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The next time you’re out walking around in the woods, take a gander up above you. It’s sometimes hard to see, but there’s a naturally occurring phenomenon called Crown Shyness that is cool as hell. What it does is, it keeps the uppermost branches of certain tree species from touching one another. Crown Shyness was first observed in the 1920s, and scientists have been trying to explain it ever since. Some believe it occurs to reduce the spread of harmful insects, others believe that trees are attempting to protect one another’s branches from getting cracked and broken in the wind, and some have even suggested that Crown Shyness happens so that trees can optimize light exposure in order to maximize the process of photosynthesis. However, nobody knows for sure why it occurs. Mother Nature just doin’ it up big per usual, huh? That’s wild, man. Anyhoo, check out the examples of Crown Shyness below. Click on the photos for optimum amazingness.

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Yep. Looks like marble alright.

A fisherman was horrified to return to his car to find a swarm of millions of mosquitoes “having a party” inside. The revolting footage shows the Russian man’s car completely full with the blood-sucking insects.  He had regrettably left the window open when he and friends went on a fishing trip. 

It is likely that the mosquitoes decided to commandeer the vehicle because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans, and with the windows left wide open, the scent of a potential meal evidently proved to much of a temptation for millions of the insects.

Big animal guy here but dang THAT’S A MILLION MOSQUITOES MAN! Doesn’t this signify the end of times or something? Or is that locusts? You pretty much have to set that car on fire at this point, amirite? Mosquitoes for days in there. There’s something really disgusting about writhing piles of those bugs. Yikes. Guess we should keep our car windows up at night in the summer?


The internet has gone udderly wild for a Texas calf’s uncanny resemblance to Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. The baby cow, named Genie, was born on Friday at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas, and even likes to stick out its tongue like the rocker. Hill Country Visitor, a tourism agency that promotes the region of Texas Hill, shared the image on Facebook, joking that Simmons could be the father. Simmons himself was delighted, tweeting: “This is real, folks!!!” The bovine doppelgänger’s markings quickly drew comparisons to Simmons, who is famous for his long tongue and black-and-white face paint.

Let’s get this out of the way first – that cow looks nothing like Gene Simmons. Not even close. Face paint is all wrong. “Uncanny resemblance”? Uh, methinks not. And what cow doesn’t like to stick its tongue out? That’s what cows do. It’s pretty clear to me that Hill Country Visitor is working the whole tourism angle a little too hard with this scam, man. And what’s up with these shanksters suggesting Gene Simmons fathered a cow in the first place? That seems sort of rude.

PS- I also have a beef with writers who get cute with puns like “udderly wild.” That’s just cheap blogging technique right there. Not very well done. Of course, writers like myself are rare. Well, gotta get moooving.

PPS – I hate myself right now.

Mobula Rays are also referred to as Devil Rays or Flying Rays, due to their propensity for breaching, or shooting out of the water in a spectacular manner. Launching themselves as high as 6-feet above the ocean’s surface, these dudes do flips before plunging back into the water with a big flop. They travel with about 100 other rays that also jump, twirl, and belly flop as they move through the sea. Dudes are acrobats, man. Scientists think the males do it to attract attention. And get this – the Mobula Rays wing-like fins can extend up to 17-feet. That’s wild, man. Anyhoo, Mobula Rays.

As a tribute to his late wife, Pedro Martin Ureta and his kids planted these trees in Argentina back in 1977. Awesome.

Huntsman Spiders generally live in Australia and are huge, with leg spans of up to 12-inches. They eat cockroaches and other insects, but have been seen dragging mice up refrigerators. Not kidding, here’s a video. In addition, Huntsman Spiders can sometimes move using a “cartwheel motion” which sounds absolutely terrifying. Fun fact: People have released Huntsman Spiders in the southern United States, so run for your lives. Anyhoo, Huntsman Freakin’ Spider.

Remember a couple days ago when I posted a photo of that doofus who stuck his bare feet between the seats in front of him on the plane? Remember when I said he was awful and a terrible person to sit by while traveling? Turns out the woman in front of that guy was lucky. Yep. Coulda been worse. She could have been this lady . . .

Runnerup goes to this dude. Jeebus.



Takes a minute to see it, but when you do it’s awesome.

At first glance, pinstripes. At second glance . . .

An underwater photographer named Franco Banfi was the one who snapped these extremely rare photos while following a pack of sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea, near Dominica Island. The whales suddenly stopped moving and went into what’s called a “synchronized vertical rest.” This behavior that was first documented back in 2008, when a team of stunned biologists from the UK and Japan drifted into a group of completely still sperm whales. After further studies, they found that this collective nap occurs for approximately 7% of the whale’s life, almost always in short intervals of just 6-24 minutes. That’s crazy, man.


I wonder how you get up there?

A vet from Hocking Hills Animal Clinic was recently pleasantly reminded why being a veterinarian is awesome. As she was walking in the forest, the woman was suddenly and unexpectedly reunited with an old patient – a turtle.

She posted a photo of the turtle with a peculiar shell and added the following caption:

Several years ago, a client brought me a box turtle that had been hit by a car. I used fiberglass to repair his broken shell and then released him in my woods. Recently, while walking on my hillside, I spotted an odd pattern in the leaves. To my amazement, there was my old patient with the fiberglass still on years later! Sometimes, being a vet is the best thing there is.”

Veterinarians ask people to be aware that if they see a turtle with a cracked shell, it’s best if they seek their assistance. In this case, it seems that the turtle was fully grown, so it was OK to leave it with the fiberglass. But if the turtle is still growing, it’s best to change its cast and apply a new one from time to time. Here’s the post:


You know how being a fan at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is all about dressing up, trying to be all classy and whatnot while trying to show up the people sitting around you? Well, today Masters Golf Champion Sergio Garcia put them all to shame when he showed up in his famous Masters Green Jacket. Game, set, Sergio.

PS- If I won the Masters I’d wear that jacket everywhere. McDonalds, Walmart, the beach, coming out of the shower. Wouldn’t care, man. I feel ya Sergio.

PPS- That old dude sitting in front of Sergio is a badass. I need a pair of those shades.

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