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Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius, a father of two, allowed Augusto Lima to go attend the birth of his first child, and Zalgiris still won the game, gaining a 2-1 lead in the best-of-three series. During the press conference, however, one “youngster” reporter, who is not a father, persisted questioning Jasikevicius about Lima’s absence. The coach defended his player from criticism and perfectly schooled the reporter about family values.

I know Sarunas Jasikevicius a little because he played at Maryland for Gary Williams. Love his reaction here.

Say what you want about the Japanese Puffer Fish, but this little dude has it all figured out. Turns out chicks dig art, man. Who knew? Hell, I tried it once and got slapped in the face. Yep, that drawing I did of Kathy Lupert back in 3rd grade did NOT go over well. Seriously, this bro spends 2-weeks making this masterpiece and the Pufferbabes come out of the woodwork like bees to honey.  Diabolical. Anywho, Japanese Puffer Fish.

Man, just watch that sea lion set these people up, just looking all cute and whatnot, poking his head out of the water like a puppy while eliciting oohs and ahs from the adoring crowd. What those people didn’t know was that Mr. Sea Lion was eyeing his lunch buffet, and the minute that kid sat down he went for her like a fat kid snatching a Ho Ho. Sea Lions, man. Sneaky as hell.

PS- And how about mom there, just whisking her kid away without a word of thanks? Hey lady, if it wasn’t for that superhero little Yuki there would’ve been taken to the depths of hell, eaten, and her bones left in a watery grave. But noooo, just march away as if you have a plane to catch or something. Yeesh. 

The Daymak C5 Blast is the world’s fastest go-kart. With a 0-60 speed of 1.5 seconds, it’s faster than the world’s best supercars which max out at around 2.5 seconds. What makes the Daymak C5 the world’s fastest go-kart? Electric Ducted Fans reduce the weight of this go-kart by 50% to only 100kg.

Obviously, we’re talking about some extremely advanced machinery here and that means it doesn’t come cheaply. The C5 Blast from Daymak will put you back a cool $60,000. If you don’t have sixty grand to spend on a go-kart, don’t fret. There is a heavier version for $9,999 that will go 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.

Listen, I gotta be honest here. I want a Daymak C5 Blast Go-Cart and I want one yesterday. 60 mph in 1.5 seconds? Hey, I’m no Math major but even I know that’s fast, man. Jeebus. Hope that sucka has a seatbelt on it.

The Scaredino Lizard, also affectionately known as the “Leaping Lizard of Death,” is known for it’s lust for blood from any source available. Well, hell, that’s just spine-chilling, man. Thankfully, this asshole is native to Scaredino, Portugal. Anywho, Scaredino Lizard.

Man, that snake scared that bro shitless, amirite? Poor dude leaped like he’d seen a Komodo Dragon, man. Seriously, it was every man for himself there for a second. But seriously, did you see that snake leap through the door? Holy crap, that was a snake on a mission. A mission to kill. On a related note, by the end of the video the original guy at the door was 3-blocks away. He gone.

So apparently this guy is a cop and he just got demolished by that goose. I’d have had to pull my piece and capped that goose in the ass, man. Listen, there’s nothing meaner than a goose, except for maybe a peacock. Geese are all pretty and whatnot, but they crap all over everything and if you get close they go for the jugular. My parents had a goose problem at their lake until I unleashed a certain Jack Russell into their midst. Let’s just say those geese vamoosed the premises post haste. Anywho, check out the video. That’s fowl, man.

I guess this is the first time I’ve ever seen an Armadillo roll into a ball because I’m amazed by it. Little dude just popped into a ball instantly. That’s some crazy stuff right there. Armadillos, man. The ultimate ballers.

This death trap is called The Sky Pool. It juts from the 42nd floor of areal estate development called Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas. Why people build stuff like this is beyond me. Are we that desperate for thrills? I swear to God I get dizzy watching the video. I’m just waiting for the floor to crack and that guy to plummet 42-floors to his death. Thanks but no thanks, man.

