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So the internet is exploding over The Donald’s supposed “shove” of Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic of Montenegro. Hey, do you think the Trumpster’s gonna stand behind the leader of Montenegro?* Hell no. This is exactly what the people who voted for him want and expect him to do, man. Just knockin’ NATO leaders around like a boss. Seriously though, this just looked like a friendly slap to me. That dude’s lucky Big D didn’t chokeslam him and follow it up with an elbow drop. Montenegro? Get your ass to the end of the line. ‘Murica!

*Montenegro is a country in Europe and it’s beautiful, in case you didn’t know. It was formed in 1992 after the breakup of Yugoslavia. On a related note, I had no idea it existed until 3-minutes ago. 

That little jacket adjustment at the end just topped off the whole move, amirite? Trump, man.

Ever see something that makes you laugh and you don’t really know why? I swear I took one look at this photo and laughed out loud. There’s something about it that just cracks me up. The Pope is sort of turned away, looking miserable or maybe a little perplexed, and The Donald just grinning like a kid who just told on his little brother or conned the American people or something. It’s wild, man. Anywho, maybe it’s just me but I thought I’d share.

PS- Looks like the making of a great reality show, amirite? Watch The Pope & The Donald, just a wacky show about a couple bros and their crazy shenanigans. Wednesdays at 9:00 pm on A&E.

Seems about right.

[click to enlarge]

The Donald. Dude can’t get out of his own way. Just flat tells his Israeli audience he “Just got back from the Middle East.” I swear he doesn’t know Israel is in the Middle East. Geography 101, kids. And check out the Israeli ambassador. Bro looks like Hillary on election night, just flabbergasted like you read about. Trump, man. He keeps blogs like mine alive. God bless him.

On a related note, I never thought I’d miss this guy so much:

Washington Post: Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross offered two highlights from his trip to Saudi Arabia in an interview with CNBC on Monday morning. First, he enjoyed the two bushels of dates he was given by Saudi Arabian security guards and, second, he was pleased that he saw no protester with “a bad placard.”

Perhaps because an American-style protest is illegal in that country and can result in a death sentence.

Ross was using the lack of protesters as an example of how warmly the Trump administration was received in the country.

Hey, how great is Saudi Arabia, huh? No protesters at all! Sure, you can be beheaded if you do but still! No negativity at all, everything was puppies and unicorns. This damn freedom of speech bullshit we practice here in the United States leads to nothing but unnecessary hostility. Maybe President Trump will come back with some great ideas. Wait. Uh-oh . . .

He’s coming for you, Donald.

GQ- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the highest paid movie star on the planet and a committed dad, told GQ that he’s thinking about running for president of the United States.

“I think that it’s a real possibility,” the “Baywatch” actor confessed. “A year ago, it started coming up more and more. There was a real sense of earnestness, which made me go home and think, ‘Let me really rethink my answer and make sure I am giving an answer that is truthful and also respectful.’”

You know, years ago I would have laughed at this notion. A professional fake wrestler running for leader of the free world? No way he could win, right? Nowadays though, well, things have changed a little haven’t they? I used to think that Arnold being elected Governor of California and Jesse “The Body” Ventura running the show in Minnesota were anomalies, but no more. Not after this whole Donald thing. And hey, The Rock is qualified. After all, he’s a movie star and committed dad. Anyway, I’m going to get in on the ground floor of this “Rock for President” thing, baby.

PS- Seriously, can you imagine Trump vs The Rock in 2020? That would be stellar.

Actually Will Ferrell. Hilarious.

Golf DigestDonald Trump’s Northern Virginia Trump National Golf Club features a plaque between the 14th and 15th holes honoring a Civil War battle at that precise spot. The inscription, signed by Trump, reads:

“Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot. The casualties were so great that the water would turn red and thus became known as ‘The River of Blood.’ It is my great honor to have preserved this important section of the Potomac River!”

Nice sentiment, small problem: there apparently was no such battle.

The NY Times checked with various historians in the area who had trouble tying the site of Trump’s course to any such event.

No. Uh-uh. No way. Nothing like that ever happened there,” Richard Gillespie, the executive director of the Mosby Heritage Area Association, told the Times.

Trump, questioned how historians could dispute the battle, said, How would they know? Were they there?”

