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Years ago I had a junior high kid named Carly who didn’t like me very much.

Not Marley's mother.

Not Carly’s mother.

For some reason there was a personality clash between us and I don’t really know why. Hey, it happens from time-to-time.

Anyway, her mother called and asked for a conference and I said sure, come on in and we’ll try and figure this out. Well, mom shows up without Carly and she was angry. She was really worked up, man.

And then she said this:

You two had better work this out, and soon. I want you to sit down and talk with her immediately.”

I don’t know, something about the way she was ordering me around maybe, but it didn’t sit well with me. Plus she hadn’t been real respectful from the minute she walked in. Anyway, I responded thusly:

“Number one, I’ve already talked to Carly. Several times. I’ve praised her, cajoled her, been stern with her, everything I can think of. Nothing has worked. Number two, ‘we’ don’t have to work out anything. Carly does. I have 160-students to deal with, and students only have a few teachers. I can’t adjust to every single one of them. Students have to adjust to their teacher, just like they’ll have to adjust to their college professors or their bosses someday.”

For a few seconds, silence and and a cold stare. And then, this:

“You know what? You’re right. I never looked at it that way. I’ll have a talk with her.”

Then she got up, shook my hand, and walked out.

Well hell, that went better than expected. And you know what? I never had a problem with Carly again. I guess reason sometimes does work.

And having an open-minded, understanding parent helps too.