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Check out the Bilby, man. Just as cute as the dickens. Bilbies are also known as the Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot which is cool as hell. They’re believed to have inhabited Australia for up to 15-million years, and I’m no expert but that seems like a long time. Bilbies are featured in the songs and stories of Aboriginal Australians, because of course they are. Bilbies co-existed with Aboriginal people for 60,000-years, but in the 200-years since Europeans arrived they’ve been pushed close to extinction and that makes me sad. Save the Bilby! The Bilby is about the size of a domestic cat and typically lives for about 10-years. Anywho, Bilby.

[click and scroll for some amazing Bilbiness]

Look at the little Mouse Lemur man, just smilin’ like a tiny little boss. Find a cuter primate. You can’t. This little dude is 11-inches from snout to tail. Fun fact: Mouse lemurs are also known for their “sperm competition.” During breeding seasons, the testicles of male Mouse Lemurs increases to about 30% of their normal size. The Mouse Lemur with the largest testicles . . . well, you know. Let’s just say he’s the big winner with the ladies. Bottom line I want a pet Mouse Lemur and I want one yesterday. Anywho, Mouse Lemur.