Damn it. I only wish I would’ve thought of this logic back when I was a kid:

Mom: “Ralph David, why were you picking on little Howie Perkins at recess?”

Me: “How do you know it was me? Were you there?”


And hey southerners, still a little defensive about the whole slavery thing? Here’s your answer:

“How can you be certain it happened? Were you there? 

I swear to God I lowkey love this move. It’s so outrageous I almost have to respect it. Just bold as hell. Reminds me of a kid who covers his eyes and believes you can’t see him.

Trump, man. Abe Lincoln he ain’t.


Listen, it’s no secret that I think Donald Trump is batshit crazy and the most unfit and unprepared human being to ever be elected leader of the free world. And while I voted for Hillary, I did so whilst looking sideways and holding my nose. Our choices in 2016 weren’t the greatest, man. That said, here’s where we are, with a former reality TV show host as President of the United States and the woman he defeated totally out of touch with reality.

Hillary is out and about again, presumably after 6-months of sitting in a corner and repeating, “I was beaten by an orange guy who grabs women by the pu$$y?”

Well, she was, she’s out, and she still doesn’t grasp what happened. At a Women for Women International conference she was quoted as saying, “I was on the way to winning until FBI Director James Comey’s letter on October 28th raised doubts in voters leaning toward me.” She also said that “Misogyny played a role as well.”

Uh, I hate to tell you this, Hill, but the doubts were already there. Had to be. Oh, I’m sure a few folks changed their minds after that letter, but no way did it swing the election. As far as her gender, of course there are nitwits who wouldn’t vote for a woman regardless, but we all knew that going in, right?

Bottom line, people didn’t trust Hillary Clinton and haven’t for years. She’d been caught in lies and she’s always had this sketchy, phony vibe about her. Say what you want about her husband (who I loved and still love), but he had a charisma that drew voters to him. He could be convincing when he wanted to be (insert Monica Lewinsky joke here), and Hillary has never been able to pull that off. Combine that with Trump telling a lot of people exactly what they wanted to hear and we ended up where we are.

Hillary should just come clean, tell everyone she blew the election, and move on with her life.

But blaming everyone except herself? Big mistake.

Honestly, this may have been the moment she lost the election.

So our esteemed president had a little run-in at the White House recently. Check out the hilarious video first:

See, here’s where Donnie gets in trouble. Twitter Trump and President Trump are two entirely different people. A few months ago The Donald woke up, heard something from someone he passed in the hallway, shot out a couple tweets about Obama illegally wiretapping, and he’s been hammered about it ever since. Here John Dickerson is grilling him in the Oval Office about his own words and things went downhill quickly. He clearly can’t take it and he hates being called on it. Last week he said that the presidency is harder than he thought, that it’s more work than his previous job. Gee, ya think? Being the leader of the free world is a bitch, man. You have to be, you know, held accountable and stuff. That’s not fair, man. Get the hell out of my office.

PS-  I love the “everybody’s talking about it” line. That’s so Trump it hurts.


Well, it’s about damn time The Donald is getting some good advice. Hey, his Healthcare bill failed, and even though he controls the House and Senate that fail was the pesky Democrat’s fault. Anywho, that’s all in the past because help has arrived. In a move I rank right up there with Jimmy Carter having Charlie Daniels into the White House, The Donald has brought the high-powered political triumvirate of Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and the Motor City Madman himself, Mr. Ted Nugent into his circle of power. Rest well, America. Our country is in good hands.

PS- Seriously, of the four people in that photo below I’d take Kid Rock as president in a heartbeat. At least Uncle Kracker would have his ear.

Check out the turnouts for the Patriot’s last two White House visits, man. And where the hell was Brady today? I thought he was a Trump guy. That’s sad, man. Listen, I don’t know what this says about our reality TV show star turned leader of the free world, but I do know that was an embarrassing effort by the Pats at the White House today. The Donald is our president, man. Show some respect.

PS- I hate the Patriots, but I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t go either. On a related note, it sorta reminds me of the inauguration crowd comparisons. That photo is below, too. SAD!

PPS- Honestly, I have no idea what this means but I find it hilarious because you know how much Trump hates it. He probably already has his boy Spicer ready to spin that it was the most well-attended Super Bowl Champ visit ever. 

