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Zeus – God of Sky, Thunder and Face Licking.

What follows was sent to me by my old friend Dr. David Allen, also known as “JR” to some of you. JR and I go all the way back to the 2nd grade and have had some fun and interesting experiences that won’t be discussed here, ever. Anyway, he read my story about Delaney and shared with me his experience with his dog Zeus. Read on…

We had dogs when I grew up, but it was in the country and the dogs were outside dogs and weren’t that much of my life back then. I was more interested in chasing girls and hanging out with you.

As an adult, I’ve been so busy working, and worked such weird hours (nights, weekends, etc.) that I felt it would be unfair to the dog to have one as a pet. I felt it would be selfish of me to have one, given my schedule. Since Beth and I married, she talked about getting an “itty, bitty” little dog that she could hold in her lap. A Maltese, she thought. I think it was an empty nest thing. She too grew up in the country on a farm and only had outside dogs. Beth was in 4-H and knew more how to care for a hog than a dog.  In fact, she was the Pickaway  county fair Pork Queen, a story that makes her cringe any time I tell it.  Suffice it to say that both of us had no idea how to care for an “inside  dog”.

Anyway, I have an aquarium. I don’t feel too guilty  leaving the fish home alone to fend for themselves. One Saturday around 10 AM we went to Petland to get some aquarium supplies. In the first dog cage was this cute little fuzzy dog, the breed of which I had no clue. But I didn’t really care as we were there to get aquarium supplies. The dogs are in the front of the store; the fish in the  back. I think it’s designed that way because fish cost 60 cents and  purebreed dogs run about $600, depending on the breed, about a 1,000-fold  difference. The next thing I know, Beth is holding this little creature in one of Petland’s socializing areas, for lack of a better description of the little booth in which they corral unsuspecting humans with cute little fuzzy  things. The dog, who I later learned was a male Shih tzu, was licking Beth’s face while all the time she proclaimed that this dog loved her and only her. My attempts to explain to her that Petland trains these animals to lick anything that looks remotely like a human face, in hopes that this unsuspecting human will pull out a credit card and take said animal home, was to no avail. As our dog now licks my face AND licks his butt tells me that he can’t distinguish my human face from his canine butt. Seems Petland left that out of their training, but I’m getting a little tangential.

Anyway, Beth put the little 5 pound puppy back and thanked the clerk for letting her play with the dog. We got the aquarium supplies, and as we walked out of the store, I’m confident the dog nodded at me as if to say that the drug he slipped my wife during their brief encounter would kick in later in the day. All Beth talked about the remainder of the day was the cute little Shih tzu she held hours earlier and that he was much cuter than the Maltese they had there, in spite of the fact that she thought her “lap dog” would be a Maltese.  Must have been the drug the dog slipped her.Anyway, to make an already much-too-long story a little  horter, we were back at Petland by 8 PM buying the puppy, a cage, water/feed  bowls and all the rest of the supplies a couple of novice dog owners are compelled to buy when the Petland associate tells you that you must have these  things for your new puppy to live a fulfilled life.

That was March, 2011, when he was about 3-4 months  old and 5 pounds.  He will be 2 years old on November 29th, a day before  Beth’s birthday of November 30th (another “sign” to her that we should get the puppy) and about 18 pounds.

I’ve always thought the conventional wisdom was that you  shouldn’t buy a dog from a pet store, but rather go to a reputable breeder or a  rescue center.  But a close friend of mine, who is a fanatical dog-lover, justified our purchase by telling us that we “saved” this little soul from the pet store because at his age (3-4 months), he had about outlived his days as a retail pet-store dog.

Not to mention, Zeus has stolen our hearts. I think I love him about as much as anything I’ve ever loved.

When I read your piece on Delaney, I cried.