unkind words. “The show is riddled with the kids calling each other stupid, dumb, and blockheads. There is continous teasing and bullying. Charlie Brown is supposed to be the hero, instead he is kicked and demeaned at every turn, even by the adults giving out candy,” Buzz Bishop, otherwise known as DadCamp, wrote at recently. He finds the shows’ acceptance of schoolyard teasing to be antiquated. “Charlie Brown is always an outsider, the cool kids continue to play tricks, and nobody is ever held to account. Of course, Charlie Brown isn’t the only children’s show to use questionable words or themes, as SusanP, another commenter, mentioned. “Interesting perspective — what about the Christmas Story? Home Alone? It’s amazing to watch these old favorites with parent eyes in these modern day times,” she posted. Do you think Charlie Brown and other classic shows are worth showing to kids, even if their messages don’t always work in today’s society, or do you think it’s time to retire them?

I only have two words for this. Good grief.

Me, now.

I can even write awesome titles when my brain is on fire.

See, I’ve been getting migraines for years. I have one now. My head hurts so badly that everything outside of a small clear circle where I focus my eyes is a blur, like heat you see coming off a highway in the summer. I can’t sleep because I can’t hold my head still long enough. For the first time, I thought I’d just write. Maybe it’ll help, who knows.

But I doubt it.

As I said, I’ve been getting migraines for as long as I can remember. They come in clusters usually, maybe 3 or 4 in a week or two. God, I hope this isn’t the first of a cluster.

When people find out I get headaches, they offer remedies. They mean well but believe me when I tell you I’ve tried everything. All the meds, chiropractors, ice, injections, massages, homemade potions, prayer, the works. The only thing I haven’t tried is accupuncture, which I’m seriously considering.

And no, dark rooms, avoiding smoke, avoiding certain foods, none of that has worked either.

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking. I eliminated Grey Goose as a cause years ago. It’s a good thing, too, for that would have been tragic.

A few years ago I went to a Migraine Clinic in Cleveland. I was probed, prodded, had CAT Scans, bloodwork, had dye shot into my veins, ran a treadmill (?) and had a gazillion other tests run. The good news is I was told that, as far as being physically fit, I was in the top 1% of my age group (humblebrag alert!). The bad news is they couldn’t figure out what was causing my migraines.

At the clinic I was told to keep a journal. For a year I recorded everything that might even be remotely migraine related. What I’d eaten, the weather, personal issues, where I’d been. Other than finding out I ate a hell of a lot of Cheeze-Its, all my notes added up to nothing. The headache docs read the journal and could make zero connection between anything I recorded and my migraines.

If I feel a headache coming on during the day I can usually nip it in the bud with some meds. Some of you may recognize this, but when certain migraines start you get what’s called an aura around your head. An aura feels like a bulbous presence surrounding your head, gently pressing in from all sides. Weird, I know, but I bet some of you know what I’m talking about. And sometimes I’ll feel a gentle “click” in the back of my head, like someone flipped a light switch. I swear it feels like somebody’s turning on my migraine.

The doctors are obviously familiar with the aura, hence it having a name. The click? When I mentioned it the experts looked at me like I had a marmocet sitting on my head. They thought it may have something to do with an upper spine problem, but quickly ruled that out after an x-ray.

The click remains a mystery.

Like I say, if I feel one coming on I can usually (but not always) stop it in its tracks. My worst migraines come when I wake up with one. If I wake up and the headache has taken root I’m in trouble. Big trouble.

I guess I get a certain look when I’m getting or already have a migraine. We have a secretary at school who has been there since I started in the Paint Valley District, and all I have to do is walk in the office and she knows.

On a related note, my dog Sparky tries his best to help when I’m hurting. He gets on my lap, whimpers, and licks my head. I let him because it really feels good.

Sparky knows.

People always want a description of my migraines, and it’s odd but they’re almost all different. Sometimes the pain is in the base of my skull, sometimes the forehead, often the temples, and once in awhile right on the top of my head. I know, weird. Sometimes the pain originates in the front and goes slowly to the back, like creeping death.

With a really vicious migraine, the pain even seeps down into my neck and shoulders. Believe me, that’s no fun.

The women who have known me will tell you that I’m not a real good person to be around when I’m sick, migraine or otherwise. And not because I don’t want to be bothered, but because I want attention. What can I say, I like to be taken care of when I don’t feel good. If that makes me a baby, well, so be it. The problem with me is, if you’re not giving me the attention I feel I need I’ll seek you out in an attempt to get it. Yeah, that’s pretty annoying.

