A study sent 12-fake patients to psychiatric hospitals and all but 1 were diagnosed with schizophrenia. After the study’s publication, an offended hospital challenged the author to fool them. He agreed. The hospital then diagnosed 21% of incoming patients as fakes. In reality, he sent no patients at all.



So Tom Brady wore this massive coat Sunday, and I for one am amazed by it. I mean, a family of 5 could be living inside that thing, amirite? And I guess now we know what happened to all that air from the deflated footballs, huh? Boom. I couldn’t help myself.

But holy cow, that’s a big coat, man. Somewhere, the Talking Heads David Byrne approves.


Man, this is good stuff.


Taken in China, near Beijing.
BEIJING, CHINA - JANUARY 15: A flock of sheep walk in the haze in a Beijing suburb on January 15, 2015 in Beijing, China. The PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI) reached more than 500 in Beijing city, resulting in a smog hitting Beijing from Tuesday. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

If it wasn’t The Donald I wouldn’t believe it.


Too good.


Bad life decision.


This German soldier from the East knew he shouldn’t let this child across the Berlin Wall, but the kid had been separated from his parents. So, the guard lifts him across the barbed wire anyway, on the lookout for anyone who may catch him. That took guts and compassion.


The man who led the attack on Pearl Harbor became a Christian evangelist after the war and settled in the US.


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Before I begin, you should know that I love old gymnasiums. When I go to towns in other states I’ve been known to walk into random high schools and ask to see their gymnasium. I love to look at the photos on the walls, learn the history of their teams, everything. Weird? Maybe. I love old gyms, man. But let us begin . . .

For those of you who don’t know, “The Jigger” is the name of the gymnasium in which I coach. How it got that name will be told shortly, but let’s start at the beginning . . .

Back in the  late 1950’s, two local high schools, Twin and Bainbridge, decided to consolidate into one high school. Twin’s athletic teams were the Tigers and wore the colors blue and gold. Bainbridge? They were the Polar Bears and wore orange and black. The two schools were heated rivals, so the consolidation had to be handled delicately. In fact, much discussion took place as to where the new school would even be built. It was finally decided, wisely, that the school would be built halfway between the towns where Twin and Bainbridge schools were located, Bourneville (home of Twin High School) and Bainbridge (the home of Bainbridge High School). As for the school name and the school colors, a combination was decided upon. The new school would be called Paint Valley (after the beautiful valley in which it was located), black would be borrowed from Bainbridge’s black and orange, and gold would be taken from Twin’s blue and gold. Thus was born Paint Valley’s black and gold. But what about a mascot? Bainbridge was the Polar Bears and Twin was the Tigers. Bears and cats. Ah. Somewhere, a light went on in somebody’s head, and the PAINT VALLEY BEARCATS were born.

And you know what? It was perfect.

Soon after, a gymnasium was built. And it was not an ordinary gymnasium. In an era of small, 300-400 seat gyms, Paint Valley’s sparkling new gym was a crown jewel among Southern Ohio gyms. It seated 1,300 people, a rarity for its time. For years, many post-season tournaments were held there.

As a kid, I attended many events in this amazing gymnasium. My father took me to games, and I have distinct memories of watching Coach Oral Crabtree’s great teams play there. Legendary players like Stacey Thompson, Mike Everhart, Mike Haas, and Mike Kinnamon all played there. SVC and Ross County League championships were won.

I even remember watching my sister’s boyfriend play there, a player by the name of Donald Anderson. His nickname? Jigger. But more on that later as well.

I recall attending sectional and district basketball games there too, and I loved it. My Dad and I always sat in the top section on the home side, dead center, and I was mesmerized by the place. The smell, the sounds, everything about it fascinated me.

Later, when I attended Paint Valley, I had the honor of playing in that same gymnasium in which I had sat years before. Even then I felt I was playing in a special place, the coolest gym in our league. There was something about the feel of the place. It actually seemed to have a personality of its own, ya know?

Later I ended up becoming a teacher and basketball coach, and the very first game in which I coached took place in the very gym I loved so much. It was just junior high basketball, but it meant so much to me to be coaching in that facility. After that first year I left to coach and teach at another school, and for 7-years I never set foot in the gymnasium I’d grown to love so much.

As fate would have it, however, I was hired to coach at my former school and in the gym I loved dearly. I remember my first game back, in the Fall of 1988, and I immediately knew I was home. It felt so comfortable to be there, so . . . right.

