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Mike the Headless Chicken.

Well, if I named this blog “Weird City Nicknames” you might have just cruised right on by. But I got ya with that title, didn’t I? That’s what separates yours truly from the average bloggers out there, kids. Anywho, I was having a couple Barley Pops with some friends Saturday night when the subject came up. I think we were talking about a trip to “Sin City” when it all started, the idea of cities and their nicknames. First off, why do cities have nicknames in the first place? It’s for advertising, right? Bring people in? Show a little civic pride? Brag a bit? If that’s so, it just makes some of the names below more mystifying.

Note: During my exhaustive research for this story I found out that there are three towns in the USA with the slogan, “Home of the White Squirrels.” Thought you should know.

But on to the list. Here are my Top 10 City Nicknames: