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I suppose if you’re not an NFL fan this will hold no interest for you, but New England’s Defensive Coordinator (and future Detroit Lion’s Head Coach) Matt Patricia is sort of known for his bushy beard and burly appearance. Hence, a pic of him beardless and babyfaced is sort of jarring. Check it:

What can I tell ya? It’s a slow day At Shoe: Untied World Headquarters.


Looks photoshopped but it’s not.

Check out the Savannah Cat, man. Majestic like you read about. Savannah Cats are a cat breed that was started in the 1980’s. They were bred to give the impression of grandeur and dignity like a wild cat with a cheetah type appearance, and damned if it didn’t work. As you can see they have really expressive eyes, vibrant colors, huge ears and really long legs. They can live up to 20-years and can grow to nearly 20-inches tall. And get this – people have them as pets. Yes, they’re domesticated. In fact, they’re the world’s tallest domestic cat. That’s cool. Anywho, Savannah Cat.

Check out the Puss Caterpillar, man. Dude looks like somebody’s hairpiece or maybe Trump’s actual hair. Here’s the problem, though. Although he looks as cute as a button, this little bro is the most venomous caterpillar in the good old U.S. of A. It’s bite can cause throbbing pain, burning, rash, swelling, nausea, abdominal pain, headaches, and shock. Hey, I’m no doctor but that doesn’t sound good at all. But anyway, kids? Don’t pick one up. Fun Fact: The Puss Caterpillar is also known affectionately as the “Toxic Toupee.” That’s cool. Fun Fact #2: It got it’s name because somebody thought it looked like a housecat. Anywho, Puss Caterpillar.

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Well, they basically stick their snouts up through the water, let the water freeze around it, and stay there until it melts. I kid you not. Check it:

Baby Alpacas come directly from the Alpacas in the High Plains of Peru, and live at an altitude of more than 13,000-feet.  Baby Alpacas eat . . . ah, what the hell, nobody cares. I just wanted to post photos of adorable Baby Alpacas.

PS- If you don’t like Baby Alpacas you’re a bad, bad person.

Photographer Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany was there when a bunch of Starlings began to swirl and twist, most likely the result of a predator such as a falcon or hawk being in the vicinity since they do this as a protective instinct. It was by coincidence they resemble a giant bird. We think.

Also, a large group of Starlings is called a Murmuration. That’s cool.

A Cama is a hybrid between a male camel and a female llama and has been produced by artificial insemination at the Camel Reproduction Centre in Dubai. Yes kids, Dubai has a Camel Reproduction Centre. Why does a Cama have to be reproduced through artificial insemination, you ask? Because an adult camel can weigh up to 6-times as much as a llama and that could make things a little awkward for the llama if you get my drift. Anywho, Cama.


Shabani is a gorilla that lives in Japan. He’s a beast with the ladies, who love him for his brooding good looks and animal magnetism. Shabani spends his days flexing, staring thoughtfully into the distance, and enjoying bona fide celebrity status at the Higashiyama Zoo. He’s Dutch-born, Australian-bred, and now resides in lady gorilla’s dreams worldwide. Word on the street is that this dude is wild. Shabani, man. Check him out.

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The rent for a 100-square-foot home ranges from $0.04 per square foot to $0.06 per square foot.

Sea Robins are a family of bottom-feeding fish, and they are the superheroes of the fish game. They get their name from their large pectoral fins, which, when swimming, open and close like a bird’s wings in flight. The large surface area of the fins also permits the fish to glide short distances above the water surface like a flying fish. Sea Robins have an unusually solid skull, and many species also possess armored plates on their bodies.  When caught, they make a croaking noise similar to a frog. That’s just freaky, man. Sea Robins also have six spiny “legs”, three on each side of their bodies. These legs are actually flexible spines that were once part of the pectoral fin, and they help the fish search for food on the ocean floor. Check out that video down below to watch a Sea Robin strolling around like an undersea boss. To reiterate, Sea Robins can swim, walk, and freaking fly. Anywho, Sea Robins.