Because it is wild, man. Migingo Island is a tiny island in the middle of Lake Victoria, which is one of the Great Lakes of Africa in Kenya. By tiny I mean tiny, because it’s size is just under half an acre. The official 2009 Census said the population is 131, but most people say it’s closer to 500. Listen, I’m no expert but 500 people seems like a lot for under half an acre. The little island is also home to four bars, a pharmacy, a beauty salon, and a number of brothels. Wait. There are a number of brothels on an island half the size of a football field? Da hell? There are also a couple of hotels but I’m guessing they ain’t the Ritz-Carlton.

Anyhoo, the island is “teeming” with Nile Perch, and to sell the fish is profitable. People on the island make up to 5-times more than the average Kenyan, hence the boatloads of people.*

*See what I did there?

The island only has one bathroom and you have to pay for it, so most folks just take care of business in the lake. That’s disgusting, man. On a related note, they also wash their dishes there. Good God.

One final thought – I don’t want to sound like a jackass here, but, uh, there’s a huge green, almost empty island right next to you guys. What’s the deal?

Note – Seriously, I have to find out what the deal is. Maybe it’s private property? No fears, my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied is on it.

Anyhoo, check out these photos. Incredible, man. There’s also a video down there too, because I am awesome.


I realize about 7% or less of the folks who visit this site will give a damn, but as I’ve said before it’s my site and if it fascinates me then I’m posting it. Anyway, The Cowsills are a band who had hits in the late 60’s like “The Rain, the Park and Other Things”, “Hair”, and “Indian Lake.” The TV show “The Partridge Family” was actually based on this (mostly) family band. I particularly liked the song “The Rain, the Park and Other Things”, so I was looking for the song on YouTube the other day. This led to more nosing-around, and it turns out the damn band is still touring after all these years. Who knew? Again, this may be of interest only to me and 3 other people but I thought I’d compare the band singing in the 1960’s with the band singing in the 2010’s. And you know what? They’ve aged pretty damn well. First, let’s take a look at them back in the day:

Now let’s fast-forward nearly 50-years. To my surprise, The Cowsills are still pretty good and maybe even better. Take a look:

 The Cowsills, man. Still doin’ their thing.

PS- I did some reading on these guys and their story is pretty sad in many ways. From an abusive father to a brother who was kicked out of the band and subsequently passed away, it’s amazing they’re still playing.


Focus and concentration. Boom.

Here’s a goose reunited with the human who raised it. Tell me this goose isn’t excited to see its mother. You can’t. That goose is happy as hell, man. Animals, smarter than you think they are.

Listen, I’m 99% sure most of the people in this video are wasted on Dandelion Wine or something, but bottom line this bro battles the odds like a mofo and comes out on top. People grabbing boards, throwing fists, it means nothing to this badass. Better come harder than that to put this dude on the ground. Kudos, my man. Kudos. On a related note, I’m positive the guy who took that first roundhouse punch is is dead. My man was pulling ninja moves like a boss.

So this video of a giant chicken has been making the rounds of us in-the-know internet moguls, and I have to say it’s terrifying. I swear to God when that thing emerged from that chicken door I screeched like a 6-year old girl. I mean, birds of all kinds have to be shaking in their feathers right now. I’m talking ostriches, penguins, the entire bird kingdom. That’s one badass giant bird bro, bro. If this dude decides to come after everyone who has ever had a McNugget we’re all screwed. Seriously though, before the big Animal Revolt that I’ve predicted for years occurs we need to kill this beast.

PS – I guess those people that don’t think chickens evolved from dinosaurs have another think coming, amirite? Jeebus. 

PPS – Imagine the meal that bird would provide. Wings for days, man.

PPPS – Waiting for the first know-it-all to post this: “Don’t you know that’s a Brahma Chicken? They’re all that big.” Yes, I know. Shut it.

Listen, everyone knows I love animals and hate anything that has to do with hurting them. I can’t fathom why anyone would watch a bullfight. Don’t get it, won’t get it, will never get it. Anyway, this 7-second video is stellar for a couple reasons. The obvious one is that this dude gets absolutely demolished by the bull. The second one is the fact that he looks like he’s talking to a chick in the stands just before he’s demolished. He says something just before casually putting his foot on the door to presumably hold it shut, trying to look all cool and whatnot. Who’s cool now, toolbag? The bull, that’s who.

PS- A great soundtrack always makes a video better. Always.

