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I read a quote today that got me to thinking, which is always a dangerous proposition. But we’ll get to the quote later . . .

Every once in awhile I’ll hear a student (or somebody else for that matter) say something along the lines of, “The Beatles were overrated,” or “The Beatles are for old people.” For the love of God, I once had a kid tell me that his dad told him that The Beatles were “the first boy band.” Sigh. I took a breath, counted to 10 and backed slowly away, muttering horrific and terrible things about said father.  Anyway, I usually just attribute such gibberish to the fact that people are ignorant or simply haven’t really listened. And I mean REALLY listened. For if you HAD listened, you’d know that almost all music we hear today was influenced in one way or the other by The Beatles. There is simply no denying that fact.

I could write a book on this, but I’ll simply argue that The Beatles advanced popular music more in their short lifespan (basically 1960 to 1970) than popular music has advanced since then (1970 to almost 2020). I’d be happy to debate this with you.

The music is the main thing. of course, but when you take into effect their influence and impact regarding style, album covers, and videos it’s a no-brainer. Yep, The Beatles are credited with making the first music video for “Rain” in 1966. Some say “Helter Skelter” was the first speed metal song as well. Hell, the guitar feedback at the beginning of “I Feel Fine” was a first, and they were also the first band to “sample” other artists. Their list of firsts is way too long to list here, but if you want to see them go to the website An Amazing List of Beatle Firsts. ‘Tis impressive indeed.

But on to the quote I mentioned earlier. I’m currently reading a book by Mark Oliver Everett, founder and creative genius behind The Eels. Today I came across this quote:

“Kids know what’s going on. They always respond to The Beatles, for instance. Doesn’t matter when they were born, they always seem to respond. Show me a kid who innately doesn’t like The Beatles and I’ll show you a bad seed.” 

That’s not only true, but it reminded me of my son Kip and something he told me when he was around 3-years old. We were in the car going somewhere and he asked me to put in a Beatles CD, which we often did. For some reason I asked him why he liked The Beatles and their music so much. His response?

“It makes me happy.”

Well, there ya go. In its simplicity, it was the perfect answer.

Bottom line? If you don’t like The Beatles please don’t tell me. I’ll just think horrible things about you, your judgement, your character, and your intelligence. And that’s not good.

What can I say? If you feel that way, it’s best just to let it be. And for those of you about to argue that The Beatles were overrated? Here ya go . . .