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Clean, yet brutal hit. On a related note, that dude may have more than alcohol in his system.


First, the video:

The Guardian: A Russian attack helicopter accidentally fired at least one rocket into a crowd of Russian soldiers during large scale military exercises close to Nato’s borders, Russian media has reported. Three people were injured in the incident at the Zapad 2017 drills, a source close to the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

Man, bad look for Russia, amirite? Dude just launching rockets into his own army like a boss. That one dude walking toward the explosion has to be dead. And what are the odds Putin has executed this guy already? You don’t make Russia look bad, not on Putin’s watch.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. We’re going to know information about animals in 100-years that would stun us if we knew it today. Check out this chick casually making a hammock. Wild stuff.

Let’s begin will the coolest fact of all – Laysan Albatrosses mate for life. Boom. Man that’s impressive. And get this – the Laysan Albatross can glide over the open oceans for hours without a single freakin’ flap. Dudes just glide like you read about, and their long wings carry them hundreds of miles in a day’s time.
These cool birds live to be really old too. At last count, the world’s oldest Laysan Albatross had reached the age of 66. One last thing – when Laysan Albatrosses court they perform a pretty amazing mating ritual, making mooing noises and clicking their bills together. That’s cool, man. Insanity. Anyhoo, Layton Albatross.

[I demand that you watch the video below because it’s awesome]

Violence in cartoons was intense back in the day, man. People thought it was the height of comedy to have cartoon characters blow each other up or blast each other’s heads off. And even movies cartoons could be emotionally intense. Check out this scene when Bambi’s mother got shot by hunters:

Hell, that scene can scar a 7-year old for life. It’s tough for even me to watch it right now. Guess we were a little more callous back in the day.

Don’t get me wrong, kids are probably exposed to more violence today, it’s just not disguised as humor. If you don’t believe me just take a look at video games like Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat or Postal. They’re blood orgies to put it mildly.

Like I said, the interesting aspect of the older cartoons is that they were contained within these cute little TV shows about, usually, talking animals of all things. We’ll take a look at just a few, but first, a video so you can get the vibe:

Sort of jarring when you see it all at once, ya know?

After perusing just a few Tom & Jerry cartoons on the YouTube I viewed the following:

  • Jerry stuffing a lit stuck of dynamite into Tom’s mouth, where it explodes.
  • Tom shooting himself in the head with a shotgun.
  • Jerry slamming a red-hot waffle iron shut on Tom’s tail.
  • Jerry getting impaled through the groin with a pool stick. Not kidding.
  • Jerry slicing Tom’s tail to shreds with a pair of scissors.

Check it:

I swear, what happens on these shows rivals any torture or murder ever seen on the show Criminal Minds. Those little scamps were evil, dude.

And everyone remembers Pepe Le Pew, right?  Little bro was a French skunk with an aversion to taking no for an answer, Le Pew’s adventures read like a “How To” book on sexual harassment. Narcissistic, creepy, and obsessed with every female prospect that crossed his path, Le Pew was the ultimate anti-role model for a society trying to make steps towards gender equality. Here’s a sample of Pepe sexually harassing a cat. Yes, I just typed that:

Finally, what about the morbidly obese Fat Albert? Hell, today those friends that called him fat would find themselves in Sensitivity Training, since obesity is now being called a psychological condition. And the callousness doesn’t end there, kids. Consider poor Dumb Donald, Mushmouth, Weird Harold, and Bucky. Poor victims were given cruel nicknames that mocked their greatest insecurities and handicaps, over which they have little or no control. Tragic really. Here’s poor Mushmouth, who clearly had issues:

Oh, and what about Popeye? Dude used to beat the hell out of everyone.

Sadly, many brutal scenes have been edited out when shown nowadays, and that’s sort of sad. I mean, we all turned out OK, right?


Beautiful. I beseech you to click and enlarge.

So everyone is freaking out about the interview Jim Carrey gave on E! the other day on the Red Carpet at something called the New York Fashion Awards. They’re saying he’s crazy, losing his gourd and not fit for normal society. My question is this – didn’t everyone already know he was batshit crazy? He’s sorta like Robin Williams was, just sort of demented and on the edge of sanity. Hence, no surprise here. Here’s the interview.


Get it together Australia.

Pretty sure he was saying to get the hell out of there.

Fort Boyard is a fort off the west coast of France. Though a fort on Boyard bank was suggested as early as the 17th century, it was not until the 1800s under Napoleon Bonaparte that work began. Building started in 1801 and was completed in 1857. Check out the photos as well as the video down below. Cool stuff.

