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Check out that Angel Shark, man. Dude looks like Jaws and a Manta Ray got their groove on, amirite? Angel Sharks chill out, all hidden in the sand and whatnot, and just wait for their prey to appear. When the prey gets close enough, the Angel Shark grabs it in 1/10 of a second. That’s diabolical, man. Angel Sharks will only attack when provoked, so don’t provoke an Angel Shark. Anyhoo, Angel Shark.

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This is one of those rare instances where the scientific name for an animal is better than the regular name. Don’t believe me? The Angel Shark is also known as Squatina Squatina. End of argument. Anyway, Angel Sharks are sort of flat and resemble Rays. They have two dorsal fins but no anal fin, which is interesting because I never knew that fin in back was called an anal fin until this minute. Anywho, Angel Shark.

PS: Seriously, Squatina Squatina.

Common Angel Shark Squatina squatina. El Cabron Marine Park, Arinaga, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, eastern Atlantic Ocean.