Henry Ford famously tried to make personal airplanes available to everybody with his awesome little Ford Flivver, but ultimately failed. That was sad.

Ford’s success in making a car available to every US citizen led him to believe that he could do the same with planes. Thus, Ford hired an engineer named Otto Koppen and charged him with designing a small, light plane.

The design was finished in 1926 and was called “Ford Flivver.” The plane’s flaps were arranged in such a way as to give it maximum upward lift in small spaces, and a rear wheel meant that it could be driven from your home to a makeshift runway.

Unfortunately in 1928, pilot Harry J. Brooks attempted to fly Flivver from Michigan to Miami on a single tank of gas. As he was cruising over the ocean, the Flivver’s engine locked up, smashing the plane and the pilot into the water.

Brooks’s body was never found.

The accident put an end to the project. But in 1940, Ford famously announced, “Mark my words: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.”

Since then, humankind has longed for and awaited for their own personal plane. Well kids, our long wait has come to an end. Not only do we have a personal airplane, it also turns into a car. Ladies and gentlemen, the PAL-V Liberty:

Well, hell, that looks fun doesn’t it? Just hop in your PAL-V, fire it up and fly away to parts unknown, land, and drive away like it ain’t no thing. Check out this video:

I want a PAL-V Liberty and I want one yesterday!

Note: Just read where the cost starts at $400,000.00. Never mind.

Nothing to see here, just enjoying the weather.

This chick blew it, right? What, romance is dead? I mean, what’s more romantic than having a bad violinist play a song for you in a mall food court? Dude pulled out all the stops. Your loss, girl. Your loss.

What you see below is a house. It belongs to some dude in India named Mukesh Ambani, the 6th richest man in the world. It’s a 27-story, $2-billion monstrosity that’s 550-feet tall and has over 400,000 square feet of floor space. It’s located in the most poverty stricken area of India, and only 6-people live in it.

Amenities include:

Three rooftop helipads, in case three helicopters are arriving at once.

Three high speed elevators, because two high speed elevators just wouldn’t do.

One floor used exclusively for the parking and maintaining of Ambani’s cars.

A 50-seat home theater.

A Wine room, indoor swimming pool, lap pool and jacuzzi.

A staff of 600-people. Wait. What? 600? Da hell? With only 6 people living there, that’s 100-people for each resident.

On a related note, that’s one ugly-ass house.

See what I did with that title? I was going to write “runaway” but wrote “flyaway” because it was cooler. I’m pretty sure “flyaway” wasn’t even a word until right now so kudos to me, amirite? You’re welcome. Anyhoo, check this bro out, man. Everyone else is running for their lives and this cat casually catches a wildly spinning flyaway* bat like it ain’t no thang. Coolness personified.

*New word I’m pretty sure I invented.


Check out that Seagoing Iguana, just swimming around underwater like a little boss. They’re sometimes called Marine Iguanas and they’re only found on the Galápagos Islands. This little dude has the ability to dive over 30-ft into the water. The reason they learned to do this is because food is scarce on their island. Hence, the strongest iguanas dive into the sea looking for chow. Cool, man. Check out the video too. Anyhoo, Seagoing Iguana.



Olympus Mons is a giant mountain on Mars. How giant, you ask? Well, is 13.6 miles high big enough for ya?

Olympus Mons is so large at its base that an observer at its peak wouldn’t know he was standing on a mountain because its slope would be obscured by the curvature of the planet itself. Read that again slowly. Yeah, I know. I had to read it 3-times to understand it too.

Try this fact then. Olympus Mons has sheer 5-mile high cliffs at its base. Imagine standing at this mountain’s base and staring up at cliffs the size of Mount Everest. Yowza.

Here’s Olympus Mons compared to Mt. Everest and Mauna Kea, two of Earth’s largest mountains:


So anyway, yeah. Large. Massive. Enormous. Sizable. It’s big.

So you may be asking yourself (I know I was), how could a mountain become more badass? Well kids, Olympus Mons is also a volcano. Awesome.

So to summarize, baddest mountain in the solar system? Olympus Mons. End of discussion.

PS- You say you want video? OK.



Another reason Bruce is the best.


Sure, this guy’s sort of a jerk, but asshats get what they deserve, amirite?