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It’s pretty interesting to witness how rock groups have changed over the past 40-50 years. Some seem to age like a fine wine, others . . . not so much. After some deep research by my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied, we came up with some interesting comparisons of rock stars, then and now. We’ll be comparing them singing the same song, because that just seems to be the way we should do it.

Let’s do this . . .

The Cowsills (1967)

The Cowsills (2013)

I think it’s safe to say The Cowsills aged well. They sound pretty great.

Aerosmith (1974)

Aerosmith (2019)

Yep. The boys are just as good as ever.

Paul McCartney (1965)

Paul McCartney (2014)

Sure his voice strains a tad at times, but what did you expect? He’s 77-years old, man. He’s still Paul.

Bruce Springsteen (1978)

Bruce Springsteen (2018)

Well, that video gave me chills. Yes, I’ll say it out loud – Bruce is better now.

Bob Dylan (1965)

Bob Dylan (2019)

Not gonna lie. I love Bob Dylan and I appreciate his genius, but I have no idea what the hell he’s doing half the time these days. That second video is just a weird version of a classic song.

Alice Cooper (1972)

Alice Cooper (2019)

Pretty much the same Alice we’ve seen over the past 40-years, amirite?

These videos have got me to thinking. I wonder what other artists who have passed away would sound like today? Jim Morrison? Freddie Mercury? John Lennon? Sad to think about, man.

Can’t stop watching.

Interesting stuff.

So yeah, that’s what they call where we currently exist, the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day – Twixmas.

Seriously, that’s the name. Check it:

Twixmas. (slang) Proper noun. The period in between Christmas and New Year, typically December 26th-30th.

See? I wouldn’t lie to you. Well, usually.

Twixmas is theoretically a time to reflect on the past year yet face the fresh challenge of a new year, all whilst eating leftovers.

But it’s a strange time, is it not? A time of limbo after the big Christmas Comedown yet before the exhilarance of New Year’s Eve. It’s a time for withdrawal, from both the highs of Christmas joy and the prodigious gluttony of holiday feasting. It’s a blurry blaze of binge eating, where the days blend together in a fuzzy haze of unrelenting food comas.

It’s an odd bubble of null time, just a gray gap of emptiness where time ceases to exist.

It’s kinda like 6-straight Sundays, amirite? People lose all motivation to behave like a functioning adult. All known laws of human existence are put on hold as you lose track of the calendar. Is it 2019 or 2020? What day is it? Wednesday? Saturday? Morning? Afternoon? What is happening? The mind reels.

It’s a weird time of the year, man.

And somehow, even the Christmas Tree looks sadder, with its needles beginning to fall and the color transitioning from a glowing green to a deathly brown. Depressing.

Nobody knows what to do with themselves. Should I shop? Maybe return or exchange that unicorn sweater Granny got me? As for myself, in an effort to stay focused I’ve organized closets, reframed photos, and even organized my junk drawer and area under the sink because hell yes I did.*

*I honestly did these things. You can ask my sister because I proudly invited her over to look at my achievements. I’m so proud.

Also, in the spirit of my late mother I took down all Christmas decorations on December 26th. Once Christmas was over Mom was done with the holidays, man, and I shall proudly continue her time honored tradition. Everything back to normal!

After all that cleaning I became so bored I binge watched every episode of Cheers (Coach > Woody), The Office (again), Schitt’s Creek (excellent), Ancient Aliens (aliens were at Gettysburg and don’t tell me they weren’t), something called The Toys That Made Us (the My Little Pony episode was stellar), and everyone one of those series about the decades. Yep, I watched The Seventies, The Eighties, The Nineties, and the 2000s so I’m all caught up. On a related note, why isn’t there one on the sixties? This omission disappoints me greatly.

So anyway, now you know what to call it, that weird period between Christmas and New Year’s Day – it’s Twixmas.

Alas, on January 2nd we’re all thrust back into the harsh face of reality that is life. I, for one, cannot wait.

Happy New Year everyone!

I met Lex Wexner once. Seemed like a regular dude.

Don’t want it. Need it.



Hell of an effort.

We all love the deliciousness of a regular deviled egg, right? Now imagine that same deliciousness, deep fried in greasy, tasty awesomeness. Again, you are welcome.


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These little balls of tasty goodness are also known as Poutine Poppers, and they apparently originated up in America’s Hat, sometimes known as Canada. They are basically cheese curd encrusted fries and I am dying right now. Anywho, Poutine Poppers also known as Cheese Stuffed Potato Bites!

After eight long years, Michael Scott’s legendary screenplay has been released to the masses. If you a fan of The Office it is certainly a must-see. Enjoy . . .

Not Going Big Enough

Posted: December 11, 2019 in Classroom, Fights, Humor, Kids

For some reason this memory popped into my head the other day . . .

Many a year ago I began my career teaching a Reading class to junior high students. I had a 7th grader named Max that was also on the junior high football team I coached at the time. Max was a good kid, a bit of a badass, and a helluva football player as well. Just as fearless and tough as they come but with a heart of gold.

To my surprise, during lunch one day Max walked into my class with tears in his eyes. Here’s the conversation that transpired:

Me: “What’s wrong man? You OK?”

Max: “Not really. A fifth grader was picking on my brother, who is in 3rd grade. I told him to leave my brother alone. Anyway, he said I was too big to be picking on him and he was going to get someone bigger to beat me up. He got a sophomore.”

Me: “Ah man, I’m sorry. Are you afraid?”

Max: “No, it’s not that. He didn’t go big enough. The guy’s down in the bathroom on the floor. You need to go check on him.”

Sure enough, there sitting on the floor of the bathroom was a sophomore with a bloody nose and knots all over his head. Seems the 5th grader had indeed “not gone big enough.”

Courier Mail – Drivers are more careful driving with a cake than their own children, new research shows.

The data obtained by News Corp from YouGov Galaxy and NRMA Insurance involving more than 1000 people found 77% of men and 68% of women to have a high opinion of their driving skills. In addition, 50% of parents said they drive more carefully with children, and only 12% said they drive with caution when transporting something fragile like a cake in the car.

However, when put to the test in an 8-day experiment involving 20-parents, the study found 95% of the drivers improved their skills and driving when transporting a cake in comparison to driving a child or being alone in the car.

People are outraged about this but I can’t lie here. The results of this study surprise me in no way whatsoever. I mean, your kid is strapped in, amirite? Even if you have a fender bender little Bub will be just fine. But a cake? A cake is a whole other story. First off, a cake is usually for a special occasion, specially made, blah-blah-blah. You can’t just run back and get another one should it slide off the seat or flip over or something. Come on man. No brainer. People who drive recklessly with a cake in the car are out of their gourds.

PS- Plus, cakes are delicious.


That’s a whole lot of ships.

Detroit Free Press: There is truly no place like home for the holiday’s and on Thursday, a Michigan boy finally got that forever home — sharing the moment with 36 of his closest pals!

Michael invited his entire kindergarten class to attend his adoption hearing. The class joined him Thursday morning as he celebrated joining his new family.

The court allowed family and friends to be involved in the hearing to celebrate their adoption.

Sometimes even an international blogger such as myself has to step aside simply enjoy the moment. This is one of those moments. Enjoy.

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