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Ted Landsmark was a young attorney in Boston back in 1976 when he came upon a group of young white protesters from South Boston. The group had just been riled up by an anti-busing speech by City Councilor Louise Day Hicks, who was opposed to court ordered busing that would require blacks and whites to attend school together. The result is an attempted stabbing with the symbol of freedom, the American flag.


You know, sometimes it’s hard for me to hate Donnie, it really is. Just when I start to work up a little healthy rage a photo like this one comes bursting onto the internet to lighten my mood. Here’s Rhode Island Teacher of the Year Nikos Giannopoulos proudly wearing his LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer) pin and flashing a hand fan whilst The Donald looks on happily. Giannopoulos stated that he actually asked our president if he could hold the fan and was told, “Absolutely! Go for it! You look very stylish.” Damn, that’s several kinds of awesome. Can’t hate you for this one, Donnie.

PS: I bet the guy over on Polk Hollow with “TRUMP” spelled out in Christmas lights on his double wide trailer is as confused as hell right now. 

Because I do, and I just found out 5-minutes ago. Here’s the definition of Pareidolia:

Pareidolia: (/pærˈdliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus (an image or a sound) by perceiving a face where none exists.

Yep. Got it. For instance, yesterday I was sitting at a friend’s house when I looked up and saw this:

Yep, that’s obviously a muppet with sunglasses looking at me, or maybe that robot from Mystery Science Theater 300. Anyway, he’s clearly taunting me.

This happens to me a hundred times a day as I go through my daily life. Here are a few other examples of Facial Pareidolia:

Somehow, I’ve upset this couch

Evil rastafarian mop.

This backpack wants to kill me.

Faces lurking everywhere, man.

Not horny yet.

Dog’s Eye View was a great 90’s band.

Or is that a dog? I have no idea.

ALBERTA, Canada (KWQC) – Theunis Wessels is a man who likes to finish what he starts.

On Friday evening, he began mowing his lawn in the town of Three Hills and kept mowing even as a towering tornado appeared in the distance. When his wife, Cecilia, saw him cutting the grass with the tornado at his back, she snapped a dramatic photo.

Theunis took the tornado in stride and said he was “keeping an eye on it” while he continued to mow.

While there was property damage in the area, there are no reports of injuries from the tornado.

Monster tornado heading your way? No problem. man. Theunis Wessels has a lawn to mow. Hey, he was keeping an eye on it. And how badass is his wife Cecilia? While most people would be running for their lives to the cellar, she grabs her phone to take a picture of her hubby as he laughs in the face of disaster. Canadians, man. They don’t give a damn about nuthin’.

PS- The only thing that would make this photo better would be a beer in that dude’s hand. 



You’ll see it eventually.

Cats? Evil, man.

Yep. Dumber.

Weighing in at a whopping 30.8 pounds and measuring 3.93 feet long, Omar is much bigger than your average Australian cat.

Owner Stephanie Hirst said she expected Omar, a 3-year-old Maine coon cat, to weigh a maximum of 20 pounds. But when Omar hit that mark before turning one, she knew he was no ordinary feline.

“We sort of realized that he’s not nearly done growing yet,” Hirst told Australia’s Network Seven.

Hirst, who lives in Melbourne, said she has big plans for Omar. She has already submitted him to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if he will be named the world’s longest cat.

But Omar doesn’t seem to be fazed by his newfound fame. According to Hirst, he spends most of his time napping and staying out of the limelight.

Listen, I’ll say it even if nobody else will. That cat is too damn long. Freakishly long. Dude looks like a furry accordion, man. Scares me a little to be honest. L-o-o-o-o-o-n-g ass kitty. And it’s clear to me that Stephanie Hirst is just looking for publicity by whoring out Omar the Cat. Disgusting really. Anywho, long cat, man.

PS- So Omar “doesn’t seem fazed by his newfound fame”? Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because he’s a cat?


I know I post a lot of this stuff but Sweet Mother of God there are some horrific creatures lurking under the surface of the ocean. And listen, don’t give me crap like, “Oh, that’s just a rotting whale” or something. I know a sea monster when I see one, damn it.

[click to enlarge, but at your own risk]

Deep sea diver.

[click to enlarge]

Helping a buddy.

I tell you what, man, I need to get to the Netherlands and I need to get there yesterday. Holland has this shindig every year, and the floats are made of flowers. Unreal. And what about that Viking Festival I told you about in Scotland? Awesome. Here in America we have parades with giant Charlie Brown balloons. That’s lame, man. Anyway, check it out:

For some reason I’m betting on the Mantis here.


That can’t be safe.

I have no idea what’s going on here, but there’s no way this is a good idea. No way. After all, that’s a, you know, bear. It could eat that kid in a nanosecond. Kids and bears? Bad combination, man.

So I posted that photo of Pharrell William’s wife and the weird-ass outfit she wore to the Met Gala this past weekend, and it turns out that was just the beginning. Here’s my girl Katy Perry, who showed up in something people might wear on Uranus. What the hell is on her head, gadgets to help her contact aliens or something? Honestly, these designers are just messing with us now, right? Just throwing crap together to see if these celebs will wear it. Crazy Town, man.

Hollywood character actor Dick Elliott. Old people will recognize him.

So yeah, this is the ghost lamp everyone is going all kooky over. It’s in the already spooky town of Salem, Massachusetts. I’ve been to Salem, and although I saw no ghost lamps I’m pretty sure I was haunted by Hollywood character actor Dick Elliott, who grew up there. Anywho, if we didn’t have internet sensations like the Dancing Baby or Keyboard Cat, where would we be really?

PS: Don’t let your grandparents tell you this didn’t happen back in the day. Ask them about Hula Hoops and Coonskin Caps. Oh, and Panty Raids. Those were supposed to be fun.

Ghost Lamp!

Ghost Lamp Close-Up!


From Invisible Paris: The world’s oldest surviving basketball court can be found in the basement of a building in Paris. But how did Paris come to be the earliest home of a sport invented in America? To find the answer, you need to push open the doors of a YMCA hostel on the Rue Trévise. The recent Heritage Days event gave us the opportunity to discover a little-known location – and a Paris claim to fame  that few people are aware of. Yes, the oldest surviving basketball court in the world really is in Paris, France.

WHAT? C’est absurde! What in the name of Naismith are they spewing at us? I call bullshit! Personal foul! You can’t tell me there’s not an older court in Indiana or Kansas or New York City or somewhere that’s not older. Hey, we invented the game, man, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of Frenchies lay claim to this. Damn it, Trump, get this straightened out so you can claim your first presidential victory. ‘Murica!

Poles, schmoles.

PS- Best thing France has ever given America?  Pepe Le Pew. Pepe Le Pew is awesome. Thank you and goodnight.

Well, it’s about damn time The Donald is getting some good advice. Hey, his Healthcare bill failed, and even though he controls the House and Senate that fail was the pesky Democrat’s fault. Anywho, that’s all in the past because help has arrived. In a move I rank right up there with Jimmy Carter having Charlie Daniels into the White House, The Donald has brought the high-powered political triumvirate of Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and the Motor City Madman himself, Mr. Ted Nugent into his circle of power. Rest well, America. Our country is in good hands.

PS- Seriously, of the four people in that photo below I’d take Kid Rock as president in a heartbeat. At least Uncle Kracker would have his ear.