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cxfgngyI updated my iPhone music recently, as I do often, this time with nothing but 90’s music. You know what occurred to me? Damn, the 90’s had some kick-ass tunes. That said, I decided to choose my favorite songs of the decade. Here are my songs (with a link added so you can listen, just click on the song title) and I also took the liberty of adding a few comments. The songs are in no particular order, they’re just some of my faves. Hope you enjoy . . .

1. The Church of Logic, Sin and Love – The Men (1992)

  • Quite simply one of my favorite songs of all-time. It has it all – melody, a searing guitar, and cool but rather weird and enigmatic lyrics. Can’t get enough of this tune. On a related note, I got to know drummer Dave Botkin on FB and am happy to report he’s a pretty righteous dude.

2. Last Stop: This Town – The Eels (1998)

  • E wrote this song after the suicide of his sister, which the song’s upbeat tone would never suggest. It’s typical E, with a catchy hook, whimsical lyrics and dark undertones. Love it. I’ll say it again – if you haven’t listened to the Eels you’re missin’ out.

3. We’re the Same – Matthew Sweet (1993)

  • Rolling Stone called this quite possibly the best song of 1993, and I couldn’t agree more. Just a pure pop confection of jangly guitars and gorgeous melodies.

4. Time to Wonder – Fury in the Slaughterhouse (1993)

  • This song starts out slow and gradually builds to a crescendo, and is great when played live as you’ll see if you click on the link. At the 2:40 mark things get interesting. Another great, little known song.

5. The Ballad of Peter Pumpkin Head – XTC (1992)

  • This amazing song follows the story of Peter Pumpkinhead, a man who comes to an unspecified town, “spreading wisdom and cash around.” He is extremely popular with the people of the town, but extremely unpopular with government figures. In the end, Peter Pumpkinhead is killed by those he made enemies of, “nailed to a chunk of wood”, a reference to being crucified, like Jesus. Controversial? Well, yeah. Catchy? Fo sho.

6. The Globe – Big Audio Dynamite (1991)

  • See kids, The Globe was written and performed by Mick Jones, who was previously with a little combo you may have heard of called The Clash. Anywho, Clash fans were appalled by Big Audio Dynamite though for the life of me I know not why. Me? I loved this crazy-ass song.

7. Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards – Billy Bragg (1990)

  • How can you not love a song with lyrics like, “The revolution is just a t-shirt away“? I’ve always loved the rabble rouser that is Billy Bragg, and this is my favorite song of his.

8. Birdhouse in Your Soul – They Might Be Giants (1990)

  • From the album “Flood” which is absolutely stellar, one of the greatest albums of the decade. Everyone knows I’ve been a big-time TMBG fan since the mid-80’s, and this shows why.

9. Good Day – Paul Westerberg  (1996)

  • On the way home from the funeral of one of the best friends I’ve ever had, this song was the first thing I heard on the radio. “A good day is any day that you’re alive” . . .

10. Happy Birthday to Me – Cracker  (1992)

  • I love Cracker. I met David Lowery once and it was like meeting a terrified deer. He acted as if he was ready to run for his life at any moment. Great song though.

11. Some Other Sucker’s Parade – Del Amitri  (1997)

  • This is a song about, well, the joys of drinking, and it’s unapologetic as hell. Just a great song from a great 90’s band. I love Del Amitri.

12. Work for Food – Dramarama  (1993)

  • Just an ungodly good song. I cannot tell you how much I love this song about a musician who tasted success but ended up homeless. Clicked on that link yet? Do it. DO IT NOW!

13. Story of My Life – Social Distortion (1990)

  • Finally saw these cats live a couple years ago (had been a dream of mine forever) and could barely leave the venue afterwards I was so weak-kneed. Blew. Me. Away. And this song is my personal favorite of theirs. Love me some SD.

So there ya go, loyal Shoe:Untied readers. What are some of your favorite 90’s tunes? Don’t worry, we’re open-minded here. Let us hear ’em!

Originally published on January 9th, 2013.