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Swastika-Scares-JewsTo most people the swastika is a symbol of evil, bringing forth images of Nazi Germany and the senseless slaughter of millions of Jews, homosexuals, so-called gypsies and other people that Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate from the face of the earth.

However, it wasn’t until 1920 that it began slowly turning into a symbol of hate and bigotry. It was then that it was chosen as the symbol of Germany’s Nazi Party, basically because Hitler thought it would look dramatic on flags, uniform sleeves and hats.

For thousands of years before that, though, the symbol represented good. In fact, the word comes from the sanskrit word svastika, which means “to be well.”

Interesting, huh?

In addition, the symbol can be found in ancient cultures all over the world – in ancient Troy, Tibet, Greece, Africa, India, China, even Native Americans used it.

Then Hitler went and ruined it by choosing it as the Nazi Party symbol, Buddha-with-swastika-symbol-on-chestbasically tainting it forever in the minds of nearly everyone.

However, the symbol is still used by Buddhists and Hindus in their art and building decorations. Its meaning?

Infinity and life.

There’s your short history lesson of the day. Have a great weekend.

Note: As further proof the symbol wasn’t considered to have a negative connotation before 1920, the 45th Infantry Division of the Unites States Army wore the symbol on their sleeves during WWI!

I had no idea.