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No you did not.

No you did not.

OXON HILL, Md. – For the first time in 52 years, two spellers were declared co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday.

Sriram Hathwar of Painted Post, New York, and Ansun Sujoe of Fort Worth, Texas, shared the title after a riveting final-round duel in which they nearly exhausted the 25 designated championship words. After they spelled a dozen words correctly in a row, they both were named champions.

Earlier, 14-year-old Sriram opened the door to an upset by 13-year-old Ansun after he misspelled “corpsbruder,” a close comrade. But Ansun was unable to take the title because he got “antegropelos,” which means waterproof leggings, wrong.

Somebody please explain to me how this was allowed to happen. A tie? A TIE? And they “nearly exhausted the 25 designated championship words”? They couldn’t run out and get a dictionary? This whole things baffles me and reeks of corruption.

Bottom line, there was no winner. None. Because two people can’t win. Neither one of these kids will ever know if they were good enough to be the National Spelling Bee winner, because they both lost. Can’t people understand this? This kind of stuff drives me crazy.

Seriously? A tie?

On a related note, who misses on corpsbruder and antegropelos? Amatuers.

On another related note, when was the last time a kid named Jimmy Davis won one of these things? Geez.

Well, those stage lights can be blinding.

Fails of the Week!

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Crazy stuff.

True friends.

LIHUE, HawaiiA judge sentenced a Hawaii man to one year of probation and a $200 fine forPajarito_09 making his son walk a mile home from school as a form of discipline. Judge Kathleen Watanabe called the punishment “old-school” and no longer appropriate, the Garden Island newspaper reported Thursday. Robert Demond of Kilauea said he picked up his son from school and asked about a matter that had been brought to his attention. When the son didn’t respond, Demond made him walk home to think about his actions.

Sweet Jesus. A kid gets in trouble at school, his dad picks him up from school and asks him about it, kid doesn’t respond and is forced to walk home. Then what happens? Dad gets in trouble, is fined and put on probation.

All for disciplining his son, old school style.

Good Lord. Wake up America!

Like a boss.

Idiot on parade.

Act like ya been there, kid.

Ah, the eternal debate with no real answer. Everyone has a different opinion, depending on their age. Young kids will say LeBron, because they never watched Jordan. People a little older will say Jordan, because they never watched Magic at his peak. Others will tell you that nobody can compare to Oscar Robertson in his prime.

The following is simply my opinion, but I’ve been a close follower of the NBA since the mid-60’s. Unlike a lot of people, I actually saw Wilt Chamberlain play. I watched Bill Russell and Pete Maravich up close. I was lucky enough to see Magic, Bird, and LeBron as well. And yes, I watched Michael Jordan play in the old Chicago Stadium, so I do have a little background in which to make a decision.

It always bugs me when younger folks think what they’re seeing has never happened before, that because it’s happening now it’s the best thing ever. Simply not true. Sure, players today are bigger and stronger on the whole, but that doesn’t mean they’re better basketball players. In fact, the actual game was played better in the past.

Anyway, I believe that although players as a whole have improved athletically over time, some great players sort of transcend the game and would be great no matter when they played. Without further ado, I give you my Top 10:

10. Jerry West

Jerry West’s image is the NBA logo, my friends. Hence his nickname, “The Logo”. He was also known as “Mr. Clutch” and “Zeke from Cabin Creek.” Jerry West was one of the purest shooters I’ve ever seen as well as being way more athletic than people remember. His Lakers team that included Wilt Chamberlain won 33 games in-a-row, still an NBA record. I once met Jerry at a WVU game and it was one of the few times in my life I was speechless. Just overwhelmed.

 9. Tim Duncan

Probably the most underrated player in NBA history, simply because he wasn’t flashy and doesn’t do commercials. Even his nickname, “The Big Fundamental” is boring. Still, all he did was win and dominate the NBA since his arrival in the league. His use of the bank shot should be required viewing for all young basketball players.

8. Oscar Robertson

The man they called “The Big O” is famous for averaging a triple-double over the course of an entire season. I was lucky enough to watch him several times as a kid at the old Cincinnati Gardens, and trust me when I say this cat was as smooth as silk. He scored, rebounded and passed as well as any player in the history of the game, and there are old-timers who will swear nobody has ever been better.

7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Ah, Kareem. The NBA’s all-time leading scorer who is, incredibly, sometimes left off the list when discussions regarding the best-ever player pop up. That said, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had the most unstoppable weapon in the history of basketball – the legendary Sky Hook. I already regret not placing him higher.

6. LeBron James

Yes, you all know there are times when I can’t stand the guy. My once great hatred for him is well documented. Still, as a basketball fan and coach I can’t deny it – LeBron James is one helluva player. He’s probably the greatest single all-around athlete ever to play professional sports. He still acts like a petulant child at times, but you simply cannot deny how good he is.


5. Larry Bird

Larry Legend. The Hick from French Lick. This dude was a stone cold killer who hated losing more than anybody. Evidence of this was when he walked into the NBA 3-point contest back in the 80’s. Everyone was sitting around the locker room when he walked in and said, “Which one of you guys is going to finish second?” He then went out and won . . . without taking his warmup jacket off. Quite possibly the greatest shooter, and passer, in history. If you youngsters out there don’t think he could play, watch this highlight video.

4. Magic Johnson

Full disclosure – Magic Johnson is my favorite all-time player in basketball history. His tenacity, love of winning, passing, and ability to make others better has been unmatched. As a 6′-9″ point guard he completely changed the game as we knew it.  And he was playing all five positions long before LeBron ever did.

