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The 300 Club Dinner will be held at Paint Valley HS this Saturday, May 2nd (tickets still 1available!), which brings to mind the first 300 Club Dinner ever held at our school. Yours truly was Athletic Director at the time and I was in charge of that inaugural event.

I’d gone to several other 300 Club events around southern Ohio in order to see how things were organized, and as a result I was fearful of a major screw-up. For example, at one of the dinners in Adams County they got down to the final 5 ticket holders but there were 7 people left. That, my friends, was a worst case scenario. You see, the 300 Club is a deal where 300 tickets are sold at $100 apiece. Then, at the dinner the tickets are placed in a bin and drawn out one-by-one. Everybody wins something, but when I ran the drawing the next-to-the-last ticket drawn got $2000.00 and the final ticket drawn won $8000.00.

To ratchet up the suspense, the last 5 remaining ticket holders were called up at the end and given the chance to either split the remaining $10,000.00 between them or keep going until the final two get the $8000.00 and $2000.00 respectively. See, if you choose to split the cash you’re guaranteed $2000.00, but if you go for it and finish 3rd through 5th you might end up with a gift card good for a free haircut or something. Bummer. The only stipulation is that all five people have to agree.

Remember that.

Fortunately, we got down to our final 5-tickets and only 5-people were left. Big relief, but here’s where the fun began. The final five were called to the stage, and each was called up individually to announce their decision. One by one they stepped to the microphone. That’s when the hilarity ensued:

1st ticket holder: “I’d definitely like to split the money and take the $2000.00.”

2nd ticket holder: “I’ll take the $2000.00!”

3rd ticket holder: “Heck yes! I’ll take the $2000.00!”

4th ticket holder: “I agree with everyone else. I’d like to take the $2000.00!”

The last ticket holder was my good friend and former assistant coach, Mike Carroll. Mike was, shall we say, a bit of a renegade who pretty much did what he wanted without regard for other folk’s opinions. Knowing this, I had a feeling it might get interesting. It was then he uttered these famous words:

“How many people came here to see somebody win $8000.00? LET’S GO FOR IT!”

For 5-seconds, crickets. Then, pandemonium. The place exploded with cheers as people roared their approval. I just smiled and shook my head. The four other tickets holders also shook their heads, minus the, you know, smiling thing.

And so we went for it. One by one the last 5-tickets were slowly drawn.

I think you can all guess who won the $8000.00, right?

You got it.

But really, could it have ended any other way?