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So the other day a student asked me a question to which I did not know the answer.  I know, shocker. But being an experienced educator I said, “Hey, let’s look it up.”

Listen, I learned a long time ago that, as a teacher, if you don’t know the answer you don’t ever pretend that you do. So, I proceeded to go to my classroom computer to do just that. At that point a new kid, a little redneck who’d evidently discovered the internet last Wednesday, piped up with this gem:

“It’s O.K. Mr. Shoe! Search it up on The Goggle!”


If you think I’m ever going to refer to looking up something on Google as anything other than “Searching it up on The Goggle” again, you’re out of your mind.

Note: I originally wrote this in 2012. Ask my friends. I still “Search it up on The Goggle.”