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So apparently this was caused by a cable that was snapped by the truck driving by. Weird as hell. The girl was hospitalized but lived. I’ve watched it several times and can’t figure out exactly what happened. Thoughts?


My favorite part is the first thing MJ said to AI on an NBA court: “What’s up ya little bitch?”

The Dancing Doctor will warm your heart. It’s the best thing you’ll see all day. He’s actually a physician’s assistant and his name is Tony Adkins.

Well, hell. Just when you think nature has showed you all her tricks here comes a damn hummingbird with a purple baby octopus face. What in the holy hell. Nature, man. Still comin’ at us strong.

PS- The things males will do to get some female companionship, huh? Poor little dude gave it his best shot. Maybe next time, Purple Baby Octopus Faced Hummingbird.

Check out the Marvelous Spatuletail, man. Dude has a unique tail like you read about. He’s a hummingbird that’s endangered and found only in a small area of Peru. This little bro’s body is tiny and the things you see on the end of the tail are called rackets. Marvelous indeed. Anywho, Marvelous Spatuletail.

Hey, it’s Monday. Tough day for all of us. Some of us may have gone a little hard whilst watching football yesterday, who knows? Long week ahead and whatnot. But guess what? At least you weren’t standing on a sidewalk when a gaping chasm of death suddenly opened up below you, sucking you into a murky hellhole of concrete, dust and steel rebar. I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of the Angel of Darkness amidst that dust. Chills, dude.

Check out the Dead Leaf Butterfly, man. When its wings are closed dude looks like a dead freakin’ leaf. That’s cray. Master of Camouflage like you read about. Wait. I like Master of Mimicry better. Let’s go with that one. This bad boy is found in Tropical Asia from India to Japan when you can find it. It’s difficult because, you know, it looks like a dead leaf. As you’ll see in the photos and video below, when it opens its wings it’s spectacularly beautiful. Anywho, Dead Leaf Butterfly.

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Watch the video. That’s an order.



Well, it can count for one damn thing. Venus Flytraps are carnivorous, so they wait for some poor unsuspecting schmuck to trigger the little hairs on its leaves and boom, you’re a goner. See, when the prey hits a hair an electric signal tells the plant something is there. If two hairs are disturbed within 20-seconds the trap snaps shut. After a third hair is touched the plant’s digestive juices start flowing an it’s a slow and agonizing death for whatever happened to mosey into its jaws of death. Diabolical.

PS- In the second video you’ll see the Venus Flytrap eat a snake, bloodworms, honeybee, spider, housefly, frog, a big bug, a finger and a goddamn cactus. Dude does not discriminate. Good God almighty.

I hate myself for that title right now. Anywho, there was a brouhaha, a kerfuffle if you will, at the Rockets-Lakers game the other night, and guess who wanted a piece of Rocket Chris Paul? None other than Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Keidis, who went after Houston’s point guard with a flurry of profanity as he was ushered off the court. His buddy and bandmate Flea, who was sitting with him, stayed out of the fray. Keidis was tossed too, but no

t before shooting Paul an aggressive and ill-intentioned bird. Good times, man.

PS- I just posted this because I wanted to write that title.

Yep, some are saying that’s a Sea Cucumber but it’s a Headless Chicken Monster alright. No doubt about it. Damn that’s mesmerizing video.

So the humongous alligator that’s been seen over the last few years in Florida has been spotted again. This dude looks like a caboose with legs, man. Something out of the Jurassic Period perhaps. Anyway, here we see it after it just had a hearty breakfast of oxen with a side of St. Bernard. Yikes.

Flying Great Whites? Flying Great Whites.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Soddy-Daisy High School’s athletic director Jared Hensley. Listen, I’m about as non-PC as they come, bit this guy is nuts. I was trying my best to believe the guy might be joking, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t sound serious as hell. How in the world would he ever think this is OK to say in 2018? I mean, I’ve known some dumb administrators, but . . . never mind, just watch.

Stay out of our water, ya filthy human.

Ever heard of Dunkleosteus? It is one of the most terrifying fish ever to have roamed these Earth’s oceans. This bad boy lived 360-million years ago, and how it died out is a mystery to all. Once you hear about this badass you’ll know it’s unlikely he was killed off by predators. By studying fossils we’ve found some truly horrifying facts about the big guy.

To begin, he really was a BIG guy. 30-feet long to be precise. That’s a big fillet kids. But that’s not all my friends. The Dunkleosteus crushed its prey with its own skull. And get this – Dunkleosteus didn’t have a single tooth in its head. Instead, its entire skull was covered with bony plates that acted as armor and formed two long “fangs” – one each on the top and bottom jaw. Holy moly. Not scary enough for y’all? Those fangs were self-sharpening. As it opened and shut its jaws, the edges of its fangs rubbed together, creating friction. Over time, this kept them perfectly sharpened into razor-edges weapons of death. Is there anything that could make this prehistoric underwater dinosaur any more frightening? There is – its jaws were able to snap shut with 8000-pounds of bite force per square inch. Holy Mother of God, this thing made Jaws look like a guppy. Here are some glamour shots of ol’ Dunky. Check him out:




I still don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

PS- Adelbert Ames can go to hell.

