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And honestly, of my 968 friends there are probably about 5% that are actually friends. I mean, really. Maybe even 3%. I swear I don’t know half of them from The Hillside Strangler. Anywho, that’s neither here nor there. Well, I suppose it is here and quite possibly there, depending on your perspective. I have no idea what I just said. On to the point of this blog. I officially have a new policy, and I am posting it for the world to see. From this point onward I shall unfriend, delete, defriend, unbuddy, shun, and punch in the back of the face any person who sends me an invitation to play a Facebook game.* Ya know why? Because I really hate it when I see that little number at the top of my Facebook page, think someone may have made a comment I’d be interested in, click on it, only to find a request to play Sparkletown or Bubble Witch or Fartville or something. Seriously, I’ve tried to block those damn things but they just keep coming. They’re like a horde of biting horseflies, just relentless and unstoppable. Therefore I shall cut them off at the source. I figure that’s a better alternative than kicking their ass to all the way back to Bubble Island.

So, let it be known, ’tis written in stone, eternally, forevermore and in perpetuity. No more games or you’re a goner.

Seriously, send me a game and I’ll shuck you up. Consider yourself warned.

*Before I get any emails from people wanting to know how to punch someone in the back of the face, you simply hit ’em real hard in the back of the head and you’ll get to the back of the face. It’s science.