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Finally, a reasonable explanation . . .

(Complex)Ray Lewis just released a book called I Feel Like Going On: Life, 1aGame, and Glory and, in it, he details why there’s no way he could have been involved in those 2000 murders. It seems he was dressed way too nice on the night of the murders to kill anyone. “Remember, I was dressed out, had my jewelry on, my fine mink coat,” he writes in the book. “I wasn’t about to start mixing it up looking like that. That’s the general rule of thumb when you’re doing the town and looking good. The nicer you’re dressed, the less inclined you are to get in a fight—that is, if you’re inclined in that way to begin with. Dude dresses like that, he’s not looking for trouble,” he said. “How I was dressed, it made no sense with what went down, those shots being fired, all of that. Forget what kind of statement my clothes might have made. Forget that I might have been a little loud, over the top.”

Ah, NOW I understand! Why didn’t you tell me this before, Ray? Hell, it all makes sense now. And I agree, Ray – we should all forget about those two guys who were stabbed to death. Nothing to see here, let’s all move along.

Whew. Glad Ray straightened this out for me.

PS – And he’s exactly right. Nobody commits murder when they’re dressed nicely, everybody knows that. Oh, wait . . .

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Good grief.

Doesn’t anyone remember January 21st, 2000?