[click on a photo to peruse]

Remember the video I posted called Battle at Kruger? The one where a herd of buffalo put the beatdown on some lions? If not it’s below the latest evidence of  Water Buffalo badassness, which is right here. Check it:

A-a-a-a-n-d the classic:

I’ll never forget the game. I was 19-years old. Bourneville, Ohio. June 4th, 1976. My parent’s basement. Suns at Celtics, 1976 NBA Finals, Game 5. Series tied 2-2. Triple overtime. Longest NBA game in history. Some of the most astounding, amazing, incredible moments ever witnessed on a basketball court. Referee Ritchie Powers attacked by a fan. The whole game is still vivid in my mind today, and it included a Garfield Heard shot that was later called “The Heard Shot Round the World.” I know, makes no sense but it doesn’t have to. Cool as hell. Basketball fans, do yourself a favor and watch the highlights. For you hardcore hoopsters, the entire game is on the second video. It’ll be the best 2-hours and 37-minutes you’ve spent in a long time, trust me.

But first, the highlights:

Here’s the entire game:

Jordan’s competitive nature was legendary.

And of course the soundtrack is Slayer.

I’m telling you now to turn the sound off. Some Japanese dude is yelling throughout the video and it’s annoying as hell. Very cool to watch though.

Oddly, I think this bro has convinced me.

Let’s begin with what may be the single greatest video on the internet right now. My comments follow . . .

First off, let’s get one thing out of the way. You can’t get much whiter than that dude, so he has to be happy about that. Secondly, you can’t be a white supremacist and wear your pants that low. You just can’t. That’s just copying the very folks you’re supposed to be supreme over. That’s lame, man. Bet he listens to Drake and Li’ Wayne too. Anyway, s-u-r-e it’s easy being a racist. You know, until you become separated from your fellow bigots and you’re being chased by some black guy with a stick. Then it gets real real fast, man. I mean, the little Eminem wannabe here couldn’t get that “uniform” off fast enough. But seriously, I had no idea the uniform of the white supremacists was a white polo and khakis. Not kidding, that’s the uniform. Isn’t that sort of lame? They look like the nerd that shows up to work on my laptop or something.

Anyway, bad look for the white supremacists, man. Guess their admission requirements are a little low?

PS- Can’t wait for the hate messages I’m sure to get from the Nazis. The over-under on grammar mistakes per message is 23.

Pure comedy.


That’s a big Juggalo, man.

So some dude in Thailand apparently dangled a bowl of rice over a bear, teasing him by pulling it up and out of reach just as the bear reached for it. At some point Mr. Bear got fed up, grabbed the guy’s wrist, pulled him on down and went to town on him, just nibbling on him like a chew toy. You know, except with blood and stuff. I really hate to see people get hurt except when they’re messing with animals, then I’m highly amused by it. It’s really just a  form of natural selection, amirite? Weeding out the weak and whatnot? Enjoy.

PS- Unfortunately the guy is only in critical condition and not dead.

UPI- A man sitting at the edge of an Alaska river to capture images of nature was startled to be joined by a relaxed bear that enjoyed the view at his side. Anchorage photographer Drew Hamilton said he was photographing bears playing in the McNeil River when another bear, which apparently just woke up, approached his spot. Video captured by Hamilton shows the bear casually walk up and plop down next to the chair Hamilton set up next to the river.
Hamilton said he and the bear watched the other bears together for a short time until the larger mammal decided to join its brethren in the water.

I swear to God this cat must be the chillest bro to ever walk this planet earth of ours. A 1,000 pound killing machine with razorblade claws and fangs saunters up and takes a seat, and this guy casually films it with his damn cell phone. Of course, I guess running down into the river with the other bears would’ve been a bad idea too. Either way, if it woulda been me it wouldn’t have mattered. I would have keeled over dead the instant I turned around. Even watching the video I was waiting for the bear to turn, make a leap at the dude and rip him to shreds. Jeebus.

PS- Anyone dumb enough to sit on a riverbank watching grizzly bears swim deserves to be eaten.

Listen, anyone who can combine chillaxin’ in hammock and flying your drone is OK by me. This bro is a real hero as far as I’m concerned. You go Flying Hammock Drone Guy. You go.

Mobula Rays are also referred to as Devil Rays or Flying Rays, due to their propensity for breaching, or shooting out of the water in a spectacular manner. Launching themselves as high as 6-feet above the ocean’s surface, these dudes do flips before plunging back into the water with a big flop. They travel with about 100 other rays that also jump, twirl, and belly flop as they move through the sea. Dudes are acrobats, man. Scientists think the males do it to attract attention. And get this – the Mobula Rays wing-like fins can extend up to 17-feet. That’s wild, man. Anyhoo, Mobula Rays.

If you watch at the beginning you can see the cyclist cutting across traffic like an idiot. On a related note, always wear a helmet, kids.

Huntsman Spiders generally live in Australia and are huge, with leg spans of up to 12-inches. They eat cockroaches and other insects, but have been seen dragging mice up refrigerators. Not kidding, here’s a video. In addition, Huntsman Spiders can sometimes move using a “cartwheel motion” which sounds absolutely terrifying. Fun fact: People have released Huntsman Spiders in the southern United States, so run for your lives. Anyhoo, Huntsman Freakin’ Spider.