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I thought the little one was a toy but noooo, it’s real. On a related note, everyone thinks their own kid is adorable, amirite? Same here.

We all have our odd traits, right? For instance, I have a head the size of an award winning pumpkin. Seriously, they had to order a special helmet for me when I played high school baseball. When I put on somebody else’s hat I look like one of those bears riding a tiny bike in the circus. They always have a little hat on, right? And I’d fit right in on a Charlie Brown comic strip with all those giant headed kids walking around. Anywho, I digress. My point is my girl Eris here has a snout the size of a kayak yet she is absolutely gorgeous and I love her. Take a gander.

PS- Man, that’s a long schnoz. 

[click and scroll for the awesome proboscisness]

Note: I recently posted a photo of a woman in a local supermarket covered head to toe in plastic, along with a giant hat, rubber galoshes, and what appeared to be humongous gloves like Mickey Mouse wears. I posted it because she looked funny, not because I questioned her reasoning regarding staying healthy. Everyone settle down.

So we’ve run out of facemasks. We humans a creative species, amirite? We figure it out. We make do. Lemonade from lemons and whatnot. Want proof? Take a gander . . .

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I know, captivating title. You’re welcome.

Anyway, this is a time-honored question that has plagued the minds of the citizenry for decades. Why do people feel the need to stick their tongues out when a camera is focused upon them or when talking a selfie? Such a strange custom, amirite? And isn’t it sort of rude and off-putting? But maybe that’s the point? The mind reels. Here’s what my crack staff found out after minutes hours of mind-numbing research on the interweb, or more specifically Psychology Today: 

No scholar appears to have covered tongue protrusion systematically, comprehensively, and cross-culturally. It’s safe to say that no ultimate, authoritative source yet exists to account for the phenomenon. 

Well, hell, Psychology Today is no help. Bottom line, there are a lot of people who are plagued with the idea that this is a good look for them.

Hey, this is just my opinion but if you’re above the age of 18 and you’re sticking out your tongue in pictures we will all be making fun of you for it.*

*Unless you live in a Tibet where sticking your tongue out is a common greeting. In that case you get a pass.

With all that said, let’s take a look at some examples, followed by some historic tongues, or the possible originators if you will.

Yeah, I don’t get it either, but maybe we can blame this guy?

No? What about these two?

That’s Gene Simmons of KISS and Debbie Harry of Blondie for all you youngbloods out there. But let’s go back a little farther. Can we blame it on the Rolling Stones?

Nah, surely not. But wait, I just had an epiphany. I think I’ve got it! It goes back to THIS rapscallion!

Einstein, man. Dude was a pioneer in more ways than one.

Anyway, grownups, please spare us the sight. Put that obnoxious flappy tongue back in your mouth. Nobody wants to see it, and despite what you might think it’s not cute, funny, silly, or sexy. It’s just gross. And to those of you who continue to adhere to this goofy practice I say this:


PS- This brought up an interesting debate amongst the staff here at Shoe: Untied – Has the flappy tongue replaced the dick lips is selfiedom? I say it has.




See, an anchor sinks. In fact, that’s its job.

Well, do ya?

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Gonna be hard to top this one.

New Yorkers are nothing if not adaptable.

And whether that level is upward or downward is entirely up to you. See, Cam wore this ensemble at his post-game presser last night and it set the internet ablaze. Some say he looked like the Queen of England, others say he resembled the wolf disguised as the grandmother in Little Red Riding Hood. He reminded me of Mother Goose but that’s just me. Cam had a terrible game, and afterwards he gave us this gem of a quote: “It’s time for me to look at myself in the mirror.” I agree Cam. I agree.

Good stuff. Well, mostly.

[click and scroll to see the entire pic]

So a guy was staying at the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire the other day and walked out of his room to go grab some breakfast. There, leaning against the railing, was a bear checking out the sunrise. Probably climbed up there to get a better view, ya know? Bears, man. Appreciating nature’s beauty.

PS- Also probably looking for some free chow or a random stray toddler.  


PS- There are no ugly dogs. Period.

Of course, not all dogs can be perfect like some . . .