Technology & Science: An unusual visitor has been hanging out in the St. Lawrence River for the past three years: A Narwhal, more than 700-miles south of its usual range.  But the lone narwhal is not alone — it appears he has been adopted by a band of Belugas. Narwhals live in the icy waters of the Arctic, including those surrounding parts of Canada, Norway, Greenland and Russia. They typically don’t range any farther south than northern Quebec’s Ungava Bay, located south of the southern tip of Baffin Island. In the drone footage captured by GREMM researchers and posted on their website Whales Online, a pod of nine or 10 Belugas swim closely together near the surface, rolling and rubbing against each other. “They are in constant contact with each other,” Michaud said. “It’s a like a big social ball of young juveniles that are playing games.” Nobody is sure how the little Narwhal ended up so far south, but he’s been accepted by the group and has even picked up their habits.

Well, well, well. In a world divided by race, politics and religion, along come the animals to show us how it’s done. Different colored little dude comes rolling in one day, appearing a little weird with a 3-foot tusk jutting out of his head, but do you think these baby Belugas give a tuna’s ass? Hells to the nah. They accepted the little lost bro like he’s one of their own and now he’s swimming merrily along with his gang, just rolling and rubbing against each other like best bud Belugas do. Animals, man. Just telling Trump to suck it like you read about.

PS- Honestly, do you think the Belugas are talking behind the Narwhal’s back? “Hey Ned, what’s the deal with that horn sticking out of Barry’s head? Dude looks like Janet had sex with a swordfish or something.”

PPS- There are whales in the St. Lawrence River? What the hell?

Although children had been servants and apprentices throughout most of history, child labor reached new extremes during the Industrial Revolution. Children often worked long hours in dangerous factory conditions for very little money. Children were useful as laborers because their size allowed them to move in small spaces in factories or mines where adults couldn’t fit, children were easier to manage and control and perhaps most importantly, children could be paid less than adults. Appalling but true.

Not-So-Fun-Fact: In 1900, 18% of all American workers were under the age of 16.

In 1908 a true American hero named Lewis Hine picked up his camera and became the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee. For 10-years Lewis traveled across the country documenting child labor despite constant threats from factory owners. At the time the owners wanted to keep the immorality of child labor away from the public’s eye. However, Hine kept it up and never wavered. Sometimes he wore disguises (such as a fire inspector or a bible salesman) to snap pictures and interview the children working at factories or in the streets.  Lewis Hine used his camera as a tool for social commentary and reform, and it worked. Risking his own safety Hine snapped thousands of photographs with one goal – to end child labor. It took years, but in 1938 the Fair Labor Standards Act set national minimum wage and maximum hour standards for workers in interstate commerce and also placed limitations on child labor. Bottom line, next time one of your kids complain about taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn show them these photos. Wild to look at today, but an important to know and remember.

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Take a look at that Ogre-Faced Spider, man. Dude has eyes the size of dimes. While most spiders have eight eyes but poor vision, the Ogre-Faced Spider is named for its bizarre, elongated face and enormous “posterior median eyes.” This little dude has exceptional night vision and clarity of view, enabling prey to be precisely tracked and targeted. Chills, man. Want more? This guy is the answer to a human net fisherman, brothers and sisters. With special hairs on its legs and remarkable dexterity, Ogre-Faced Spiders weave a unique, net-shaped structure instead of a typical web. The net is held between the four front legs and hurled upon passing insects that are either flying or walking. W-h-u-u-u-u-u-t? The flying prey are captured in a backward flinging motion, while a walking insect is caught when the net is pushed down onto the unfortunate creature. Diabolical. Watch that video below to see the Ogre-Faced Spider throw that net like the badass he is. Anywho, Ogre-Faced Spider.

Sometimes when you’re way behind, everything in your body is telling you to quit. Here are 5 people who didn’t.

“From the depths of hell!”

From 5th to 1st in the last lap.

Ohio University’s Dave Wottle wins Olympic Gold in the 800-meter run.

And finally, the legendary comeback by the USA’s Billy Mills. “Look Mills! Look at Mills! LOOM AT MILLS!”

Listen, I have nothing but respect for this kid. Just battling that damn trash can like you read about. Kid took shot after shot, was knocked down, and still came up fighting. Seriously, that evil trash can was showing no mercy. No mercy whatsoever. In this case the trash can was taking out the kid, kids. But I dare say this kid gives me hope for our future. America salutes you, Trash Can Kid. Keep fighting the good fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing is a true professional, a man at the highest level of his craft. This is the television equivalent of a hole-in-one, a perfect game, a masterpiece of art. Breathtaking really.

Looks like Cerberus as a puppy, guarding the gates of hell.

PS- In Greek mythology Cerberus (often called the “hound of Hades”) is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. Good times.

PPS- When you have to explain a joke it really does ruin it.

The one and only Freddie Mercury of Queen. He would have been 72 today. Legend has it that when Queen was trying out vocalists they told him they were planning to be the biggest band in England. His response?

“England? We’re going to be the biggest fucking band in the world.”

And he was right. Youngbloods, watch this video.

As a kid I could name every professional baseball player in the Major Leagues. Today, not so much. The damn games are too long and the players are wussies. Last year Indians pitcher Corey Kluber led the majors in complete games with 5. In 1968 Cardinal pitcher Bob Gibson had 28 and his arm didn’t fall off. Note to self: Write “Why I Don’t Watch Baseball Anymore” blog. Anyway, an exception is my man Adrian Beltre. Dude is eccentric like you read about. Below are two videos. In the first you’ll see that he absolutely hates to have his head touched. Because of this his teammates are always touching his damn head. In the second video you’ll see that he’s just a lighthearted goofball, enjoying the game like you’re supposed to. Love Adrian Beltre, man.