*Not really, but I knew a lot of people wouldn’t click on a link about bananas, and this blog is about bananas. It’s a banana blog. However, since you’re here you might as well stick around, right? After all, Shoe:Untied prides itself on its eclecticism. It also prides itself in using words like eclecticism. Full Disclosure: I originally typed eclecticness but spell check kept telling me I was dumb. But seriously, stick around. On to the bananas…

Bananas, man. Did you know they’re consistently the #1 selling item at Walmart superstores? True story. Bananas have been around the USA forever, true?


Americans were first introduced to bananas in 1873. Think about that, man. Abe Lincoln never had a banana. That’s wild.

Anywho, author Jules Verne introduced bananas to us in his novel Around the World in 80 Days, which was eventually turned into a movie starring Jose′ Greco but that’s neither here nor there. In the book, Verne described bananas as being “as healthy as bread and as succulent as cream.” Perhaps an overstatement but people were intrigued, man.

Fun Fact:  The scientific name for banana is musa sapientum, which means “fruit of the wise men.” Cool. Plus banana is way more fun to say.

Bananas were originally from Asia but were brought to Central America by the Spanish along with smallpox, measles, mumps, whooping cough, influenza, chicken pox, typhus, and oh yes, slavery. Good times.

Actually some people from our country had eaten bananas, but very, very few. Why, you ask? Because it took too long for them to get here and they would go bad. Of course that all changed later with steamships and airplanes and whatnot, and by then we could all enjoy the wonder that is the banana.

There was a downside, of course. The big banana companies used the governments of the countries where the bananas were grown for their own good, manipulating and bribing the politicians, organizing coups, and exploiting their workers. Basically, the companies stunted the country’s growth and cultivated a corrupt form of so-called capitalism. A lot of the problems in places like Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Honduras still continue today. Sad really. On a related note, that’s where we got the term  “Banana Republic” which is defined as ” A small country, especially one in Central America or the West Indies, that is dependent on a single export commodity (traditionally bananas) and that has a corrupt, dictatorial government.”

Random thought: Are Banana Republic stores still a thing? I haven’t seen one in awhile.

Before you go, take a look at this awesome banana trivia:

  • Rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite or on poison ivy will help keep it from itching and getting inflamed.
  • Rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a scrape or burn will help the pain go away, keep the swelling down, and keep the wound from getting infected.
  • Bananas don’t actually grow on trees—they grow on plants that are officially classified as an herb. They’re in the same family as lilies, orchids, and palms, and are actually berries.
  • The band Bananarama had a #1 hit song with “Venus” in 1986. Thought I’d throw that in there.

So now you know more about bananas than you did 5-minutes ago. Your life has been enriched ways you never have imagined when you awakened from your slumber this morning. You’re welcome.

PS- On a personal note, is it odd that I like to eat a banana but I hate anything banana flavored or anything with bananas in it? The world is a vast, complex and confusing place, man.

PPS- Next up, my Beet blog. Stay tuned.



Yep. Five years today. Hard to believe, really. After months of meticulous and careful planning, conducting arduous interviews while assembling my crack staff, and clearing a myriad of government regulations, we launched Shoe: Untied on an unsuspecting world.

Since that warm, sparkling Spring Day back in 2012 I’ve posted over 5,300 times and have been viewed by citizens from all over the world. For reasons unbeknownst to me, our humble little site is very popular in Belgium and the Philippines. I know, that makes absolutely no sense to me either.

The site has had as many as 300,000 hits in a single day as we’ve covered sports, politics, education, history, kids, animals, music, entertainment, and God knows what else. We’ve posted original writing, weird, funny and outrageous videos, and we’re 87.3% sure Lebron James himself messaged us to defend himself once.

I’ve received death threats and angry messages from racists, nazis, clowns, midgets, Trump supporters, fans of Peter Cetera, the People of Facebook, and angry mothers of high school bowlers.

The other day somebody made the comment on Facebook (after I’d made fun of something or other) that we, “Shouldn’t judge.” My response? “If I can’t judge I should probably shut down my website.” Honestly, that’s true. A large percentage of my content is making fun of people. Not sure what that says about me, and I may not want to know.

I’ve also received some great response from stuff I’ve written that sort of came straight from the heart, blogs like Remembering Andy, Jigger, Jigger’s Tree, Sara’s Last Wish, Trusting Robbie, A Man called Pop, A Right Cross, With Love, “You Saved Me, You Know“, Losing Tim, and WE ARE PAINT VALLEY.

