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I hear a lot of idiotic statements from basketball announcers, but over the past few weeks I’ve heard some doozies. After much debating among my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied, we narrowed it down to three. Let us proceed with said quotes . . .

1. “The Spurs have an excellent 22-4 record when scoring 100 points or more.”

I heard this one on Sunday while watching the playoffs in a beach bar, and my response is, gee, ya think? So you’re saying the more points they score the more likely it is that they’ll win? That there’s an actual correlation between high point totals and victories? Who knew?

2. “James Madison stayed with Indiana for awhile, but the Hoosiers slowly pulled away.”

I hear this all the time. Has it ever occurred to anybody that teams “stay with” somebody early because the game starts out tied? You know, as in 0-0? Jeebus.

3. “Buzz Williams can have success against Syracuse because he’s one of the only coaches who screens zones.”

It may come as no surprise that Charles Barkley uttered this before the Marquette-Syracuse game. Uh, Charles, coaches have been screeening zones at least as long as I’ve been coaching, which goes back to 1983. S-o-o-o-o . . . incorrect statement there fat boy.

And hopefully without sounding like an insensitive jackass, may I now say the whole drama surrounding Louisville’s Kevin Ware’s broken leg was j-u-s-t a tad overblown? I know, I know, it was a gruesome injury, but judging by the tweets and other statements you’d have thought somebody died. He wasn’t paralyzed and never suffered a career-ending or life-threatening injury. One announcer even compared him to Hank Gathers who actually died on the court. Good Lord.

And please, don’t try and make a correlation between my sympathy for the guy and how I feel about the overreaction that followed. It was a tough break for sure, and yes, I just went there.

Note: It always seems to be the same 3-people who take offense to these types of opinions, and you know who you are. So, remember – I like the kid and the way he handled himself, I hate the overreaction. Ah, never mind. You’ll still hate it.

But at least you’re reading.