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So I’m at a friend’s house the other night for a little soiree, presumably to watch the Mayweather – Cotto fight on pay-pre-view but actually to engage in some partying witty repartee with my friends. After sitting through the first 27-fights (OK, might have been 3 but it felt like 27) we were ready for the main event. You know the drill, both fighters make their big entrance with their huge entourages, trying to look all menacing and whatnot. Anywho, Cotto comes marching in, looking pretty intimidating (I guess). Now it was time for undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather to make his entrance. And here he came, followed by his trainer, 50 Cent, Triple H, and Justin Bieber. Wait. JUSTIN BIEBER? Biebs? Seriously? Number one, how can 50 Cent ever claim ghetto cred again? I mean, that’s out, right? And Triple H will be laughed out of the wrestling world, will he not? And Mayweather? Sure, he ended up winning ths fight but there’s no doubt Manny Pacquaio will beat his ass now is there? He’s gotta be jinxed for life, no? Am I making too big a deal of this? Bieber? Really?

And here’s why. I just heard on the radio that a remake of Grease is in the making. That alone gave me pause, because you shouldn’t mess with the classics. Then I heard who is being discussed to play the leads. You know,  the Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta roles. And the names are . . . wait for it . . . Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Oh my.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Note: I always wanted to use the word “nigh” in a blog title. Mission accomplished.