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I admit it. Everyone knows it. I’m old school. I hate headbands. I think players look like assclowns when they wear them. With that in mind, here is my comprehensive breakdown of notable headband wearers in NBA history.

In my humble opinion, you can basically breakdown headband wearers into two groups:

1. Those who looked good in a headband – Wilt Chamberlain.

2.Those who look ridiculous in a headband – everyone else.

Here’s all the proof you need. I’ll save Wilt for last. Scroll down slowly . . .

Rajon Rondo looks like he’s 12. End of story.


Dwight Howard is a follower. He’d wear a marmoset on his head if LeBron was doing it.


On an unrelated note, do cornrows get itchy?

Are Leandro Barbosa’s ears cold? What the hell?

Brian Scalabrine. Let’s be honest. Bri-Bri is going to look like a dork anyway, but the head accessory doesn’t help.

And finally . . .

deep breath . . .

wait for it . . .

The Man – Wilt Chamberlain.

That, my friends, is how you wear a headband.

Have a nice day.