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How in the  . . .?


I’ve never understood the attraction of getting a foul ball at a major league baseball game. Maybe when I was 12 I wanted one but not now. I mean, it’s a baseball. I’ve been known to publicly ridicule 40-year old men who wear a glove to a ballgame in hopes of snagging a foul ball. Which brings us to the fellow below. This bro, whilst attempting to catch a foul ball, sacrifices his beer, nachos, and dignity in one fell swoop, all on national television. Sad really.


Comedy gold.



On a related note, that was the weirdest title I’ve ever written. You’re welcome.


Lord almighty.


Head on a swivel, kid. Head on a swivel.


Remember kids, it’s not how you fall that counts. It’s how you get up.

[unmute the vine in lower right corner]


Put me back in the water, ya punk.

[Unmute the vine for pure comedy]

Good Lord.

Gotta be a broken hip at least, don’tcha think?


[unmute at bottom]

Geez. Pay attention.


Of course! We should all be thanking the NFL for raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assaults! The fact that such awareness was raised because of NFL players being guilty of domestic violence and sexual assaults is irrelevant, right?

Does he believe fans that stupid? Good Lord.

Holding the guilt of a double-murder in for so long will make you crazy, man. Well, craziER.


Because WVU hates Pitt. Get it?

So did this bro get sniped in the leg or what? Good God. Need attention much?

So Fergie sang at the Clippers game last night and everybody got happy feet, from the owner to the kid sweeping the floor. Below are examples of each. Who ya got?

First, the Floor Sweepin’ Kid. Smooth as silk, man.

Next, the owner. Dance fever baby!

Gotta love this move. Brawl about to break out at a party you’re attending? First logical move is to get your dog out of harm’s way. Love it.

[click on the sound in the bottom right corner]

The internet wins again.

[unmute the vine, man]

I love how the guy is oblivious to the fact he destroyed this woman. Look, I got a foul ball!

J-u-s-t a little short, but he stuck the landing. So to speak.

As Ray knows, some of the things you can cover up is homicide and stuff.

Boom. Roasted.