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So Russia is celebrating the start of the World Cup and everyone is all giddy and whatnot. As part of the festivities some Russian bros brought their bear along for the fun, and here he is playing a vuvuzela and giving the “up yours” forearm jerk sign to innocent passerby. On a related note, that bear is going to maul the living hell out of those dudes soon.

Note: Whilst researching the “up yours” sign, I found that it is indeed called the “forearm jerk” overseas. I also found out that there are about 20 innocent gestures we make here in the USA that have totally different meanings outside our country. Stay tuned for the upcoming riveting blog.

Note 2: When the mauling commences those assheads will totally deserve it.


Well played, as always.

Instant classic.

Disrespectful idiots on motorcycles and bicycles deserve what they get. Satisfying video.

Between Two Ferns was an absolute classic. Before we watch the videos, let me tell you some of my favorite insults from Zach to his guests:

To Justin Bieber: “When you’re in the recording studio do you ever think, ‘Hey, what if I don’t make something shitty?’ ”

To Bruce Willis: “Did you know that some actors turn down roles?”

To Ben Stiller: “Do you ever wish you had followed your parents into comedy?”

Too funny, man. But let’s get to the videos. Let’s begin with Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter. You shall laugh out loud:

Next up is Steve Carell. You shall weep uncontrollably:

And finally, Jimmy Kimmel. You shall wet yourself:

None of that PC crap over in Japan, man. In the US this slide would be banned in a heartbeat because little Chad might hurt himself.

Note: Be sure and check out the second video. It’s one of my all-time internet favorites.

Note: Try and find the words “Insanely Lacerationy” on the worldwide interweb. You can’t. That’s an example of why this site pulls in 300,000 hits a day. Boom.

So yeah, The Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival has fairly simple rules. Some bloke rolls a cheese wheel down a frighteningly steep incline and a bunch of lunatics run full-speed down the hill chasing the cheese. Your prize for catching the cheese? The cheese. Good times. On a related note, those people are batshit crazy.

PS- There have been nights where I’d do this exact thing for a block of extra sharp cheddar. Not even kidding.

What kind of videos never get old? Dog videos. Adorable.

I really have no reason to post goat photos, other than the fact that goats are cool. Check ’em out and try not to smile.

So Yodel Boy is tearing up the internet right now and is the latest viral video sensation. People are going nuts over this yodeler, little girls are sending him their digits, it’s insane. Yet a large majority of the internet is just attacking this kid like you read about, saying he’s a little nerd yodeling cowboy, that he should’ve been thrown out of Walmart, even taken away in handcuffs for excessive public yodeling. Me? I say let Yodel Boy yodel. Who among us hasn’t strolled through a Walmart and hasn’t felt a sudden urge to yodel? I know I have, yet I didn’t have the guts to let it fly. Not Yodel Boy. Dude felt a yodel coming on and yodeled his little Yodel Boy heart out. Yodel on, Yodel Boy. Yodel on.

PS- That’s 14 yodels in one paragraph. I believe that’s a record.

PPS- I want Yodel Boy to yodel at my funeral.

PPPS- That’s 16.

So the NFL’s annual league meeting was held in Orlando this past weekend and 29 of the 32 coaches posed for a spectacular photo. Bill Belichick did not pose, ostensibly because he thinks he’s too good to be photographed with his lowly contemporaries, or perhaps he’s still embarrassed from the ass-whipping he took at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. Whatevs. Anywho, let’s take a look at the photo and then I’ll give you my predictably snarky yet hilarious comments. First, take a gander . . .

Phew. Alright, let’s do this. And don’t forget to click on the photo for a better look at it in all its awesomeness. First off, let’s just get this out of the way right now. Andy Reid (second from right, front row) simply dominates this photo from the get-go, because that Tommy Bahama number just screams “I don’t give a damn.” And those slip-ons and white shorts are the height of style, man. And check out little Jon Gruden at the top middle. Dude is sportin’ that trademark scowl like you read about. And hey, how about our guy Marvin Lewis in the white shirt, front row just right of center. He has that same look he has on the sidelines, and that is a look of absolute confusion and dismay. And man, I don’t to be politically incorrect but Matt Patricia (3rd from the end on the top right) has really packed on the poundage. He makes Andy Reid look like an Olympic gymnast, and those poofy, spectacularly billowing pants don’t help. Finally, if there’s one guy who wants to get out of there it’s Mike Zimmer there in the front row, second from the end. Scowl for days, man.

