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So I was given this drawing by a 4th grader yesterday and I thought I’d break it down, critique it if you will. Let’s do this, but first let’s take a look at the drawing. My comments follow.



First off, I really like the “King” angle. It sort of plays up to my ego and whatnot. Believe it or not I’ve been told my ego is a little¬†over inflated at times. I know, crazy, amirite? I also like the sceptre and cape. I’ve often thought I’d look pretty fly sporting a sceptre and cape around town like a boss. And of course I love the fact that The Spark has been included and he’s wearing what appears to be some type of ornamental blanket on his back as he gazes quizzically at us. ¬†Oh, and I’m diggin’ the boots and cool crown.


Man, that’s a round head. Is my head that round? Just bulbous, man. Looks like a giant muskmelon. Hell, I put Charlie Brown to shame. Jeebus. Plus I have no eyebrows but I can live with that. And have I mentioned that’s a freakishly round head? Yikes.