See, I might just have a heart after all.

Of course, a lot of my writing is an attempt at humor, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Some of my more popular humorous blogs include Regarding Beach MidgetsTop 40 Eternal Musical Questions Answered! Sort of.OSU vs. Michigan and the Road Trip to End All Road TripsDodgeball: A Microcosm of LifeAn Incident at the MallHow a Convict Killed My Relationship, But Probably Saved Me In the Long Run, The All-Time Cartoon Football Team, My Reviews of the VMA Awards, and many more.

Of course, a lot of my writing involves my best friend, a 25-pound bundle of smarts and energy called Sparky. Just type is name into the search box up there to read all about him. Fair warning though – you might be up all night. I’ve written about that pup a lot.

A few of my articles have been picked up by newspapers and national websites, so that’s always cool. One piece, Requiem for a Tradition: The Demise of High School Sports, was linked to on The Big Lead, nationally prominent sports website.

Of course, sprinkled throughout has been funny, interesting or just plain strange videos, new articles with my commentary, and various other weirdness. I’ve had regular features like Cool Animal of the Day, Map of the Day, Incredible Photo of the Day, music videos, and a bunch of other stuff. I read somewhere once that if people visit a website 3-4 times and nothing new has been added they don’t come back, hence the crazy filler stuff.

Honestly though, writing is therapeutic for me. It’s an outlet that, quite frankly, I need. Is there ego involved? Absolutely. I get a thrill out of getting good feedback when I write something that touches somebody enough to make them cry, laugh, or feel something. Hell, I even get a kick out of the people I piss off. You know, except that one insane lady. She actually scared me a little.

All in all, though, the whole thing has been a positive experience. I’ve made a bunch of new friends a few new enemies in the last 5-years, I think more of the former than the latter.

I think.

Will this site make it another 5-years? Who knows. But hey, I’ll give it a shot, and hopefully you’ll hang around with me.

Especially my good friends in Belgium and the Philippines.

CNNDonald Trump’s travel to his private club in Florida has cost over an estimated $20-million in his first 80-days as president, putting the president on pace in his first year of office to surpass former President Barack Obama’s spending on travel for his entire 8-years.

If this surprises you, well, you haven’t been paying attention. And everybody, including our game show host turned President of the United States of America, bitched about how much vacation time Obama took. Here’s an example of one of The Donald’s many tweets:

“President @BarackObama’s vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars—-Unbelievable!”

Hey, at least he didn’t add a “SAD!” in there. But hey, Melania is still living in, and being protected at, Trump Tower at our expense ($500,000 a day) so there’s that. Can’t waste time in that trash dump at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That would suck, man. Anyhoo, gotta hand it to Donnie. Dude shoves it in our face like you read about. Zero conscience.

I’m sure Fox News will be outraged by all this. Expect a full report soon.

On a related note, this is pretty funny, in retrospect:

PS- Honestly? I could not care less how many vacation days a president takes. It’s not the quantity of days spent on the job, after all, but the quality. The hypocrisy of Trump, however, is hilarious. 


So the cold, harsh reality of building a wall between Mexico and ‘Merica is now hitting the Trumpster and his appointees right in the grillmix. Here’s what Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke had to say recently:

The border is complicated, as far as building a physical wall. The Rio Grande, what side of the river are you going to put the wall? We’re not going to put it on our side and cede the river to Mexico. And we’re probably not going to put it in the middle of the river.”

He added that the physical features of some areas make the border difficult to cross and actually make a wall unnecessary.

Unnecessary? That kind of talk will get your ass fired, Ryan Zinke!

So let me get this straight. If we build the Trump Wall on the U.S. side, we’re basically giving the Rio Grande to Mexico. Hell, that won’t do. And if it’s built on Mexico’s side they’ll have to build it, which they won’t do because the whole wall idea wasn’t theirs in the first place. In addition, we can’t build it in the middle of the damn river, for God’s sake. Then again, the Trump Wall doesn’t have to be a physical wall, right? Maybe it can be a mental wall? That might work. But hey, some areas don’t need a wall because the Rio Grande is, you know, too tough to get across anyway.

Damn, I’m confused.

What to do, man? What to do?


