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Man, I could tell this guy was in trouble the moment I saw him walking towards the canal. Unathletic like you read about. And that attempt? Just a prime example of the importance of follow-through and how last minute second thoughts can lead to personal ruin. If not for that hesitation stagger perhaps he could have made it, but alas, it was not to be. Sad really.

PS- That bone-jarring jaw to the wall was devastating. Dude has to be dead.

This not only shows the evolution of their videos, but their music. Oh, how far they advanced music in 7-short years. From Love Me Do to Revolution to Get Back, absolutely incredible.

For all you youngbloods out there, appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show was the pinnacle for new rock artists. To appear on that stage meant you’d made it, that you’d hit the big time. Many a Rock God had bowed at the feet of Mr. Sullivan, including Elvis, The Beatles and many more. Sometimes, this being the 1960s and all, Ed would ask a band to tame down their lyrics for Sunday evening prime time television. An example was when The Rolling Stones were asked to change the words “Let’s Spend the Night Together” to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together” which they did. Which brings us to The Doors and The Lizard King himself, Mr. Jim Morrison. Once again Ed asked a band to change the lyrics, this time for the song “Light My Fire.” Morrison was supposed to sing, “Girl we couldn’t get much better” rather than “Girl we couldn’t get much higher” because the latter was considered to be a drug reference. During rehearsal Morrision did just that, but on the live TV broadcast he reverted to the original lyrics. That was Jim Morrison in a nutshell. The end result was that Ed was pissed and The Doors forever banned from The Ed Sullivan Show. Here ’tis:

And here’s the scene in the movie The Doors that depicts the incident:

Imagine sitting in your living room in Alta, Norway, just chillin’ and nibbling on some Elk Nuggets, and the next thing you know your house is dragged out to sea by a freakin’ mudslide. Had to be a tough day for Bjorn Johansen or whatever his name was. On a related note, that white house will not be defeated. All the other houses are crumbling and crashing into the sea but that bad boy is just floating on the surface undeterred. That’s Norwegian craftsmanship at its finest.

PS- 2020, man. Can’t get much worse, amirite? Well, at least until that asteroid hits.

Check out this little dude, man. Just casually walking while being stalked by a damn 800-pound grizzly. Cajones of steel I tell ya. Me? I’d have immediately broken the bear rules and started running, the bear’s chase instincts would have kicked in, and I’d have been bear supper. Impressive move, kid. Impressive indeed.

The absolutely, 100% coolest thing you’ll see today.

Remember those Giant Murder Hornets I wrote about the other day? The ones that recently arrived in America? Their sting can kill you and they are able to kill honey bees by the thousands. Well, it turns out these psychos can be taken out by bees as well – Japanese Honey Bees to be exact. And how do these Japanese Honey Bees kill Murder Hornets? Read on because the answer is awesome.

Murder Hornets are best known for their ability to decimate honeybee hives, decapitating bee after bee during what the Washington State Department of Agriculture so eloquently described as a “slaughter phase”, destroying one hive within a matter of hours. However . . .

In Asia the bees have learned to fight back, and I mean really fight back, as in kicking some serious Murder Hornet ass. Japanese Honey Bees are able to form hot defensive “bee balls” in order to collectively cook hornets at a temperature that the bees can withstand but the hornets cannot. Man, that’s diabolical. They do it by surrounding the hornets and vibrating their rear flight muscles. Bee twerking if you will.

The video below shows a Murder Hornet scout approach a Honey Bee hive as a means of checking it out and marking it with a pheromone that will allow its fellow hornets to find it. But no so fast, Murder Hornet. The video shows the hornet being swarmed by hundreds of bees all at once, with thermal photography revealing the temperature increase as the honeybees raise the temperature within the bee ball to a precise temperature and roasting the hornet alive.

Nature, man. Doing her thing per usual.

PS- I don’t know how those little bees get the signal to attack, but attack they do, and all at once. Just a chilling sight to behold.

Listen man, I know the animals are making big comebacks all over the damn globe. We have wild beasts walking casually through city streets, birds are flying lower and becoming more brash, and alligators are walking through city parks like they own the damn place. But you know what I never thought I’d see? Monkey motorcycle gangs making toddler kidnap attempts. That one surprised even me. Be careful out there kids. It’s a new world. I swear I even caught Sparky looking at me funny today.

Thsi time of year is when I would be teaching about Gettysburg, and I’d always show the documentary “Gettysburg” to my students. As always, like when George Washington decided to turn and attack the Hessians in 1776, we’d discuss how one human’s courageous decision could change the course of history. Here we have Joshua Chamberlain at Gettysburg, men out of ammunition, yet they had to protect the flank at Little Round Top. Faced with a life-altering decison, Chamberlain decided to fix bayonets and charge. This scene, to this day, gives me chills.

Work ethic like you read about.

Doubters, listen.


John Krasinski is the hero we all need right now.

Man, were the Buckeye’s hitting hard this game.

Wow. Morning Glory Clouds, Blood Rain, Great Blue Hole, Bright Red Lake “Netron,” The Sailing Stones, Eternal Flame Falls, and The Door to Hell. Wild stuff. The world is a crazy place, man.

Absolutely loved this band’s music. Adam was the bassist who wrote some incredible music. Here are some samples.

And yes, he wrote this one too.

Kratu don’t give a damn about nuthin’.

Looks like it might hurt.

Pretty interesting and informative. From Joe Rogan’s podcast.

So a guy in Pennsylvania recorded a couple videos of all the animals that crossed a log bridge over a stream on his property. The results are very cool. Enjoy.

Check out that Blanket Octopus, man. Blanket Octopuses get their name from sheets of webbing that stretch between some of their arms. When threatened, they stretch their arms out, creating a blanket-like silhouette meant to frighten would-be attackers away. That’s cool. They are always in the open ocean—in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as in Info-Pacific waters—and never rest on the sea floor. And get this – the Blanket Octopus is immune to the stinging cells of the highly dangerous Portuguese Man-of-War, which it uses to its advantage by yanking the tentacles off and brandishing them as weapons against predators. That’s badass. Anywho, Blanket Octopus.

PS- Be sure and watch the videos below the photos. Nature, man. And as always, click and scroll.

MJ was an absolute assassin. Trash talk him and you were toast.

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman purchased a $548,000,000 vessel named Serene. Paul Allen built a yacht named Octopus for $200,000,000. Bill Gates (who happens to be my age and that’s sort of depressing) recently made a purchase worth $645,000,000 because why the hell shouldn’t he? Our boy Bill is the first to buy an eco-friendly mega-yacht that is run entirely on liquid hydrogen. Instead of greenhouse gases, it emits nothing but water. That’s cool. Plus, the yacht can travel 4000 miles before its two tanks have to be refilled, because who wants to pull your mega yacht into Hank’s Marina down in Sayulita? Not I. Anywho, take a gander . . .

[click, scroll, be amazed]

Note: Don’t miss the video below the photos. Incredible.

Why? Because I care.

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Some guy recorded his son making baby noises, figured out the notes he made, and arranged them into “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Listen at your own risk.