They call him The Spark.

It’ll take a minute (the sunken boat is actually a broken car antenna on a windshield).

So I was watching hockey last night, which I rarely do but it was Game 7 so why the hell not? Plus I love to see the city of Boston lose no matter the sport so fingers were crossed, ya know? For some reason Charles Barkley was there giving his 2-cents which made no sense but not much does anymore. Anyway, Charles started with a simple polo shirt, but came back wearing this ensemble:

That, my friends, is your classic unbuttoned button-up with some sort of paisley design thrown in for good measure. You can see the polo underneath. So what’s up, Chuck? As always I have some theories, ranked in order of probability:

1. Charles was having a delicious bratwurst, or perhaps some Dippin’ Dots, and dropped a dollop of mustard or ice cream on his polo. Hence the cover-up. But what are the odds of someone having a XXXXL shirt handy?

2. One of the suits in charge told Chuck he needed to be more presentable, that a mere polo wouldn’t do. Being the irascible rascal we know him to be, he grabbed whatever he could find and threw it on, buttons be damned.

3. Being a hockey game and all, it was cold. Charles adjusted accordingly. Also oddly.

4. Charles didn’t want to carry a bag on his flight to St. Louis so he wore a couple sets of clothes simultaneously. He also has on two pairs of pants, underwear, and so forth. 

5. Charles Barkley thinks this looks good.

Bottom line, the fashion world as we once knew it has been forever altered. But for whatever the reason, this must be investigated post haste. Questions must be answered.

Charles, the world awaits.

May 3 (UPI) — A tourist at a cabin in Tennessee captured photos of an unusual fellow visitor — a black bear relaxing in the rental’s hot tub. Hannah Elizabeth Strickland captured photos Friday morning of three bears wandering around the rental property in Gatlinburg. The photos show one of the bears settling into the hot tub on the cabin’s back porch for a relaxing soak.

The three bears eventually wandered off on their own.

Check out my guy here. Dude just chillin’ like a villain and taking over the place like a boss. Your average bear would be acting like a savage and looting the place for food, but not my man here. He saw the hot tub and took advantage of it for some spa treatment. Bro probably got a medi pedi, practiced some restorative yoga and went back to his cave for some aromatherapy afterwards.

Bears, man. Gotta love ’em.

PS- Anytime I post a bear video I’m reminded of one of the greatest photo of all-time, the bear falling out of the tree. The look on the bear’s face is perfect.

So these two rangers over in the Congo rescued a couple orphaned gorillas and now they’re all besties. The gorillas, both females, have taken to walking around like their heroes, which is sort of cute. I think.

Note: Why is an upright gorilla less intimidating than a gorilla on all fours? Those two look like a couple construction workers on break, man.

So you guys know about Google Street View, right? It’s the feature that allows you to punch in an address and see a view from the street of that address. The photos are taken by a car with weird looking cameras on top of it. Anyway, one such photo shoot was hilariously ruined by a little dog that chased the car and ended up in every damn photo.

Love. It.

It was Picture Day at the farm yesterday. Most everyone posed nicely, although a couple of the ducks were arguing and ruined a shot. All in all a good day though.

[click and scroll for the full photos]

Yep. Such is life today.

Everyone loves a good photobomb, amirite? If you don’t you’re just a hater of fun. Let’s take a look at some of the best . . .











#11 – DOG BOMB





Amazing stuff. Enjoy.

[click, enlarge and scroll]

No, a Blizzard Cone is not a delicious item on the Dairy Queen or Tastee Freez menu.  This baby was designed to keep those strong winter ice storms out yo face. Sadly it never caught on, because that would have been super. The Blizzard Cone was a contraption that was invented in 1939 in Montréal, because you know, Canadiens.

PS- This reminded me of how much I loved Tastee Freez back in the day. There was one where the Giovanni’s stands today in Chillicothe. Turns out there are only 23 locations left, the closest being in Churchville, Virginia, 321-miles way. Man that’s depressing.

All the cool kids had them.

Seems plausible.

Suitable for framing.

Yep. Whiskey vending machine. That is all.