Celebrity Mugshots: My Top 10

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Assclowns, Funny Photos, Humor

So I ran across a site that had celebrity mugshots, and I must say I was mesmerized. There’s such a variety in how people pull off a mugshot. Some people look like living hell, others like they’re heading out to dinner. Who knew? Anywho, I thought I’d pick my Top 10 faves and give you my insights. Oh, and I was recently accused of sounding like a pompous jackass after my renowned clown blog, so apologies in advance to all clowns I’m about to offend. But really, that’s sort of my style so perhaps if you don’t like it you should visit another site. That, my friends, is the beauty of the world-wide interweb. Hey-O!!!

H-e-e-e-r-e we go . . .


This is Marcia Cross. She was on Desperate Housewives or something. Apparently she was arrested after getting a “chemical peel”, which sounds like something I may have dabbled in back in college. In addition, WHAT THE HELL?


Has anyone ever been as happy to have finally been arrested than Bieber? Look at him. Dude thinks he has street cred now. And I think he got arrested for egging a neighbor’s house or something. Assclown.


This is Jeffrey Jones. He played the principal on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, one of my favorite movies ever. Jeffrey was arrested for trying to pay a 14-year old boy to pose for explicit photos, which is probably exactly what you’d have guessed by looking at this mugshot.


Now THIS is how you do it, kids! Check out Wesley Snipes, just dapper has hell, sharp as a tack, not a care in the world. Gotta respect Snipes, man.


Has anyone ever pulled off a cuter mugshot than Lindsay Lohan? Yeah, I know she’s supposedly an alcoholic drug addict bitch, but it’s still a nice mugshot, amirite?


N-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!! That’s Yasmine Bleeth of Baywatch fame, not looking so hot. Guess they don’t let you touch up your hair before the photo.


The late and legendary James Brown, not feeling so good.*
*Get it? “I feel good?” Never mind.


Even if you didn’t know who this was or what happened you could guess why he was arrested by the mugshot. Yep, that is the face and pose of a top grossing actor after he’s been arrested for soliciting a hooker in LA. He looks . . . uncomfortable.


Nobody was cooler than Steve McQueen, and this mugshot illustrates why. Cool, unafraid, even flashing the peace sign. McQueen was badass.


Nick Nolte, apparently after riding from Key West to Hollywood with the top down on his Volkswagen Beetle. Jeebus.

So I’m not sure why these mugshots fascinated me so much, other than the fact that there’s such a wide discrepancy in the appearance of these people. I just hope that if I ever get arrested for being a pompous jackass I look more like Wesley Snipes than Nick Nolte in my mugshot.

Gimme a holler.

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