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So my son Kip got me a Blu-Ray player for Christmas and helped me hook it up. OK, he hooked it up. Anyway, everything was working perfectly when he set it up, but after he left later that day things took a wrong turn. For some bizarre reason both the cable company remote and my TV remote stopped working. The pause and channel changer worked but nothing else. Try as I might I couldn’t figure it out. I changed batteries even though for the life of me I couldn’t imagine both sets of batteries going bad at the same time. For the month, every time somebody came to my house I had them mess with the remotes, trying in vain to see what wrong buttons I’d pushed or how I’d somehow programmed the damn things incorrectly.

Nothing. Nobody could figure it out.

I didn’t call my cable company because I was busy with basketball and I figured I’d wait until the season was over. As a result I had to get off the recliner and punch the buttons on the side of the TV every time I put in a DVD and had to change the input, if I wanted to mute the damn thing, or a variety of other things. It seemed like 1967 all over again, minus having only 3-channels, the stations going off at 2:00 AM, and dad yelling at me for sitting too close to the TV during One Million Years BC (if you’re male and close to my age you know exactly what I mean).

Which brings me to today. I had the day off so I finally called the cable company. A couple hours later a guy showed up and I explained my problem and how myself and several other people couldn’t figure out what I’d done to screw up my television viewing experience.

At that point the guy looked at the TV, calmly walked up and moved the stack of DVDs that were blocking the eye sensor, picked up my remote (which of course now worked perfectly) and began using it in a variety of ways, all the while with an eye on me and a look that said, “There you go, dumbass.”

All this in less than a minute. Good Lord.

All I could manage was a sheepish “Thanks” and an embarrassed shake of my head.

The guy sat in my driveway for 20-minutes afterwards. I can only imagine he was calling his friends to tell them of the moron he’d just visited.

Not my finest moment.