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Those wacky Brazillions are at it again.

Backwards hat? Check. Railroad Conductor Bibs with one strap unfastened? Check. Meeting a world leader looking like a douchebag? Check. Well done Biebs. Well done indeed.


Establishment: Burger King

Food Item: Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Review: It blows.

Recommendation: Don’t buy it. Ever.

Japan has it figured out.

Go Bucks!

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Have mercy.

138 points, 0 assists.

So I’m sure you may have read about the kid who scored 138 points in a D-3 college game the other night. I have several thoughts regarding this, none of which are happy ones. Let me begin . . .

  • First off, I have doubts that this was legit. What self-respecting team would allow this to happen to them? 138 points? At no point did somebody try and guard this kid? Double team him? Triple team him? I have to think the other team was in on this somehow. It’s just too incomprehensible to me.
  • I’ve coached kids in my career that simply wouldn’t have let this happen. They would have put a stop to it, one way or the other. It’s called competitiveness. And pride.
  • The opposing coach was interviewed on SportsCenter the next day and stated that he was “Happy for the kid.” HAPPY? Really? You weren’t pissed-off? Angry that your team laid down and let a player shoot 108 times? Jeebus.
  • The kid, Jack Taylor, said that he felt like “everything was going in” so he kept shooting. Hey kid, YOU MISSED 56 SHOTS. EVERYTHING WASN’T GOING IN. On a related note, Jack is the perfect name since he was jacking up everything in sight.
  • Jack had 0 assists. His team scored 179 points. That means that on the 41 points scored by his teammates, this kid assisted in none of those baskets. He basically shot the ball every time he touched it.
  • A kid on the other team scored 70-points on 34 0f 44 shooting. This tells me that he was getting uncontested layups. Jack’s team was letting him score so he could get the ball back, and subsequently, the record.
  • The kid’s coach insisted afterwards that this was not planned in advance, that it just happened. R-i-g-h-t.

In my opinion this “game” made a mockery of the sport and was a travesty. It was nothing but a joke and makes Division 3 basketball in Iowa look like a carnival sideshow. I know, I’ve heard the argument that the kid’s coach was doing this to get attention for his program. Well, I guess it worked.

Still, is this the kind of attention you want? And at what cost?

Update: Deadspin has a great article about the game, the coach and his system. It’s a joke. Click here to read it.

I feel ya kid.

Take some time and watch this before Saturday.

O-H !!!!!!

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Street justice? Sweet justice.

Sun SentinalA 30-year-old man was tackled and received blows to the face, but he’s no crime victim, Fort Lauderdale police say. Keith Kirk appeared in court Thursday with blackened, swollen eyes and stitches between the brows. He is accused of stealing a bicycle about noon Wednesday outside the One Stop Food Mart at 18 NW First Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. The beatdown was delivered by the bike’s owner, Calvin McDougal of Lauderhill, according to a police report. The two men got into a fight when McDougal chased after Kirk to retrieve his $600 bicycle. “I believe there was a little bit more than just a tackle,” Broward County Judge John “Jay” Hurley said Thursday during Kirk’s hearing in first appearance court. “Now, sir, you allegedly steal someone’s bike and it looks like there was some street justice carried out.” After Kirk left the podium, Hurley wondered aloud from the bench: “Did you notice how the guy who owned the bike didn’t get arrested?”

Hey Keith Kirk, yes, I did notice the owner of the bike didn’t get arrested. You know why? You stole his bike. He caught you. He throttled you. End of case.

PS – Gotta love this judge, don’tcha?


17-shopping days ’til my birthday!

Yeah, pretty much.

I think this cop took driving lessons from Batman.

“Pre-Gaming” Before Going Out Leads To Drinking

NBC – Young adults who engage in pre-drinking, also called pre-gaming, are more likely to drink heavily over the course of an evening than those who don’t pre-drink, a new study suggests. Pre-drinking involves drinking alcohol at home or in a public place, such as a park, before going to a party or bar. Drinkers may want to achieve a “buzz” or get drunk before going out, sometimes in an effort to save money by buying less at the bar.The study also found that those who pre-drank were more likely to suffer risky or unfavorable consequences of drinking, such as blackouts, hangovers, unplanned substance abuse or unprotected sex.

Gee, ya think? People are getting so dumb, I’m pretty sure socks will soon be coming with detailed instructions.

Great song, amazing lyrics.

I once had a well-meaning parent of one of my players ask me if I ever worried that my team wasn’t “relaxed enough” and suggested we play some soothing music or something in the locker room before games.

To be honest I’ve never understood that line of thinking. I always wanted my guys a little uptight, wound up and ready to unleash their aggression upon our opponent. Why the need to relax? The tension’s going to burn off after a few trips up and down the court anyway, then you have to rely on your preparation and effort. Being too laid-back can only get you into trouble early, right?

Let me put it this way. Let’s say a guy calls you and says he’s on his way over to your house to kick your ass. What are you going to do, put Adele on your iPod, chill on the couch, maybe have a sip of wine?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Insubordinate . . . and churlish!

I could think of no picture that would be appropriate here.

So we’re discussing the election in class the other day, going over the difference between Democrats and Republicans and their stances on different issues. This can become a little delicate when talking about abortion or gay rights, but I do my best to give an honest account of both sides while keeping it on a 5th Grade level. I’ve always felt if a student has a question and is geuinely interested, I’ll try and give a straight answer while keeping in the bounds of what is appropriate. By the way, we also discussed the difference between Democrats and Republicans regarding taxes, the death penalty, welfare, and the military so don’t think we didn’t cover all the bases.

With that in mind, during one class it was obvious one boy was really uncomfortable discussing gay marriage, the religious angle, and how it was against the law in some states although OK in others. In fact, he told me very distinctly that it made him squeamish to talk about it, and we all had a little laugh over it. You know, trying to keep the mood light. At some point during this discussion I explained what it meant to be homophobic and he seemed genuinely concerned that he might be just that.

Anyway, the next day the boy I mentioned raised his hand so I called on him.


Kid: “Mr. Shoe, can I say something about what we talked about yesterday?”

Me:  “Uh, sure. Go ahead.”

Kid: “Well, about that whole homophobic thing. I made my mom tell me a bunch of gay things last night so I’m OK now.”

Me: “Wait. What?”

Kid: “Yeah, we talked about a lot of gay stuff so I’m used to it. I’m good.”

Man, how I would have loved to have listened in on that conversation.

I vote for heavily medicated.

Chuck Pagano has leukemia. He began this season as the coach of the Colts before being forced to step down when he got the news about the disease. He returned yesterday and gave this speech after the big win. An amazing moment . . .