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Just when I’d lost all hope, when hatred and heartlessness seemed to rule, a hero has emerged from the darkness. A hero that believes, like Hippocrates and myself, that “the soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” Seriously, dude ran into a raging wildfire to save a bunny. That’s cool.


First, the video:

The Guardian: A Russian attack helicopter accidentally fired at least one rocket into a crowd of Russian soldiers during large scale military exercises close to Nato’s borders, Russian media has reported. Three people were injured in the incident at the Zapad 2017 drills, a source close to the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

Man, bad look for Russia, amirite? Dude just launching rockets into his own army like a boss. That one dude walking toward the explosion has to be dead. And what are the odds Putin has executed this guy already? You don’t make Russia look bad, not on Putin’s watch.

Listen, there are cool guys and then there are really cool guys, and when you can jet over, flip a capsized catamaran back to level and follow that with a couple 20-foot high backflips while standing on high-powered jets of water then you are a really cool guy. Kudos, Jet Boarder. Kudos.

Note: Ever type a word and swear you misspelled it? I did that with capsize. Had to search it up on the Goggle to be sure. Still looks wrong to me.

I need to see more of this type of thing.

Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius, a father of two, allowed Augusto Lima to go attend the birth of his first child, and Zalgiris still won the game, gaining a 2-1 lead in the best-of-three series. During the press conference, however, one “youngster” reporter, who is not a father, persisted questioning Jasikevicius about Lima’s absence. The coach defended his player from criticism and perfectly schooled the reporter about family values.

I know Sarunas Jasikevicius a little because he played at Maryland for Gary Williams. Love his reaction here.

Man, just watch that sea lion set these people up, just looking all cute and whatnot, poking his head out of the water like a puppy while eliciting oohs and ahs from the adoring crowd. What those people didn’t know was that Mr. Sea Lion was eyeing his lunch buffet, and the minute that kid sat down he went for her like a fat kid snatching a Ho Ho. Sea Lions, man. Sneaky as hell.

PS- And how about mom there, just whisking her kid away without a word of thanks? Hey lady, if it wasn’t for that superhero little Yuki there would’ve been taken to the depths of hell, eaten, and her bones left in a watery grave. But noooo, just march away as if you have a plane to catch or something. Yeesh. 

These little twin dudes know how to have a good time, man.

This is the moment a high school basketball tournament official in Wisconsin stopped a little boy from hugging his older sister after her team won the state championship because it “breached safety rules.” 3-year old Jaylen Levy jumped up and down in excitement as he waited for his older sister Sydney to pick him up after the match at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday. Her team, the Appleton North Lightning Girls’ Basketball team, had just won the state championship. But as the teenager reached out for her younger brother, tournament official Deb Hauser stood between them to block the hug. She shooed little Jaylen back to his parents and sent Sydney on her way, to the dismay of her younger sibling. Jaylen had hugged his sister after every victory this year.

My comments follow the video.

This, my friends, is a classic example of somebody following the “letter of the law” rather than the “spirit of the law.” Only a human being with a soulless, black heart would have stopped that little boy from hugging his sister. Clearly the rule was meant for court storming or other dangerous actions, not to stop a 3-year old from hugging his big sister. Only a tournament official on a power trip would commit such a heinous act.  Shame on you, Deb Hauser.

This chick blew it, right? What, romance is dead? I mean, what’s more romantic than having a bad violinist play a song for you in a mall food court? Dude pulled out all the stops. Your loss, girl. Your loss.

His heart was in the right place.


Sweet Mother of God.


I swear to you I have zero sympathy for these people when this sort of thing happens. Zero. You’ve imprisoned a wild animal, trainer lady, and when that animal reverts to what it actually is you’re on your own. To be honest I was hoping that tiger bit her leg off, turned on the guy with the stick and ripped his head off, then escaped into the woods and lived happily ever after eating berries, rabbits, squirrels and the occasional lost child. Have a nice day.

PS – That kid watching was mesmerized, wasn’t he? Pretty sure he feels exactly like I do. You know, except for the eating kids part. 




This chick is the keyboard player from the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, and she is electric. Listen man, anybody who has a passion for their job as much as this young lady is to be commended. That’s focused determination if I’ve ever seen it. And hey, I dare you to call this chick a band geek. Do it and you might get a crushed larynx. You go girl. You can play for me any day.


I’m on a motorcycle, I’ll just go around.” Think again, biker dude. On a related note, I’m 100% behind this method of dealing with douchebag cyclists.


So apparently the Mornington Breakers were undefeated at 14-0 when this happened. Those pesky Pakenham Warriors knocked them off with a wild game-winner heretofore unseen by human eyes. On a related note, that was one helluva side out of bounds play.






I’m dyin’ over here.


Portly Bartolo Colon hit his first major league home run the other day at the age of 41. Of course the internet exploded, but my favorite creation is this mashup of the homer and the great baseball movie, The Natural. So good.


These cameras are set up in Chilliwack, British Columbia and I challenge you to not continue watching once you’ve begun. Just some weird happenings in old Chilliwack, man. This must be a bad part of town or something.

Note: Now that I think about it, you could probably set up a camera in any town for a year and it would capture some crazy stuff.


Chinese Bulldozer Fight! This happened in the Chinese city of Hebei, but of course you recognized that. It was a brawl between competing construction companies. The Chinese don’t mess around, man.


This is from the Irish Universities Athletics Association Womens 4 x 400m Relay Final. Epic commentary, unbelievable finish.


This is a pretty good illustration of how social media is numbing down our society. Chick is too focused on getting her selfie on to see a bear chasing her. On a related note, I’d have felt better if the bear had chased her down and eaten her.


Pitcher Austin Trace of Canal Winchester, Ohio makes a stellar barehanded catch on a line-drive that was hit right back at him. This happened at VA Memorial Stadium right here in Chillicothe.