For the next 8-years I coached in that gym, and no matter where we played I always thought our gym was better than any other. And by the way, the man who hired me to be the head basketball coach was Donald “Jigger” Anderson, now my sister’s husband and the same guy I watched play back in the late 60’s. And during all my years coaching at Paint Valley, there had been no bigger supporter of Paint Valley basketball than Jigger.

I resigned from my coaching job after the 1996 season, and a couple months later our school suffered a major blow – Jigger passed away. He was such a integral part of our school that his death affected everyone.  He meant that much to everybody affiliated with Paint Valley High School, and it was a difficult time for all of us.

In the Fall of 1997 I was hired as Athletic Director at Paint Valley, and in 2001 our school underwent a major renovation. A junior high and elementary building was built beside our existing high school, and my beloved gymnasium was to undergo a complete renovation as well.

The original plans called for new plastic bleachers to replace the old wooden ones, plexiglass to replace the old iron railings, and the red brick on each side of our stage to be painted white to match the walls.

Nah, that wouldn’t do, now would it? I felt our gym somehow had to be renovated, but in a way that kept its old school feel. Its integrity if you will. Hell, it’s personality. It’s character.

Luckily, we had a Superintendent who felt the same way. As it turned out, we opted for wooden bleachers, wrought iron railings, and we kept the red brick on each side of our stage. A balcony on the visitor’s side was added, and somehow, someway, we kept the feel of the original gymnasium. Old school, baby, and it looked fantastic.

On January 12th, 2002, in a special ceremony, we officially dedicated our newly renovated gymnasium. It was named Donald “Jigger” Anderson gymnasium, after the man who meant so much to our school, our teachers, our students and our sports teams.

“The Jigger” was born.

And today, 15-years later and in an era of new, antiseptic, lifeless, and cookie-cutter gyms without character, I believe ours still stands out. We maintained the integrity of the original, and it was worth it.

On the wall next to the place where Jigger used to stand at every game, there hangs a plaque. It explains why our gym carries his name, and I touch it every time I walk past it. I know he’d be proud that we kept the integrity of the gym he loved so much.

To this day, on any given morning, I take a long look around as I walk into the empty gym. I take it all in. I do the same when I’m the last to leave at night. I have so many great memories of games, teams, moments, and players there. And yes, memories of Jigger. It’s an amazing feeling really, a feeling that I can’t get anywhere else.

And I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. 


Check out that Cowfish, man. This little dude is found on the sand and mud bottoms of lagoons and reefs. They feed on benthic invertebrates, but of course you all knew that. They’re about 25 centimeters long and hang out in the Southeast Atlantic Ocean. And get this –  the bodies of Cowfish are covered in a toxic mucus which can be released when stressed. Don’t stress out a Cowfish, man. Anyhoo, Roundbelly Cowfish.




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So President Trump says he wants to be a cheerleader for our country, build up our military and also have more military parades. First, the quote:


First of all, it’s about time we built up our damn military. I mean, check out this chart. We’ve been slacking for years:


But hey, I gotta tell you I think he’s on to something with this parade thing. Nothing boosts morale more than a parade, amirite? Let’s have military parades all over the country and just flex our muscles like the badass country that we are. Let’s fly bombers over every small town in the midwest, damn it. Maybe even “accidentally” release some of those cluster bombs over Ann Arbor or something. And I want big parades, none of this small-time bullshit. I can see Trump’s America now, man. It’s gonna be great . . .

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S . . . sigh.

Jimmy Chitwood, the hero of the film Hoosiers, has only four lines in the entire movie.



Dog Selfie: Me and My Bud


Chimp Selfie: Say Cheeeese!


Otter Selfie!


Lion Selfie: Whaddup?


Grizzly Selfie


Koala Selfie


Dog Selfie


Cat Selfie


Elephant Selfie. Wh-a-a-a-a-t?


Squad Selfie


Drunk Dogs Selfie


Happy Dog Selfie


Aye-Aye Selfie


Pug Selfie


Another Pug Selfie


Kangaroo Selfie


Monkey Selfie


Sloth Selfie


Duck Selfie



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Hitler: Ascent is a new book by Volker Ullrich and it’s getting pretty good reviews, one of which you can read below. My comments follow.