So sorry, every woman I’ve ever known.

Can’t I get points for honesty? Geez . . .

Anyway, in this case I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I just thought it might help to write a little, get my mind off my current headache.

Alas, nothing.

My head still hurts, damn it.

But hey, it was worth a try.

I knew I’d get teary-eyed when he said what he was going to sing.

Woulda been a helluva road trip.

I had no idea.

I love this sort of stuff.

From Yahoo! Sports:

When Michael Ferns was racing toward the end zone, the Clairsville (Ohio) St. Clairsville High star had nothing in front of him but green grass and glory. He was seemingly seconds away from scoring his 12th touchdown of the season and wrapping up a victory for St. Clairsville against area rival Richmond (Ohio) Edison High.

St. Clairsville players Logan Thompson and Michael Ferns embrace following Thompson's emotional touchdown — USA Today/Gannett MediaThen, just feet short of the goal line, Ferns slowed and walked out of bounds at the 1-yard line. Everyone in the stadium was stunned, except for Ferns’ teammates, who instantly knew what he was doing: He was setting up a teammate to score a fitting touchdown in memory of his late father, who had died just two days earlier from a catastrophic stroke.

The player in question was Logan Thompson, a devoted freshman varsity football player who had never registered a single carry before in his career. Still reeling from his father’s death, Thompson suited up for St. Clairsville nonetheless, providing security for the team’s upperclassmen. During the team’s victory against Edison, St. Clairsville coach Brett McLean had secretly encouraged his skill players to pull up short of the end zone if given the chance, setting the stage for Thompson to have a memorable first carry right into the end zone.

Still, the plan was almost sabotaged by the referees, who were completely stunned by the fact that Ferns hadn’t actually scored. As reported by USA Today, two referees actually signaled that Ferns had scored a touchdown before one of his teammates came rushing in to argue that his team had not actually scored, a surreal twist on the usual officiating protestations put forth by high school players and coaches.

St. Clairsville star Michael Fern, who set up a touching touchdown tribute for a teammate — Rivals.comEventually, McLean’s plan worked to perfection when Ferns found himself on a breakaway, then switched rolls to move from running back to bruising fullback for Thompson’s cameo, helping clear a massive hole in the Edison line through which Thomson rolled into the end zone.

While Ferns is a highly regarded Michigan recruit, Thompson was the star of his team’s victory, thanks to a touchdown that clearly meant even more to the freshman than his teammates hoped it might.

“Looking straight up into the sky after scoring my first varsity touchdown…i know the old man was watching! love and miss you so much daddy,” Thompson tweeted after the victory.

Added McLean: “[Thompson’s touchdown run] was something that touched the whole team. Logan was going through so much and for a few minutes we helped him get his mind off of things. It honored his dad. It was just an awesome moment.”

Sweet justice.

Legendary horn section.

She has a solid point.

Seriously, there’s a logical explanantion, right?

OK, maybe not the greatest but it’s up there . . .

4:45 AM.

I am dreaming. It’s a good dream because I’m being kissed on the face. As I swim into consciousness though, I come to realize that it’s not what I think.

That mug to the right is what I see. It is Sparky who warms my face with wet kisses. Damn it. I look at the clock to check the time.

4:47 AM.

Damn it again. I quickly do the math. I can take the pup out and be back in by 5:00. That would give me a full hour to hit the warm confines of my bed, and the sweet dreams that accompany it, once again. Nice. This is actually better than waking up at 6:00 and having to bounce right out of bed.

4:50 AM.

I throw on some clothes, some shoes and a coat and head out into the early morning chill, still trying to get my head together. Only then to I begin to think about the day ahead. Complete Sparky’s walk, back to bed for a bit, shower, go to school . . .  wait.

It hits me.

It’s Saturday.

Sweet mother, it’s Saturday! I don’t have an hour, I have many hours, six if I want. Eight! I may just sleep ’til noon, damn it! Y-E-S!

Greatest feeling ever, or close to it. But . . .

5:09 AM.

Alas, now that I know I don’t have to get up I’m wide awake.

Son-of-a-bitch. Maybe I’ll write a blog.

5:23 AM

The feeling has passed. I’m going back to bed.

Greatest feeling ever.

Or close to it.