Canadians, man.

Go ahead, make your Clinton jokes. My title up there sets you up perfectly. I don’t care. Something about our 42nd president hiding between the statues of our 41st and 43rd presidents cracks me up. I mean, Bill looks like he’s guilty of someth . . . never mind. Anyway, great photo.

I swear I get dizzy looking at some of these. People, man.

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Ballooning is a means by which spiders can move through the air by releasing one or more threads to catch the wind and sail away like a boss. We’ve all seen Charlotte’s Web, right? Anyway, by these means they are wafted aloft and are at the mercy of the air currents. This procedure is mostly used by spiderlings to disperse, but adult spiders have been observed using it too. The spider climbs to a high point, stands on its toes and points its abdomen to the sky, releasing fine silk threads until lift-off occurs. Journeys achieved vary from a few yards to hundreds of miles. Even ships in mid-ocean have reported spider landings. That’s cool, man. Spiderling Paratroopers. True story: Once when I was teaching PE I had a group of 2nd Graders out on our softball field. Suddenly a kid pointed to the sky and yelled, “Flying spiders! FLYING SPIDERS!!!” And damned if he wasn’t right. Hundreds if not thousands of ballooning spiders were seemingly attacking us from the heavens, landing in hair, on clothes, everywhere. It was scary as hell for me the kids.  Anywho, Ballooning Spiders.

PS- If you don’t think I’m going to use the term “spiderling” in the future you’re out of your gourd.

You guys know how all these wild conspiracy theories interest me. JFK, the supposed death of Paul McCartney, hell, I even posted about cartoons and the movie Back to the Future predicting 9/11. And have I mentioned that Stevie Wonder may not be blind? Anywho, this stuff make compelling reading even if you’re 99% certain it isn’t true.

Still, there’s that 1%. That’s what makes it all fascinating.

Anyway, what you’re about to read and see may be the wildest, most outlandish theory of all – Elvis Presley was an extra in Home Alone.

Because of course he was.

There is a scene midway through the film, where Catherine O’Hara’s character is bartering with an airline employee over a ticket counter in a Scranton Airport. A bearded man in a sports coat and turtleneck hovers over her left shoulder, occasionally expressing his impatience with his body language. This man, many believe, is played by none other than The King himself. Let’s take a gander . . .

Huh. Well, Elvis grew a beard for the movie Charro back in the 60’s. Let us compare:

Damn, that is a close resemblance. But oh, there’s more.

Well, now I’m all shook up. Say no more. I’m convinced. I know suspicious minds won’t concur, but Elvis was in the movie Home Alone 13-years after his alleged “death.” Come on Elvis. Don’t be cruel. It’s now or never. It’s time for your big comeback.

Have a blue Christmas everybody!

PS- If you know that actor’s name please don’t tell me. Let me keep on believin’.



Holy Jesus that Rainbow Wrasse is a purty fish. The Rainbow Wrasse is a colorful fish that can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and in the northeast Atlantic Ocean from Sweden to Senegal. It is widely thought to be ah what the hell who cares? It’s a gorgeous fish. Anywho, Rainbow Wrasse.

(DailyStar) — Sahar Tabar has undergone extreme plastic surgery in a bid to look like Angelina Jolie. The Iranian teenager is only 19, but has reportedly had 50 operations in a bid for fuller lips and defined cheek bones, according to Belgian website Sud Info. Sahar claims to be one of the actress’ biggest fans and says she “would do anything” to emulate the movie star.

Sahar Tabar would do anything? Really? That’s a shocking statement. Who would’ve thought it? Those photos give no indication of that at all. Anyway, had I not read the article I’d have thought that was Angelina Jolie. Dead ringer really, with the emphasis on the word “dead”. Just stellar work by the plastic surgeon.

Note to self: Never get plastic surgery in Iran.