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Somebody from Denmark just sent me this. Apparently she read about my fear of clowns on this site and thought this would be funny. Not funny Laerke Aagard. Not funny at all.



Sweet Jesus . . .


From the New York Observer . . .

We at the Observer would advise skipping this story if you plan on sleeping without horrific nightmares ever again.

If social media is to be believed, there is a man dressed as a clown wandering around Staten Island at night. Witnesses describe him as bald, wearing a trademark blue and yellow clown suit, holding balloons and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THESE PICTURES.


I can’t look.


Oh Sweet Mother of God why?

The Clown, which has reportedly been seen hanging around the Grasmere and Richmond Valley train stations, has been snapped three times and uploaded to Twitter and Instagram, providing both internet buzz and nightmare fuel.

“He was just kinda standing there waving like he was in a picture,” Westerleigh resident Vincent Innocente told the paper of his experience on Sunday. 

And if that isn’t terrifying enough we have this:


Seriously, hopefully this is some sort of marketing ploy or something. It has to be right? RIGHT? Because, you know, LOOK AT THE FREAKING CLOWN!!!!!

Now excuse me while I go check my locks.