Seriously though, doesn’t that photo look like the worst season of The Bachelorette ever?

And so it begins. Ski lifts murdering people left and right. Bodies flying everywhere. Next it’ll be escalators eating people alive and those moving sidewalks suddenly going 150 miles per hour and sending people into walls. I’m telling you there’s no stopping the machines once they’ve turned on us. It’s gonna be carnage. Pity the humans, man. Pity the humans.

Note: Be sure and watch both videos. They’re gold, Jerry. Gold.

Boom. Stay out of my territory.

Listen, I’m the last guy who should be poking fun at somebody’s head lettuce. But man, politics aside, WHAT THE HELL US HAPPENING WITH TRUMP’S HAIR? I mean, seriously? Is he bald save for a small patch that he just grows out to comb over everything else? I honestly can’t figure it out. It’s a mystery inside a paradox under a puzzle. Trump, man. He’s never boring.

Somebody’s going to get shot pulling this stuff one day.

Listen, everyone knows I’m not a Trump guy. I think he’s an ignorant racist who’s running our country into the ground. That said, I gotta be honest. I respect this move. It’s so Trump it hurts. Dude doesn’t like the question from a reporter who was clearly trolling him so he just points to the door and says “Out.” That’s about as boss a move as you can pull. On a related note, what is the over/under on how many times Trump says to Pence every day? 5? Actually that may be low.

Note: Try and find another website that uses the word baddassiest. You can’t. 

Note 2: The Donald is looking unusually slim in this video. Maybe he really does weigh 285 239.

Yep. Short.

I’ve watched this 20-times.

There’s just so much to love about this video. The midget, the Santa referee, the girl elf, Culkin with rabbit ears, the crowd chanting “Home Alone!”, and finally Culkin pulling out his old marble and bucket movie tricks to win the match. Too good, man. And hey, not to mention the fact that Macaulay Culkin took part in a wrestling match in a conference room somewhere. Just internet gold. Hell, I was waiting for Joe Pesci to enter the fray.

PS- Why Culkin didn’t scream, “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” before clubbing that dude with the bucket is beyond my comprehension.

PPS- I’m 99% sure that midget pointed at Macaulay Culkin and yelled, “Come on you f**cker!” Doesn’t get much better than that.

Just another example of the wide-ranging topics covered at Shoe: Untied.

Well, hell. This sucks. Looks like Santa bought the farm yesterday. Just hit that tree full bore and crashed into the sand like a bag of dead elves. Kids in total shock, just aghast like you read about. And did you notice the rescuer who tried to be a first responder? A little dachshund. Then again, maybe saw a fresh dinner, who knows. Anyway, sorry kids. Santa’s dead.

Note: That “bag of dead elves” line was one of my best ever. Bringing my A game today, baby. 

He has to be dead, right? Just a brutal shot to the neck. Or perhaps he was flopping. Hard to tell these days.

Perfect in so many ways. The timing, the reaction of the camera people, everything. And poor Atlanta. First they blow a 28-3 lead against New England in the Super Bowl and now this. City just keeps getting hammered from all angles. Sad really.

PS- Who sets up a camera on the wrong side of the street? Come on Weather Channel. That’s just awful.

We all know guys like this. J-u-s-t not quite right. A couple eggs short of a dozen. Both oars not quite in the water. A few sandwiches short of a picnic. They remind you of Paul Revere’s Ride, as in a little light in the belfry. Anyhoo, Jameis Winston is one of those guys. Honestly, you can tell he’s half nuts by looking into his eyes. Listen to his pregame speech yesterday and tell me I’m wrong. Dude is unhinged, man. But seriously, somebody needs to make sure Tampa Bay is following the proper concussion protocol.

PS- His speech rallied the squad to a 30-10 loss. Good times.