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Check out the Beaked Toad, man. Little dude is smaller than a human fingernail and is deep purple with blur blotches. He was just discovered about 5-years ago, deep in the Colombian jungle. Not So Fun Fact: Finding the Beaked Toad was difficult for researchers because they had to deal with armed guerrillas, cocaine barons and poachers. Good times man. Anywho, Beaked Toad.


Quick. Name a cuter animal than the Pygmy Marmoset. You can’t. This little guy is the smallest monkey in the world, only 4-6 inches tall. He resides in regions of South America and has a specialized diet of, get this –  tree gum. His cuteness gets him into trouble though, because his biggest threat is the pet trade. Fun fact – The Pygmy Marmoset gnaws holes in the bark of appropriate trees and vines with its specialized chompers to elicit the production of gum. When the sap puddles up in the hole, it laps it up with its tongue. It also grabs butterflies that are attracted by the gum. Ingenious, man.  Anywho, Pygmy Marmoset.

[click pics to enlarge, but beware of excessive cuteness]