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Check out the Blackspot Tuskfish, man. What makes this guy so special, you ask? Oh, he’s just the first wild fish ever to be filmed using a tool, that’s all. That’s right, kids, the Blackspot Tuskfish was seen holding a clam in its mouth and whacking it against a rock. Soon the shell gave way, the fish gobbled up the tasty clam, spat out the shell fragments, and swam off like the little boss that it is. Check out the video below for this guy in all his awesome glory. Anywho, Blackspot Tuskfish.

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Wow, check out the Basking Shark, man. Mouth for days. This guy is the second largest fish, after the Whale Shark, and it grows to 20′-26′ long. It’s what we call a slow moving filter-feeder because it basically just intakes anything floating around in the ocean. And hey, despite the Basking Shark’s terrifying appearance he’s harmless to humans. You know, unless you die from fright should you run into one of these behemoths when you’re out for a swim. Anywho, Basking Shark.


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Posted: May 21, 2013 in Animals