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Check out Migaloo, man. Stunningly beautiful. Migaloo lives near Australia and was thought to be the only all white Humpback Whale in the world until amazing footage emerged of a 100% all white baby humpback calf. Seems Migaloo had been hitting the town, met a honey, and put the hump back in humpback whale. This new white whale is unofficially named Migaloo Jr. because all signs point to who the daddy is. Video of Migaloo Jr. can be seen below the photos of the original Migaloo. Anywho, Migaloo the Albino Humpback Whale.

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Metro News: A student went viral after posing for graduation photos with her ‘best friend’ – an enormous alligator. Makenzie Alexis Noland celebrated finishing Texas A&M by giving the 13-foot, 8-inch reptile an affectionate bump on the nose – and shared the moment on Facebook afterwards. The aspiring zookeeper visited her 1,000-pound pal, called Big Tex, last week after spending three months interning at Gator Rescue in Beaumont, Texas, where the creature lives. She said she quickly struck up a friendship with Big Tex, and that he now lets her tickle his nose, feed him – and even balance her class ring on his snout.

Listen, you all know I’m a big animal guy. Love me some animals, man. That said, I also know when to make friends with animals and when not to make friends with animals. You when not to make friends with an animal? When said creature is a 1,000-pound reptilian murder log with the greatest bite force ever directly measured for animals. One day Makenzie Alexis Noland is going to reach down to tickle ol’ Tex’s nose and find herself halfway down his gullet and snapped in half at the waist by razor-sharp gator chompers in a heartbeat. Tex is setting you up, young lady.

PS- This girl is an aspiring zookeeper. Doesn’t she know those beasts can run? Hell, they lift their belly up, straighten their legs and go to town, man. They can catch dogs for God’s sake.

PPS- As I look at these photos I must admit I admire Makenzie Alexis Noland in one respect though. Hell, one of my exes ran screaming from the room every time she saw a mosquito. 


Dude looks nothing like those ants in the Pixar movies.

A rampaging herd of mysterious goats has appeared out of nowhere to run roughshod over a Boise, Idaho neighborhood, eating everything in sight like a mass adorable swarm of locusts. Nobody knows from whence they came, but they apparently made a break for it from somewhere and are on the lam. Eventually the kids were hauled off in a truck from We Rent Goats because apparently people rent goats in Idaho. Goatapalooza, man.

Seriously, what’s the deal here, man? Does he watch to see what his girlfriend is wearing and dress accordingly? Or is this a coordinated plan? I’m so confused. I mean, who does this? Brad Pitt I guess?

PS- One commenter said that theater people tend to morph and absorb their prey. Seems feasible.

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The Electric Disco Clam is also known as the Electric Flame Scallop, which incidentally are two of the most fabulous animal names these ears have heard. This awesome clam was given these names because its soft tissues flash light like a goddamned freakin’ disco ball. Nature, just doin’ it up big time per usual. The Electric Disco Clam has the distinction of being the only clam known to man to have light displays. And get this – research has shown that the apparent light display is not a bioluminescence phenomenon but is instead coming from reflection of the sun or diver’s lights. That’s cray-cray man. Anywho, Electric Disco Clam.

Note: If you don’t watch that video down below you have no sense of adventure and are a spineless yellow-bellied sapsucker that’s sure to be doomed to a life of bored detachment.

So Major League Baseball had its big Home Run Derby the other night. You know, the one where they use “different” baseballs for “entertainment purposes”. Anyway, the derby was won by Bryce Harper of the hometown Nationals (insert MLB conspiracy theory here) and he was fawned over for his performance in a meaningless contest even though he’s hitting .215 and can’t lead his team to any success in the playoffs. He was also called a patriot, a nationalist, and dare I say an American hero for sporting Old Glory on his headband, arm sleeve, bat, and presumably his underwear.

