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Wisconsin Radio Network: A semi-tractor which police believe was usedCheese-smile-250x300 in an overnight cheese-jacking has been recovered, along with the empty trailer. But police say cheese product valued at over $70,000.00 remains missing.

Germantown Police say the trailer load of cheese was taken from D&G Transportation on Bunsen Drive in Germantown at about 12:20 a.m. Friday. According to the Department’s Facebook page, the semi-truck was recovered by police, and a Facebook follower located the empty trailer in the Metro-Milwaukee area.

Wow. A sure-enough real life cheese-jacking, right in the good old US of A. And hey, it had to happen in Wisconsin, amirite? No other state would be fitting. I mean, a cheese-jacking in Tennessee just wouldn’t have the same zing, ya know? Anyway, I heard it was Swiss Cheese and the case will never be solved. Too many holes. Hey-O!

PS – Seriously, what’s the world coming to? What’s next, a corn-jacking in Iowa? A coffee-jacking in Washington? A grit-jacking in South Carolina? A burrito-jacking in Arizona? OK, I’ll stop now. Wait. A crab-jacking in Maryland? A moonshine-jacking in West Virginia? Yeah, I’m pretty sure there has already been a few moonshine-jackings. Seriously, done now.