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I have no idea how this photo is relevant.

Originally posted on October 1st, 2012.

I just realized the last part of my post title could be describing me . . .

As I mentioned a few days ago, I have some absolutely fantastic 5th graders this year. Intelligent, insightful, eager to soak up everything I say (which incidentally isn’t always a good thing). That said, I have a couple kids who remind me of Paul Revere’s ride.

You know, a little light in the belfrey.

One of the aformentioned kids popped up with another gem a few days ago. I was explaining how the arrival of Spanish horses changed everything for the people who were native to the North and South American continents. I compared it to getting your driver’s license, and I asked the kids to imagine having to walk around your whole life and suddenly having a horse to ride around on. One kid’s straight-faced response?

“Yeah, plus it saved them gas money.”

Huh? I guess the driver’s license reference sent him down the wrong path. My fault I guess?

Then today one of my boys mentioned to me that he was up a lot last night because his little 10-month old sister was crying a lot. I then asked if he had any other brothers or sisters. He said he also had a 2-year old brother, which led to this exchange:

Me: “Guess you’ll have to be a good role model for your little brother and sister.”

Kid: “Huh? What’s a role model?”

Me: “You know, you’ll have to set a good example, do things the right way, show them how to be a good person.”

Kid, with complete sincerity: “Yeah, well, that probably won’t turn out too good.”

Well, you have to appreciate his honesty.