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So these dudes showed up at the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies and caused a little ruckus before they were hustled off by authorities. They actually look pretty authentic to me, other than the fact that the fake Trump has better hair than the real Trump. Nice job boys. Nice job indeed.


Remember these when you get upset about stubbing your toe today.

Yep. That’s snow.

A porcupine fell from a tree onto this dude’s head. Bad day indeed.

Note to self. Roll up car window when snowstorm is expected.

Croc needed to make a call.

Retreat. RETREAT!

Dumb. That is all.

Actual photo taken just before Ann Coulter was dropped on her head.

Uh-oh. Now what do we do?

I suppose if you’re not an NFL fan this will hold no interest for you, but New England’s Defensive Coordinator (and future Detroit Lion’s Head Coach) Matt Patricia is sort of known for his bushy beard and burly appearance. Hence, a pic of him beardless and babyfaced is sort of jarring. Check it:

What can I tell ya? It’s a slow day At Shoe: Untied World Headquarters.

A few years ago I wrote a lukewarm widely acclaimed blog called 9 People I Hate at Rock Concerts. It included idiots like people who sing too loud, text during the show, bitch about the opening act, stuff like that. Do yourself a favor and read it. Well, recently another habit has reared it’s ugly head at concerts, and it is not pretty. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Tablet Guy:

Baby Alpacas come directly from the Alpacas in the High Plains of Peru, and live at an altitude of more than 13,000-feet.  Baby Alpacas eat . . . ah, what the hell, nobody cares. I just wanted to post photos of adorable Baby Alpacas.

PS- If you don’t like Baby Alpacas you’re a bad, bad person.

The Hall & Oates of Muskippers?

Love. It. Click photo and scroll, ya filthy animal.*

*Home Alone reference.

Her name is Pierogi, and she is awesome.

[click and scroll]

Canadians, man.

Go ahead, make your Clinton jokes. My title up there sets you up perfectly. I don’t care. Something about our 42nd president hiding between the statues of our 41st and 43rd presidents cracks me up. I mean, Bill looks like he’s guilty of someth . . . never mind. Anyway, great photo.

You’re welcome. Click to enlarge.

Hey, let’s give these folks a break. They didn’t know asbestos, DDT, cigarettes, and eating butter like you’d eat a Milky Way could kill you. They were also a little slow in the uptake with the “women being equal” thing. Pretty funny to look back and see how much times have changed.

This is not misogynistic at all, other than in every way possible. I bet Trump makes this acceptable again.

I have no idea what this means and I have no desire to find out. I do prefer my Mimsys clean though. I think.

This was used in many a building back in the day until we figured out it also caused cancer. Good times.

We know now that DDT can cause a malady of problems, like cancer, and can even lead to Alzheimer’s. Oops?

One of my very sick players did this before a game years ago. It worked.

For you youngbloods out there, cigarettes actually used to be recommended by doctors for pregnant women. True story.

This one actually was ahead of its time, amirite?

Hey, I ain’t mad at them. This is exactly the way I ate butter as a kid.

Because nothing says “Let’s Party” like getting your 8-year old daughter sauced.

He scoffs at your attempts to restrain him.

“Nice try, suckahs!”

I’m dyin’ over here.

Yep. This used to happen.

To hell with you young whippersnappers.

Big cow guy here. Everyone knows that.  Something about the way a cow looks at you amuses me. Once I was riding my bike on a country road and stopped for a rest and drink of water. I heard a noise over my shoulder, turned, and saw something akin to this:

Adorable, man. We had a nice chat and I was on my way. I think she mooed as I peddled off. Anyway, I’m edging closer to being a vegetarian every damn day. Again, something about a cow. Enjoy, and click to peruse.

Wait. Wrong photo. Hold on . . .

There we go. Anyway . . .

Listen, I’m no political analyst but I’m 99% sure that sign isn’t necessary. We get it, dude. And what are the odds they recruited him off the street and dropped him a hundy to stand there?

PS- That bro on the right is really happy to be on TV.

Did I mention this is a badass pug?

Big Ben lookin’ good early on over at Steeler camp.

And so I did, and so we shall. The photo was taken as a home run ball landed atop the Green Monster in Fenway Park, the wall in left field. Let’s take a look. First off, the guy on the top, far left, is clearly getting manhandled by the wifey. Looks as if he just took a savage elbow to the ribs. The man in the middle also looks like he’s a little intimidated by the woman. Man up, man. Finally we have the three guys on the far right, two of which look a little skittish and one who is exhibiting unbridled joy. Now to the bottom, L to R. We start off with a poor kid who’s looking up at his brother, who already has one ball, apparently getting ready to catch another. This kid is in for a miserable ride home. At the middle bottom we have a scene that is literally indescribable. What in the holy hell is that guy doing? Beside him is a lady who has made the unfortunate choice to attempt the catch in her hat. Not gonna happen. However, her embarrassment will be greatly overshadowed by that of her husband, who sits cowering under her. Pathetic really. Thoughts?

The internet has gone udderly wild for a Texas calf’s uncanny resemblance to Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. The baby cow, named Genie, was born on Friday at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas, and even likes to stick out its tongue like the rocker. Hill Country Visitor, a tourism agency that promotes the region of Texas Hill, shared the image on Facebook, joking that Simmons could be the father. Simmons himself was delighted, tweeting: “This is real, folks!!!” The bovine doppelgänger’s markings quickly drew comparisons to Simmons, who is famous for his long tongue and black-and-white face paint.

Let’s get this out of the way first – that cow looks nothing like Gene Simmons. Not even close. Face paint is all wrong. “Uncanny resemblance”? Uh, methinks not. And what cow doesn’t like to stick its tongue out? That’s what cows do. It’s pretty clear to me that Hill Country Visitor is working the whole tourism angle a little too hard with this scam, man. And what’s up with these shanksters suggesting Gene Simmons fathered a cow in the first place? That seems sort of rude.

PS- I also have a beef with writers who get cute with puns like “udderly wild.” That’s just cheap blogging technique right there. Not very well done. Of course, writers like myself are rare. Well, gotta get moooving.

PPS – I hate myself right now.

Remember a couple days ago when I posted a photo of that doofus who stuck his bare feet between the seats in front of him on the plane? Remember when I said he was awful and a terrible person to sit by while traveling? Turns out the woman in front of that guy was lucky. Yep. Coulda been worse. She could have been this lady . . .

Runnerup goes to this dude. Jeebus.

It’s about to go down, man.