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So I’ve been noticing these photos of the great Michael Jordan at various events around the country. I’ve also noticed he’s a really poor dresser. Everything is too big and his style choices are, well, questionable. So, since I’m a little bored I thought I’d just post some pics and add my witty thoughts and razor-sharp barbs. Let us commence . . .

Is it me or were 3-cows murdered to construct this jacket? It’s enormous. In addition, his jeans appear to be pulled up to just below his nipples. Not a good look, your Airness.

This photo was apparently taken just after Michael returned from the year 2056, where folks have finally figured out that collars serve no purpose. And once again, it’s too damn big.

WHY ARE HIS JACKETS SO DAMN BIG??? It’s a good 2-sizes too big, right? At least? For God’s sake, his hands are almost covered by his sleeves. And he has those Urkel jeans on again.

Yuppie on top, MTV ’91 on the bottom! Those jeans once belonged to one of the guys in Milli Vanilli, guaranteed. Such a clash of styles the mind reels.

Sweet Mother, is that a Zoot Suit? And hey Mike, Al Capone called. He wants his shoes back. Note: In reality, I don’t hate this ensemble. Can’t lie.

This ensemble is all MJ. Everything too big, brightly colored jacket, untucked dress shirt, the whole deal. Vintage MJ style right here. Hey Mike, the dude behind you on the far right is laughing at your sartorial decisions.

Here’s a sexy, sassy little number that ends stylishly at mid-thigh. Not sure what the girl is wearing.

Here we see Mike at a golf tournament sporting his usual stone-washed jeans, his own brand of hat and shoes, and as you can see by his shirttail hanging out the back, one of his patented humongous shirts. Oh, and judging by the life-vest, he’s going kayaking later.

Didn’t Michael dress better back in the day? Wasn’t he sort of looked at as a fashion icon at one point?

Wait. Never mind.

MJ, circa 1983.




Originally published on December 25th, 2012.