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Bon Jovi

Whitney Houston

Taylor Swift

Katy Perry


Maroon 5


PS – That one Hanson chick is kinda cute.

Children, there was once a basketball player named Bill Russell. Bill Russell won 11, yes 11, NBA Championships. I might remind you that Mr. Jordan won but a mere 6. Was Bill Russell a great athlete you ask? After all, he played back in the Stone Age. Kids, watch this video and you tell me.

Well done young lady. Well done.

Back off bro. Back off.


And . . . he’s down.

I was getting ready to make fun of this cat until I saw the flashing light on his head. At that moment I was sold.


Condor just being a condor.

Blake Harper is a first grader at Mater Dei School in Maryland. In this video he is shooting a free throw that will earn the entire school a day off on the Monday after the Super Bowl. A 7th and 8th grader have each missed a 3-pointer that would have done the same. All the pressure in the world was on Blake and he hit nothing but the bottom of the net. Then he gets mobbed by the other students. Pretty cool.

Russell Westbrook. Another petulant, babied, spoiled professional athlete. Not the least bit self-aware. And brah, whoever’s dressing you needs to be slapped in the piehole.

I’m dyin’ over here.