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In the 1770s, the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia laid claims and established control over areas that form parts of today’s Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Maryland. These claims would have been sorted by the Mason-Dixon Line that demarcated Pennsylvania from Maryland, but the survey was abandoned in 1767. In 1776, inspired by the ongoing Revolutionary War and fearing a civil war between both states, citizens of the disputed region declared independence and renamed the region “The Province And Government of Westsylvania.” Thereafter, they petitioned Congress to admit them as the 14th state of the Union. Congress ignored the petition, and the two states settled their border dispute in 1780. True story that I bet you did not know.


According to Wall Street marketing agencies.




Never made it across the ocean yet. You’d think one or two would’ve stowed away on a ship or something. Huh.

Lay’s Chips? For realz?

What? No Sweet Cheezus? Sad really.

Well Kentucky, that’s mean-spirited.

This depresses me.

You can go from Canada to Mexico without leaving a state where Ted Turner owns a ranch.

Southeast domination.


Not surprising?


According to Google.




Now I’m hungry.

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Pretty much.


Attaboy, Kentucky.


I’ve told the story before, but I was on the island in the summer of 1995, looking into the volcano. My players from the national team had taken me up there on a hike to see it. It was late-morning on a Friday, and I departed the following Saturday morning. On Sunday the volcano erupted for the first time in recorded history. Some of my friends there still jokingly blame me for the eruption. Anyway, I’d landed and departed at the Bramble Airport you see on the east coast of the island, an airport that was subsequently buried under ash and lava. You can also see the former capital, Plymouth, on the southwest edge of the island. I walked the streets and ate in small restaurants there. It too is now buried. As you can see by the maps there is now an exclusion zone on the southern part of the island, and that part is off-limits. There are no resorts, no McDonald’s, and no chain hotels. Just wonderful people and a beautiful, exotic tropical paradise.





Neoplasms are tumors, but you knew that already.

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So I ran across these maps of tourism slogans, and they are interesting, amusing and sometimes just plain bad. Take a look. My comments are below the maps.



Wait. Morocco’s is “Much Mor”? What? Isn’t “Mor” less than “Morocco”? And check out Iran: “You Are Invited”. That’s just riveting right there. Makes you want to pack a bag and go. And then we have Tajikistan’s “Feel the Friends”, which is illegal without permission here in the states. I really like the slogan for Mauritius, though. “It’s a Pleasure.” Cool.


Ah, some great ones here. “Inspired by Iceland.” Huh? And who knew that Latvia was “Best Enjoyed Slowly”? Cool to see that Albania blatantly stole from a Fleetwood Mac song with “Go Your Own Way.” But my favorite? “I Feel Like Tunisia.” Who doesn’t really?


Gotta love Oman’s – “Beauty Has An Address”. It does? What is it exactly, Oman, World? And according to Bhutan, “Happiness is a Place.” Good to know. My favorite is Mongolia’s, though. “Go Nomadic”.


“Venezuela Is Your Destination”? For realz? Wouldn’t you already know that? Doesn’t “Make Venezuela Your Destination” make more sense? I mean, still bad but better, right? And what’s the deal will all this feeling? Paraguay, “You Have To Feel It”. Easy there, handsy. And what about El Salvador? “The 45-Minute Country”? Da hell? Is that how long it takes to transverse it? I’m so confused. The best by far, though, is “Land of the Incas”. I see you Peru.


“Columbia Is Magical Realism”? Huh? I guess that’s better than, “Cocaine For Days!” though. But hey, at least it isn’t “A Curious Place” like Belize. And come on, Canada. You’re better than that.

So there ya go, Tourism Slogans of the World. Bet you never thought you’d learn those today. You’re welcome.

Pretty good one here.