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Listen, I have nothing but respect for this kid. Just battling that damn trash can like you read about. Kid took shot after shot, was knocked down, and still came up fighting. Seriously, that evil trash can was showing no mercy. No mercy whatsoever. In this case the trash can was taking out the kid, kids. But I dare say this kid gives me hope for our future. America salutes you, Trash Can Kid. Keep fighting the good fight.

As a kid I could name every professional baseball player in the Major Leagues. Today, not so much. The damn games are too long and the players are wussies. Last year Indians pitcher Corey Kluber led the majors in complete games with 5. In 1968 Cardinal pitcher Bob Gibson had 28 and his arm didn’t fall off. Note to self: Write “Why I Don’t Watch Baseball Anymore” blog. Anyway, an exception is my man Adrian Beltre. Dude is eccentric like you read about. Below are two videos. In the first you’ll see that he absolutely hates to have his head touched. Because of this his teammates are always touching his damn head. In the second video you’ll see that he’s just a lighthearted goofball, enjoying the game like you’re supposed to. Love Adrian Beltre, man.

I have to admit Larry looked really happy to get that beer. On a related note, I definitely need to get a drone.

There are so many things about this video to like I don’t know where to start. It’s too perfect. The guy’s wife pays a man to kill him for two grand, he thinks that price is way too low, he’s a used car salesman because of course he is, that hair, that beard, he’s sweating like hell, the video is just perfect. Seriously, this guy is not upset his wife tried to have him murdered, he’s upset she didn’t take it seriously enough. “You get what you pay for.” That’s comedy gold.

Wait for it. It’s worth it.

I love The Office. I’ve seen all 201 episodes in chronological order probably 7-times. Yep, straight through, with breaks of course. I don’t know, there’s just something about the awkward, sometimes uncomfortable and politically incorrect humor that I love. Anyway, I thought I’d attempt list a few of my favorite scenes of my favorite sitcom. Without further ado, let’s get it on (That’s what she said*).

*If that means nothing to you then you should probably stop right here.

Michael’s Retirement From Comedy

In this one the legendary Todd Packer shows up to offend just about everyone in the office right as Dunder Mifflin orders a company-wide review of its harassment policy. The best scene is the moment when Michael decides to retire from comedy, and in particular his favorite line, “That’s what she said.” He walks out to deliver the news to the office, and this happens . . .

Dwight’s Fitness Orb

In this scene Dwight shows up with a fitness orb, much to the annoyance of Jim. You will see that Jim handles things accordingly.

Christmas Prank

Here’s another scene involving Jim’s continual pranking of Dwight. It’s a classic.

Jim Impersonates Dwight

Once again, Jim is pranking Dwight. Successfully I might add.

CPR Training

In this scene the office is undergoing CPR training, and as usual things take a left turn. Classic Dwight here.

The Fire Drill

Dwight believes the employees in the office need a little tough love in their fire emergency training. Per usual, he goes j-u-s-t a tad too far.

The Password

Here’s a hilarious scene where the gang needs to remember the password to reset their computers. Awkward hilarity ensues.

Sensitivity Training

Michael, never known for his sensitivity, imparts his own form of training on the office.

Drug Testing

Great scene where Dwight is tries to find out who left a joint in the parking lot.

Michael Drives Into a Lake

We all can relate to this scene on some level, amirite?

Little Kid Lover

A perfect example of The Office’s awkward, non-politically correct humor.

Parkour PARKOUR!

Funny opening when Dwight, Michael and Andy are practicing their parkour moves.

Michael Scott’s School of Management

Another totally un-PC scene.

Stapler in Jello

Yet another prank that Jim pulled on Dwight.

The Injury

From the hilarious episode where Michael burnt his foot on a George Foreman grill.

Dwight Smashes the Watermelon

Short scene from the episode where Michael was going to fake his own suicide to make a point. Again, not very PC. Here they are testing the trampoline.

Can She Fit In a Rowboat?

Again, completely inappropriate. Also funny as hell.

Every “That’s What She Said”

Regarding the previously mentioned “that’s what she said”, here’s every one ever.

Michael’s Appearance at Dwight’s Wedding

In the final episode, Michael made a surprise appearance. This was after he’d left the show a couple years prior. It was a poignant, touching scene.

Opening to The Emmys

Thought I’d throw this in as a bonus. Enjoy!