HOWEVER . . . I hate to be a party pooping killjoy here, but Bryce Harper is showing blatant disregard for the official United States Flag Code. Weird, man. It seems like the biggest flag wavers are also the most blatant violators of the Flag Code. Let me pluck one of the rules for public presentation of the flag:

No part of the flag should ever be used on a costume or athletic uniform, the exception being a flag patch affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations.”


PS- I don’t really care if athletes wear images of the flag on their uniforms or helmets or anything. People get really self-righteous about the flag so I thought this was sort of funny in a hypocritical sort of way.

PPS- The Party Pooping Killjoys would be a great band name.

Oh. Also this:

A company called Sachs Media Group partnered with a photo restoration and manipulation company called Phojoe to create a gallery of rock legends who passed away and what they’d look like today. Interesting stuff. Credit to Bored Panda for the pics.

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So some guy on Reddit said he was pretty sure he saw Vincent Van Gogh on the subway in New York, posted a photo, and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right. Forget the fact he’d be 165-years old now, that’s Van Gogh alright. Son of a bitch faked his own death and lives on like a boss in the Big Apple. Van Gogh, man.

Are you like me and have some level of OCD? When you see someone with the tag on their shirt sticking out do you tell them to put it back in? Do you do it yourself? Because I may or may not have done that to a total stranger in the checkout line at Dollar General once. It also bothers the hell out of me when I see the clasp on someone’s necklace hanging down in front when it should be in its rightful place, which is up on the back of their damn neck. When I get gas the total price has to end in an odd number. I also count steps when I go up or down them, and if the final number is even I’m not happy with it. Lint on somebody’s sweater? Don’t even go there. Anywho, there are many more examples but you get the picture. What you’ll find below are 11 photos of other things that annoy people like me. Take a gander and tell me what you think. Click on the first photo and scroll on through.

Well, some of you. If you’re under 30 perhaps not. Anyway, many of us older folk can remember the way old supermarkets looked, as well as the old country, small town stores. What follows is a look back at a simpler time, 20 photographs along with my comments. Point, click and scroll. Do it man.

The Karakoram Highway extends from Pakistan to China and is a sight to behold. It’s the highest paved international road in the world. 810 Pakistani and 82 Chinese workers lost their lives in landslides and falls while building the highway. It has a total length of approximately 800-miles. It was started in 1959 and was completed 27-years later, in 1986. On a related note, I don’t think I’d be entirely comfortable driving on it. Chills, man.

Stellar soundtrack. Check out some photos. Click and scroll, kids.

I swear I didn’t know China and Pakistan shared a border, but here ya go.


In other words, if you’re looking straight across from a particular beach? Well, here’s your answer. Interesting stuff.

“Move over Rafi, let the kids help!”

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A 23-foot long python has swallowed a woman in central Indonesia, a village official said Saturday. The victim, 54-year-old Wa Tiba, went missing while checking her vegetable garden near her village on Muna island in Southeast Sulawesi province on Thursday evening, according to the village chief, Faris. On Friday, her family went to look for her at the garden but found only her belongings, including sandals and a flashlight, said Faris, who uses a single name. The family and villagers launched a search for the woman, and found the snake with a bloated belly about 35-yards from where her belongings were found. The villagers killed the snake and carried it to the village. “When they cut open the snake’s belly they found Tiba’s body still intact with all her clothes,” Faris said. “She was swallowed headfirst.”

First off, big thanks Faris for letting us know which end went in first. I guess that is better than the alternative though? Helluva way for Wa Tiba to go in any event, amirite? Getting eaten by a python while checking your garden on Muna Island in Southeast Sulawesi? Yikes. And to think you believe you’re having a bad day because little Bryce doesn’t want to go to Camp Happy Hopes for 2-weeks. Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is that when in Indonesia checking on your veggies, keep your head on a swivel.

PS- How in the hell does a 23-foot long python sneak up on somebody? Slithering quietly like a mofo I guess. Chills, man.