Let’s see. Lies, fake promises, theatrical rallies, and mantra-like phrases. Underestimating a candidate’s ruthlessness and foreign statesmen naively believing they can control his aggression.  Wow. That’s scary stuff, man. Thank God we’re not dumb enough to fall for that stuff these days. No way we let somebody take control of a once democratic country and set it on a monstrous course through history. Sure glad I live in 2017 America! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


George Raveling is Nike’s Global Basketball Sports Marketing Director. mlk_2415483He is a former college men’s basketball player, coach and color commentator. He played college basketball for Villanova and later became the head coach at Washington State, Iowa, and USC. You know what the most interesting fact about him is, though? He has Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. How did he come into possession of it, you ask? Well, he was there.

The words “I have a dream” had barely stopped echoing across the Washington DC Mall 50-years ago when Martin Luther King Jr. stepped away from the podium. At that point a young security volunteer standing a few feet away named George (who was chosen because of his size), got up the nerve to ask a question.

Might he have the copy of the speech King had just given and held in his hands?

Quickly handing it over, King and the young man headed in opposite directions. That young man was George Raveling, who was an assistant basketball coach at Villanova at the time and went on to become a well-known and respected college coach.

As soon as he finished, the place went wild . . . I saw he had folded it up and I said, ‘Dr. King, can I have that speech?’ ” Raveling told the Philadelphia Daily News in 2009. “He turned to hand it to me and appeared as if he was going to say something when a rabbi on the other side came up and congratulated him on what a wonderful speech it was. And that was the end of it.”

And just like that, Raveling had in his hands the notes for arguably the most famous speech of the 20th century, or ever, for that matter.

Raveling has been offered over $3 million for the speech, which he has willed to his children on the condition that they not sell it.

“The speech belongs to America, Raveling once said. “The speech belongs to black folks. It doesn’t belong to me. It would be sacrilegious of me to try to sell it or to profit from it. I would like to think that somewhere out there my mom and dad and my grandma taught me better than that. Everything in life you can’t equate in money.”

And he still has it today.



Martin Luther King Jr. delivered this speech during the March on Washington on August 28, 1963, in which he called for an end to racism in the United States. Delivered to over 250,000 civil rights supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., the speech was a defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Beginning with a reference to the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed millions of slaves in 1863, King observes that: “One hundred years later, the Negro still is not free.” Toward the end of the speech, King departed from his prepared text for a partly improvised “I have a dream” theme. Although largely forgotten in history, this had been prompted by Mahalia Jackson’s cry of “Tell them about the dream, Martin!” King then proceeded to thrill the crowd with what has now become its most famous line, “I have a dream” and all that followed. The speech was ranked the top American speech of the 20th century in a 1999 poll of scholars.

AL.Com: Alabama is one of three states to co-observe MLK Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday on the same day. Mississippi and Arkansas are the other two. The holidays are held on the third Monday of January and result in the closure of state and local offices, courts and schools.

Hey, you have to give ’em credit, huh? Celebrating the general who led the south in their fight to keep slavery and the man who was the most heroic civil rights champion in history on the same day. That’s a gutsy move right there. Or dumb, whichever side of, you know, sanity you lean towards.

In addition, I found that if you Google DMV hours today in Alabama you’ll see this:


Yep. The DMV will tell you that hours may be affected, not by MLK Day, but by Robert E. Lee’s birthday. That’s so old school south it hurts, man.

But hey, they still display the Confederate flag down there because of its “heritage” so maybe they’re using the same reasoning here. Look away, look away, look away . . . never mind.

PS- I have friends from these states who are sane, level-headed, normal and otherwise none-racist human beings. Oh, they moved there from the north, but still. 

Number 1, that’s an awesome fish. Number 2, put it back in the water, man. This transparent fish is a Juvenile Surgeonfish. They’re found in a wide range of waters including those around New Zealand. Believe it or not, it’s the same species of fish as Dory from Finding Nemo! Woot! Great movie, amirite? They can grow up 12-inches long and are popular aquarium fish because, you know, they’re transparent. Anyhoo, Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish.





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Check out Digby, man. Just struttin’ out on that fake grass like a boss. Too bad it was fake grass or there would have been a mallard massacre. Instead we had some loss of dignity for Digby, but being a dog he shook it off and got on with his life. Dogs, man. Nothing gets them down for long. Not even fake grass.

PS- I’d be willing to bet a cat put that fake grass on that pond. Cats are diabolical. 



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