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Hey, What’s So Funny?

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Humor, Opinion
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Well, that depends on the individual. Hence the subject of this blog.87uhndfg

I got into a discussion with a friend the other day about, of all topics, humor. It was actually sort of interesting so I thought I’d share some thoughts . . .

The conversation began because my buddy and I share a lot of, shall we say, tasteless humor. Some may call it black humor. I’ve always been of the opinion that there is no correlation between somebody’s compassion and sympathy for an event and their ability to find humor in it. For instance, I’ve heard and re-told jokes about 9/11, Dale Earnhardt and other subjects that I thought were hilarious. That doesn’t mean I don’t sympathize with the families of those involved.

Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so. I mean, I’m a bad person but not because of that. Hell, when it’s my time to go I hope my friends throw in some dark humor about me at my funeral as well. Might as well get a laugh out of it, ya know? I know they love me.

Here’s an example of the type of humor some of my friends and I enjoy. A couple years ago I attended the funeral of the father one of my friends. I was wearing a pretty cool Beatles tie, and as I stood by the casket paying my respects my buddy Bob and I had this exchange:

Bob: “Thanks for coming, Shoe.”

Me: “No problem, man. Sorry for your loss.”

Bob: “It’s OK. Mom’s holding up well. By the way, that’s a cool tie you’re wearing.”

Me: “Oh, thanks.”

Bob: “You know, dad would really want me to have that tie.”

Did I mention we were standing 2-feet from his dead father at the time? And he thought that using my sympathy as a tool to get my Beatles tie was the height of comedy. And you know what? He was right. It was all I could do to hold back my laughter.

And knowing his dad, he would have agreed. But hey, you have to know your audience. While some would be appalled, Bob knew I’d appreciate it.

I once had a relationship with a girl who only enjoyed slapstick humor. While she didn’t appreciate a well-told anecdote about a humorous situation, if I stubbed my toe coming out of the shower she’d go into convulsions, laughing hysterically. Hey, whatever tickles your fancy. On a related note, it could become pretty annoying hearing laughter like that when you were suffering searing pain in your big toe.

Another type of humor I’ve been around a lot in my life is one where guys insult each other. This seems to be popular in the sporting world. Trust me, you can get away with stuff in a locker room that would never fly out in the real world. Hey, my 5th grade basketball managers hear things they should probably never hear, but I like to think it’s a good learning experience for them. Hopefully.

A lot of the stuff you read on this blog is anecdotal humor, which is basically me reminiscing about my life experiences. Hey, I’ve had a lot of weird life experiences so my wealth of stories is endless. A lot of you like them, some not so much. I know this because I have to edit my incoming comments and while most are fine (and I almost always approve even the meanest) some are so vile I just hit the delete button. Hey, even I have a limit to what I want to see in print, especially when it’s about me.

There’s also a type of humor that is called “blue” humor, and it involves raunchy jokes about sex and whatnot. While I’m far from being above that type of thing, it’s not my preferred method of getting a laugh. My doctor friend, however, could shock you with some of the stuff he considers funny. Jeebus.

I have a couple of friends who are adept at the art of “dry” humor. These guys are so dry that you don’t even realize they’re trying to be funny until a few minutes later. Ever see a Bob Newhart standup routine? There ya go.

My point is humor is sort of like art or music, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hilarity to one may be disgust or outrage to another. And some people need humor in the bleakest of situations, so who would want to deny them that?

Not I.

So laugh on, readers, and try not to judge. After all, we’re all just trying to find a little to smile about.