Yes, that is indeed a red, and also spiny, crab. Little dude has spines to protect it from the predators of the deep sea. They’re usually found in much deeper waters than the regular crabs, although occasionally some will pop up in regular crab traps. Anyhoo, Red Spiny Crab.

Japan, man. They’ve come a long way since the that little incident back in ’45. Check out these great ideas from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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The Mendenhall Glacier is a 12-mile-long glacier in the Mendenhall Valley, located 12-miles from downtown Juneau, Alaska. The Ice Caves are inside the glacier, accessible only to those willing to kayak to, and then ice climb over the glacier. Another item to add to my Bucket List! Click to enlarge, man.


Cool. Click to scroll through the pics.

Check out the Golden Mole, man. Lil’ dude is cute as a button. The Golden Mole has short legs with powerful digging claws, very thick fur that repels dirt and moisture, and toughened skin, particularly on its noggin. Their eyes don’t work and are in fact covered with fur, because really, who needs eyes under the ground? Also, their ears are just teeny tiny openings. These guys can sense any movement on the surface of the sand and that’s how they eat termites and whatnot. Fun Fact: The Golden Mole is known as The Blind Assassin of the Desert. Anyhoo, Golden Mole.

I really have no reason to post goat photos, other than the fact that goats are cool. Check ’em out and try not to smile.

I came across a pretty fascinating story the other day from the late 1920s, and it involved . . . wait for it . . . floating airports. But let’s start at the beginning . . .

Back in 1927, there was a cat named Charles Lindbergh who was the first to sail across the Atlantic Ocean all by his lonesome. You may have heard of him. Anywho, before this accomplishment nobody had ever even thought about traveling overseas with an airplane as a means of transportation. However, after Lindbergh’s flight folks started seeing things a little differently. One of these people was an inventor by the name of Edward Armstrong.

First, you should know that when Lindbergh made his flight in the Spirit of St. Louis, over half its take-off weight was gasoline. It was essential that you turn your plane into a flying gas tank in order to have enough fuel to make it.

Note: When Burt Rutan’s airplane Voyager circled the world nonstop in 1986, its takeoff weight was eighty percent fuel.

Anyway, because of the whole weight and distance problem it was thought that crossing the Atlantic wouldn’t be feasible. Then along came Armstrong, who actually had a plan in the works years before Lindbergh’s flight.

Here’s the deal – Armstrong planned to build floating airports, called seadromes, across the Atlantic. A seadrome was to weigh fifty-thousand tons and have an 1,100-foot-long deck. Its flotation system would extend about 180-feet into the water. To hold it in place, Armstrong went to John A. Roebling and Sons. Roebling had invented wound-steel cable, and his company had built the Brooklyn Bridge 40-years earlier. Now they designed a deep-water anchoring system for Armstrong.

And get this – each seadrome would include a 40-room hotel, café, lounge, bar, and other cool stuff.

Finally, on October 22nd, 1929, the New York Times announced that construction of the first seadrome would begin within 60-days. This was actually happening, man. People were pumped.

Alas, seven days later on what we now call Black Tuesday the stock market crashed, the Great Depression was upon us, and Armstrong’s grand scheme went to hell.

Of course, the advancement in technology regarding airplanes rendered all this meaningless anyway within a few years and Armstrong’s plan of floating airports vanished in the mists of time.

PS- The Japanese actually built a 1-kilometer-long floating airport in 1999. They called it Megafloat. That’s cool, man.

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Japanese Megafloat.

Check out the Mangalitsa Pig, man. Dude looks a little sheepish to me. These bros hail from Hungary and are also known as Wooly Pigs or Sheep Pigs, for obvious reasons. They almost went extinct in the early 90s with their population dwindling to out 150, but have since made a comeback. Thank God for that, amirite? The world needs more hairy pigs. Anywho, Mangalitsa Pig.

PS- These porkers are supposedly quite the delicacy in Hungarian foodie circles.