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No words.

I was pumping gas yesterday when a couple of bikers pull in at the pump sparkysmile1beside me. They were the stereotypical biker dudes, big, heavyset, long beards, matching leather vests, tats, the basic biker look. As they got off their Harleys, Sparky does his usual “I’m going to leap out of this jeep and rip your throat out” routine. Anyway, one of the guys stops, looks over, walks to my car, and begins a conversation . . .

What is he, a Jack Russell?”


Boy, he’s a beauty.”

Thanks. He’s a great dog, man.”

Then he just stared at my dog with a half-smile on his face . . .

Would you mind if I pet him?”

“Sure. Hold on.”

I then hopped in the jeep and put the window down so the man could reach in and pet him. Amazingly, Sparky immediately stopped barking and let the guy rub him behind his ears.

And then . . .

“I had a Rat Terrier named Combo. I had to put him down a couple months ago. He’d been my best friend for 12-years.”

Then he grabbed Spark’s head with both hands, kissed him on the forehead, stepped back, wiped a tear from his eye, shook his head and walked away.

Man, that was touching.

The love of a dog is a powerful thing, ya know?