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Hobos were way more stylish in the old days.

Hobos were way more stylish back in the day.

So I go into a convenience store in town today, and as I go to pay a guy is standing there frantically fishing through his pockets. He had a gallon of milk and some other stuff on the counter, and he was clearly short of what he owed. It was also obvious the guy wasn’t exactly well-to-do, partially because of the way he was dressed and partially because he smelled like a burnt turd rolled in spoiled cottage cheese.

Anyway, as I watched I noticed the guy was $3.78 short. As he began figuring out what to return to the shelf, I just told him I’d take care of it and handed him a $5.00 bill. I did this partially because I’m a good guy but mainly because I’m an impatient ass who wanted to get the hell out of the store.