3. Bill Russell

Uh, can you say 11-NBA titles? Bill Russell was simply the greatest winner in the history of professional sports. Russell was a defensive wizard who would often not just block a shot, but block it towards a member of his own team. And again, for all you kids out there who think Bill Russell wasn’t a great athlete, take a look:

2. Michael Jordan

No surprise here, right? His Airness has 6-titles and was as competitive as they come. Hell, he once coldcocked teammate Steve Kerr in practice, which is something we’ve all wanted to do at one time or another, right? He also may have been banned from the league for gambling for 3-years at the height of his career, but that’s nether here nor there. Anyhoo, I got MJ at #2.

1. Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain was unstoppable. He averaged 30.09 ppg and 22.9 rpg for his career. In the 1961-62 season he averaged 50.4 points per game, and he once scored 100-points in a single game. Impressed with a triple double? In Wilt’s 100-point game he had a quadruple double with a triple. That’s 100-points, 25-rebounds, and he also was double figures in blocked shots and assists. And oh, he was 28-32 from the free throw line. Wilt was an amazing athlete who, while in college at Kansas, won the Big 8 high jump championship 3-straight years. Bottom line, although Bill Russell won more titles, I always felt he was surrounded by much better players. To me, Wilt was the best NBA player in history.

Here’s a great video of Wilt vs. Kareem

Special Mention:

Bill Walton: The greatest passing big man in history.

Moses Malone: Perhaps the best rebounding big man after Wilt.

Shaquille O’Neal: Great, but I always thought he could’ve been better.

Kobe Bryant: Competitive as hell.

Pete Maravich: Just missed my Top 10. I loved The Pistol.

Hakeem Olajawon: Unbelievable quickness for a post man.

Julius Erving: Dr. J was electric.

Elgin Baylor: Smooth as silk.

People Falling = Always Funny

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Bad day all-around.

I can believe I just typed that.

Think it through, son.

Love that the refs ignored this.

Workout fails. ‘Nuff said.

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Hilarity at its finest.



Prosecutor: Ex-Patriot Hernandez Killed 2 in 2012 After Being Bumped Into, Spilling Drink.

Well, now it all makes sense. Now we know why Aaron Hernandez killed those two people. It wasn’t over drugs, it wasn’t over a woman, it wasn’t over money. Nope. It was because one of them caused him to spill his drink. Now I get it.

What. A. Moron.


J-u-s-t a little outside.

Uh, dude, you’re about to die. What the hell is so funny?

Don’t want one. Need one.


Coach Larry Brown.

Coach Larry Brown.

Sounds simple, right? Even obvious? Not to some people.

If you’re a basketball fan you’ve heard the argument whenever the name Phil Jackson comes up, and more recently Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat. It usually goes something like this:

Oh sure, Phil had talent in Chicago with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin, and then at Los Angeles with Shaq and Kobe, but it takes a helluva coach to blend that talent and get them to play together.”

And now we hear virtually the same thing with Spoelstra and the Heat:

“Hey, it’s not easy to get three superstars to play together. The way Coach Spoelstra has persuaded LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to play together requires a special talent.”

Uh, let me break something to you – it’s not that hard. Ask any coach if they’d rather have the “challenge” of getting good players to play together or trying to win without talent and I think you know what the answer will be.

Truth be told I’m not that impressed with Phil Jackson’s coaching abilities. In fact, there are any number of coaches who could’ve won 10-titles coaching Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippin, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, all in their primes. Sorry but it’s true. Same for Spoelstra today. I can name 100-coaches who could win with the Heat.

I’d love to see Phil Jackson take over the Knicks today and see how he’d do. Or put Spoelstra in Milwaukee coaching the Bucks and see what happens. Even better, put them at a high school or college that hasn’t won in years and see the results.

Bottom line? Give me guys like Rick Carlisle of the Dallas Mavericks or Tom Thibodeau of the Chicago Bulls any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Even better? Larry Brown. That guy has coached and won at virtually every level, including college and pro. Now there’s a coach.

So spare me the bullshit of telling me how it takes a “special” coach to coach talent.

I’m not buying it for a second.

He looks very happy.


Let us begin with one of the originals. Here’s the Civil War Bomb. Keep looking, you’ll see it. An old-time classic.


Our next entry is none other than The Rock himself. I present to you The Rock Bomb.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m an animal lover, so it stands to reason I’d love animal photobombs. Ladies and gentlemen, The Sea Lion Bomb!


Well, this is absolutely horrifying. Good God, it’s The Scary Clown Bomb.


You know what’s supremely awesome? The Chipmunk Bomb.


The Queen has been Jesus Bombed. ‘Nuff said.


This has got to be an all-time great, right? It’s the legendary Stingray Bomb.


The last known photo of this young lady featured The Stalker Bomb.


Ostrich Bomb!


Oh, how I love The Husky Bomb.


And what photobomb collection would be complete without yours truly? Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Shoe Bomb.






I have no clue who this cat is, but he now has a photo that will live forever in sports history, Kent State baseball lore and on his living room mantel. Well done, Kent State bro. Well done.

mactionnn-2 mactionnn-480x368

Seriously, helluva grab.

Listen, I’ve been trying to back off on Bron-Bron. But then he goes and wears this get-up after last night’s game. As you can see, Bron-Bron is taunting me, daring me to belittle him. The thing that amazes me about all this is that he actually thinks this look is stylish. Here we see him sporting a porkpie hat, a spandex sports coat and glasses that he apparently got at Woolworth’s. Have I mentioned he doesn’t need glasses and that those things are fashion accessories? Good God. Anyway, take a look:



So good.