So Reality Game Show Host turned President of the Most Powerful Country in the World Donald Trump got to pretend to drive in a big truck yesterday, and the photos are spectacular. Here they be, with my comments of course.

Oh, how I pray he’s making truck engine noises in this one. That would be super. Oh, and it looks like he just missed the exit to Arby’s. Wait. Would 2 Fat, 2 Furious be too mean-spirited?

In this photo, President Trump makes a loud fart noise to the delight of the assembled reporters. On a related note, he looks like the ride’s over but his mom gave him another token.

Oh, and it should not surprise you to learn that he honked the horn, because of course he did.

Ah, but who the hell am I to judge? I just hope to someday find someone who loves me as much as Trump loves sitting in the truck.

PS- Before you send me photos of Obama or Clinton sitting in a truck I know we can all find funny photos of any president, so stop it.

PPS- I tried my damndest to get a “rigged” joke in there but came up empty. Sorry fans.

If this isn’t a signal I don’t know what is. Look closely at the photo. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is wearing his flag lapel pin upside down. That’s a cry for help, kids. It also happens to be an officially recognized sign of distress, according to Is he being held hostage by Trump? Is The Donald holding his family hostage? I’m calling for a congressional hearing by a bipartisan committee! Sean, blink 3-times if you need help! I’m here for you!

EurasiaAzerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has appointed his wife, 7183d0aa-8254-45a6-ab51-82c75ba962d9Mehriban Aliyeva, as the country’s first vice president. Aliyeva professed to be humbled by the appointment. “Mr. President, I express my deep gratitude to you for this high confidence in me,” she said at a meeting of the Security Council. “Over the past years, your ideas of statehood, patriotism, your courageous protection of Azerbaijan’s national interests, and your unity with the people of Azerbaijan were an example for me.”

Wow. What a move by President Ilham Aliyev, huh? Bro just naming his wife Vice President like it ain’t no thang, even if the country of Azerbaijani has never had a vice president before. That’s part ballsy and part diabolical right there. And I love how she addresses him as “Mr. President” like people don’t know they’re married. But seriously, what could possibly inspire a guy to make a power move like this? Well, I looked this chick up and it certainly cleared up a lot of confusion for me.

H-e-l-l-o-o-o-o, Mrs. Vice President.


Listen, everyone knows the first impression is the most important and the handshake sets the tone, amirite? And I gotta tell you, The Donald’s handshake is about as aggressive as you can get without ripping a guy’s arm out of its socket. Just brutal, man. Intimidating as hell. Grab a bro’s hand, jerk him towards you and squeeze like a mofo. Hey, I’m pretty sure that one guy lost all feeling in his upper torso after Trump’s vice-like grip. But I get it. Dude has no idea what he’s doing so he wants to get out of the gate quickly, just dominate from the onset, knock the other guy so far off his game he’ll never be able to catch up. That’s just Dumb Guy 101 right there. Anyhoo, dominating handshake President Trump. Dominating indeed.



Frederick Douglass, 1818-????

Frederick Douglass was a famous African-American abolitionist. His autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, in particular, is one of the most important works of his era. Douglass, born in 1818, kept on with his civil rights work until his death in 1895 at the age of 77 and his speeches, editorials and actions are well-studied among historians and students today. Which brings us to yesterday . . .

U.S. President Donald Trump praised renowned African-American activist Frederick Douglass in a speech marking Black History Month yesterday—but his remarks have sparked confusion.

Describing the late former slave, who became one of the leading abolitionists of his time, as one of many black inspirational figures who has made a “big impact” on America, Trump said: “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.”

Oh boy. That sounds a little . . . confusing. Almost as if Frederick Douglass is, well, still hanging around. But hey, Trump’s boy Sean Spicer will explain things:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also appeared to confuse his tenses at a press conference Wednesday.

“Today President Trump made the comment about Frederick Douglass being recognized more and more, do you have any idea what specifically he was referring to?” a reporter asked Spicer.

“Well I think there was contributions,” Spicer said. “I think he wants to highlight the contributions that he has made and I think that through a lot of the actions and statements that he is going to make, I think that the contributions of Frederick Douglass will become more and more.”

Oh no. Aside from the atrocious grammar, that’s just awful. “That he is going to make?”

