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A nurse fleeing California’s raging wildfires said “neigh” to leaving her pony behind. Lauren Mesaros decided to drive away from the Tubbs Fire flames Monday with her pony, Stardust, in the backseat, after realizing the trailer she had could only fit two of her three horses, SF Gate reported.

“He actually walked right into the car like a dog would,” Mesaros said.
The quick-acting woman lured her steed in the back of her 2001 Honda Accord. Her sister-in-law posted a Facebook photo of the pony filling up the backseat, his snout fogging up the window, with the caption: “When Lauren has to evacuate her pony from Santa Rosa but no transport is available—you do what you have to do.”

Hell yes you do what you have to do, and what Lauren Mesaros had to do was get Stardust out of harms way as soon as possible. Honestly, look at that face –  no way you could leave that pony behind. And Stardust hopped right into the backseat. He knew what was up. Anyway, kudos Lauren Mesaros. Kudos indeed.


I’ve seen some wild photos coming out of Texas, man. I’ve seen people canoeing, surfing and Jet Skiing down city streets, babies being towed through water in Tupperware bins, everything. But this photo is incredible. That’s Interstate 10 now in the first photo, with a photo prior to the hurricane below it.

Here’s a similar view with the same sign. Hard to fathom.

NYT – President Trump announced Thursday afternoon that he is withdrawing the United States from the landmark Paris climate agreement, an extraordinary move that dismayed America’s allies and set back the global effort to address the warming planet.

Trump’s decision set off alarms worldwide, drawing swift and sharp condemnation from foreign leaders as well as top environmentalists and corporate titans, who decried the U.S. exit from the Paris accord as an irresponsible abdication of American leadership in the face of irrefutable scientific evidence. Trump has described climate change “a hoax.”

The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris agreement cannot actually be finalized until near the end of Trump’s term because of the accord’s legal structure and language.

The Donald, man. Gotta give him credit to sticking to his guns on this one I guess? Our children and their children and their children can go to hell, man. We’ll all be gone by then anyway, amirite? But hey, at least we have two other stable, level-headed governments who see things the way we do – Nicaragua and Syria. Thank God for that. I guess all us weenies who believe in the climate change “hoax” can take solace in the fact that our withdrawal from the pact can’t take place for a couple years. The odds of Trump surviving that long are about 9%.

PS- One positive about a Trump administration? Endless source of blogging material.

PPS- Another positive? Wildly entertaining messages from Trump supporters.

PPS- For those who care, and I don’t think many do, here’s climate change explained pretty simply (and spare me the climate change is a hoax videos, please).

On a related note, I never thought I’d miss this guy so much:


[NYT] According to scientists and climate experts, the cloud in the photos below probably falls under a “roll cloud” category. Roll Clouds “form under wind created from a ‘mountain wave’ (or airstreams going over mountains) on a windy day.” The photo was taken over the city of Fujisawa, Japan.

Blah-blah-blah. Roll Cloud Scmoll Cloud. Haven’t these people ever watched a 1950’s Science Fiction movie? There’s clearly an alien spaceship inside that fake cloud, man. Any idiot knows that. Those Martians aren’t fooling me. On a related note, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, FUJISAWIANS!

PS- I swear I sat here for 20-minutes trying to work in a Uranus joke. Sadly, nothing. Guess I’m bringing my B game today.


From ThinkProgress:winter2

It’s coming back.

The polar vortex that shocked the northeast with extremely cold days may bring more bitterly cold winters to North America, according to a new study.

The polar vortex is a massive system of swirling air that usually contains cold air around the North Pole. It has been shifting for decades, researchers found — but it has only recently become a household term, after it was blamed for causing record cold weather affecting some 200-million people in 2014.

According to the study, over the past 30-years, the polar vortex has weakened, in part due to Arctic sea-ice loss linked to human-caused climate change. That weakening has prompted it to shift toward Europe and Asia in February. This means unusually cold days may become more common in February and March, the Weather Channel reported. At the same time, Europe is facing warmer winters.

Scientists have long said global warming will bring extreme weather. This is what it looks like.

Batten down the hatches, kids. Store up on plenty of firewood, fatty foods, snuggies, hot soup and earmuffs. On a related note, Sparky hates cold weather so my winter is going to be turrible. Nothing worse than those midnight walks in blistering cold weather in which I carry my pup out in the yard, set him down after clearing a spot, and waiting for him to do his business.

Damn you polar vortex! Damn you to hell!

Good day Sunshine.


So good.


These are two of the most intense tornado videos I’ve ever seen. On a related note, these people are batshit crazy.




Northern Africa is interesting.


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Those wacky weathermen, man.


Maybe not so gentle?


I thought Texans were tough?


Hey mom, instead of taking a picture maybe you should, I don’t know, get your kid inside?


Seriously, where did that white van go?


Be safe kids.


The Midwest, man.


After awhile he just starts making stuff up.

I’ll take winter.

This is Oymyakon, the coldest village on Earth. It’s in Russia, which should come as a surprise to nobody. Oymyakon’s lowest recorded temperature is -67.7°C (-90°F) in 1933 while the average for January is -50°C (-60°F). Bottom line, wherever you are is warm in comparison so stop bitching.

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Head on a swivel!