There are a hundred other scenes I could’ve picked, these were just off the top of my head. Stay tuned. I’ll leave you with the best of several characters and some random videos:




The drill is apparently an annual event at a Japanese zoo during which the staff practices their protocols for an escaped animal situation. Since using real animals isn’t really an option, These folks have come up with an unintentionally amusing alternative – humans dressing up like the animals. My favorite? The zebra. Well done, zebra.

This is a few years old but is still hysterical. LOVE Conan.

Trust me, there’s some incredible stuff on here. You can thank me later.

Let me get this straight. Man and woman attempt a burglary. Man attempts escape out the back. Man fails. Man gets cornered and considers throwing delicious fruit snacks at the po-po. Man gets taken down and shirt ripped off. Man gets tazed. Man recovers and makes an unsuccessful run for it. Man is arrested. Meanwhile, woman attempts escape out the back. Woman is unsuccessful. Woman attempts daring escape through the ceiling. Woman falls through ceiling. Woman is arrested.

Nice job, burglars.

What moves. Totally impressed.

A thespian for our generation.

Note: Bonus Cage at the bottom.

The NBA had their goofy awards show last night and Charles Barkley was recognizing Bill Russell for some reason, blah-blah-blah. Anyhoo, this was Bill’s reaction. Well played, Bill. Well played.

People, man.

So Russia is celebrating the start of the World Cup and everyone is all giddy and whatnot. As part of the festivities some Russian bros brought their bear along for the fun, and here he is playing a vuvuzela and giving the “up yours” forearm jerk sign to innocent passerby. On a related note, that bear is going to maul the living hell out of those dudes soon.

Note: Whilst researching the “up yours” sign, I found that it is indeed called the “forearm jerk” overseas. I also found out that there are about 20 innocent gestures we make here in the USA that have totally different meanings outside our country. Stay tuned for the upcoming riveting blog.

Note 2: When the mauling commences those assheads will totally deserve it.

Well played, as always.

Instant classic.

Disrespectful idiots on motorcycles and bicycles deserve what they get. Satisfying video.

Between Two Ferns was an absolute classic. Before we watch the videos, let me tell you some of my favorite insults from Zach to his guests:

To Justin Bieber: “When you’re in the recording studio do you ever think, ‘Hey, what if I don’t make something shitty?’ ”

To Bruce Willis: “Did you know that some actors turn down roles?”

To Ben Stiller: “Do you ever wish you had followed your parents into comedy?”

Too funny, man. But let’s get to the videos. Let’s begin with Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter. You shall laugh out loud:

Next up is Steve Carell. You shall weep uncontrollably:

And finally, Jimmy Kimmel. You shall wet yourself:

None of that PC crap over in Japan, man. In the US this slide would be banned in a heartbeat because little Chad might hurt himself.

Note: Be sure and check out the second video. It’s one of my all-time internet favorites.

Note: Try and find the words “Insanely Lacerationy” on the worldwide interweb. You can’t. That’s an example of why this site pulls in 300,000 hits a day. Boom.

So yeah, The Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival has fairly simple rules. Some bloke rolls a cheese wheel down a frighteningly steep incline and a bunch of lunatics run full-speed down the hill chasing the cheese. Your prize for catching the cheese? The cheese. Good times. On a related note, those people are batshit crazy.

PS- There have been nights where I’d do this exact thing for a block of extra sharp cheddar. Not even kidding.

What kind of videos never get old? Dog videos. Adorable.

I really have no reason to post goat photos, other than the fact that goats are cool. Check ’em out and try not to smile.

So Yodel Boy is tearing up the internet right now and is the latest viral video sensation. People are going nuts over this yodeler, little girls are sending him their digits, it’s insane. Yet a large majority of the internet is just attacking this kid like you read about, saying he’s a little nerd yodeling cowboy, that he should’ve been thrown out of Walmart, even taken away in handcuffs for excessive public yodeling. Me? I say let Yodel Boy yodel. Who among us hasn’t strolled through a Walmart and hasn’t felt a sudden urge to yodel? I know I have, yet I didn’t have the guts to let it fly. Not Yodel Boy. Dude felt a yodel coming on and yodeled his little Yodel Boy heart out. Yodel on, Yodel Boy. Yodel on.

PS- That’s 14 yodels in one paragraph. I believe that’s a record.

PPS- I want Yodel Boy to yodel at my funeral.

PPPS- That’s 16.