Folks, after these comments we can only come to one chilling conclusion:

The leader of our country and his press secretary think that famous American Frederick Douglass, who died in 1895, is still alive.

PS- Just having some fun, conservative republican friends. Roll with it. We have another year and a half or so of this.


Pretty much.




NBC PhillyA Pennsylvania family fighting to have their relatives return to the United States after they were detained at Philadelphia International Airport and sent back overseas under the immigration order told “NBC Nightly News” that they voted for Donald Trump.

“I understand he wants to make America safe,” Sarmad Assali said. “We’re all on with this. I definitely want to be in a safe place. But people need us and we need to be there for them.”

Assali’s two brothers, their wives and their two children initiated their immigration attempts in 2003 while living in Syria. In December 2016, they were approved to join Assali and her husband in Allentown after the couple bought and furnished a home for them.

Assali and her husband, Dr. Ghassan Assali, who has a dentistry practice and received his degree from New York University, are originally from Syria but have been living in the United States for 20-years.

But early Saturday morning, after they landed at Philadelphia International Airport, Assali’s relatives were detained. They were then sent on an 18-hour flight back overseas.

Boy, tough break for the Assali family, huh? Family plans just laid to waste by The Donald. Can’t really blame Trump here, though can we? Did these folks even pay attention during the past couple years? Reminds me of the folks living in trailers on minimum wage who thought they were going to be better off during the next 4-years. Oops. But seriously, the poor Assali family. Support Donnie, go to bat for him, take a bullet for him, defend him to your friends, then as soon as he gets elected you get tossed by the wayside. Tossed out with the trash. Half your posse sent back to Syria on an 18-hour flight. Smell ya, shouldn’t have to tell ya. Thanks for visiting. That’s cold, man.

PS- Seriously though, they totally deserve it.


Posted to anger more Nazis. You’re welcome.

Perhaps it was the photo of Hitler with the clown nose I posted, I can’t be sure. For whatever reason yours truly now has an angry Nazi on his hands. But hey, it’s nothing a little hand sanitizer can’t cure, amirite?

Good Lord.

In the short, almost 5-year lifespan of my humble little website (myself and my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied started on April 12th, 2012) I’ve offended midgets (not really warranted), clowns (eh, maybe warranted), bowler mothers (totally unwarranted), racists (completely warranted), and fans of LeBron James (it was actually LeBron James).

Now? I’ve gone and pissed off some Nazis.

See, today I wrote a short blog entitled 7 Things You May Not Know About Adolf Hitler, a what-I-thought was an innocent little blog about the most evil human being of the 20th century. Sure, I threw in some humor because, hey, that’s what I do.

Turns out Der Fuhrer still has some fans out there.

I know this because I received a message this evening that, well, basically threatened me with bodily harm. It was a really long diatribe, so I’ll just give you the highlights followed by my responses.

“You stepped WAY over the line you stupid motherf*cker with the photo of Hitler with the clown nose and comments making fun of him Hitler will RISE again!!”

First of all, if I’m not mistaken that’s a poorly written, run-on sentence. You’re better than that, Nazi person. Or maybe not. And was that personal insult necessary? I think not. And I hate to break this to you, but Hitler will not rise again because he’s, well, dead. And he’s been dead for over 70-years. Pretty sure ain’t comin’ back.

But it gets better.

“How would you know that Adolf Hitler had a fatulance (seriously, he typed “fatulance”) problem? You don’t know and nobody knows.”

True, Nazi boy, I do not know for sure that your fearless leader farted uncontrollably. I’m just going by historical reports. What I do know is that Adolf Hitler initiated World War II and tried to eliminate an entire race of people, so there’s that.

“Hitler did a lot of good and his ideals can still be used today. People forget all the good he did.”

Hmmm, I wonder why would people forget any good he did? Maybe because he oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

“Watch your back Dave Shoemaker because we are watching you.”

O-o-o-o-h! The big kicker. That’s scary, man. I’m getting chills but not really. Little did this bozo know he was fodder for my latest blog. Woot! Thanks Nazi racist asshole!

To summarize, Nazis are still in existence and they are still ignorant, illiterate dumbasses. Thank you and goodnight.

Note: When people comment on my site it gives an IP address so I can tell what part of the world the message came from. This particular message came from . . . wait for it . . . Germany. I am both chilled and amused by this.

Classic stuff.