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Since it’s Halloween, I was thinking of when I was a kid and some of the dumb things I used to do. You know, like getting a really large group of kids together (all with two masks) and lining up at a house, getting your candy, going to the end of the line, switching masks, and getting candy again. I know, I was a bad child. Or creative. You be the judge. Oh, and one time I may or may not have snipped a hole in the bag of a kid in front of me and pilfered his treats as I followed him.

I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

Anyway, as I was thinking of Halloween I started thinking of some of the best and worst treats given out by folks. For instance, some people used to give out actual candy bars, not the little “fun size” bars. I’ve never understood the whole “fun size” thing by the way. Wouldn’t “fun size” be a candy bar twice as big as the normal bar? Not a teeny tiny size? What a scam.

Anywho, I came up with a list of what some treats you wouldn’t want to find in your Halloween Bag ‘o’ Treats. Let us begin . . .


I don’t know if it’s the fact that I know somebody had to form those things with their hands or what, but I don’t trust the cleanliness of strangers enough to eat a popcorn ball made by them. Ain’t happenin’. In addition, they’d be way too easy to inject with the Ebola Virus or something. Nope.


Yeah, I got crackers when I was a kid, and so did my son a couple of times. Listen, I know times are bad economically and all, but crackers? Really? Keep your Ritz to yourself, people.


Who the hell wants Seedless Raisins, ever? They look like little wrinkled turds. On a related note, I guess Seeded Raisins would be worse.


These things are worse than Barbeque Cheez-Its. You should never mess with perfection. M & Ms should be chocolate, damn it!


Or any fruit for that matter. Halloween Treats should be limited to CANDY only. It’s Halloween, man!



Listen folks, I know you’re trying to be health conscious and all, staying away from chocolate and stuff. But passing out pencils? Consider yourself lucky if you don’t get stabbed in the eye with that No. 2. Good Lord.



Again, a health thing I know. But seriously? Unless you’re a dentist (and even then it’s questionable) a toothbrush is a huge letdown for any God-fearing American kid.

To reiterate, no fruit, no utensils, no crackers, and nothing made by hand. You’re welcome.

Keep it simple, stupid. Stick with chocolate.