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So the trend in the NFL these days is for teams to keep their best players on the sideline for 90% of the preseason. You know, because they might get a boo-boo or something. It all traces back to the fact that the players are commodities now, investments by the team if you will. Because of this we now have the absurdity of an athlete making millions of dollars a year to play a game but he won’t do something that helps him improve at the very thing we’re paying him to play.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Anywho, because nobody practices anymore we had some really, how should I put this, shitty games this past opening weekend. This led to a conversation today at the high school:

Kid: “Hey coach, did you watch the games this weekend?”

Me: “Yeah. Ugly.”

Kid: “Well, the best players don’t do much in the preseason.”

Me: “Of course they don’t, because everyone knows if you want to get better at something you do less of it.”

Blank stare.

Whoosh. Right over his head.