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I was watching the NFL postgame show last night and Tony Dungy was blabbering on about something. As always happens when I watch Dungy, I had the sense that he looked like somebody I’d seen before.

And then it hit me . . .


Wait for it . . .


Yep. Bat Boy. The resemblance is unmistakable.

. . . right in the back of the face.

Ass. Clown.

It’s in Butler, Ohio. Road Trip anyone?

Bret (One T) Bielema, former coach at Wisconsin who is now at Arkansas, busted his ass during the Razorback’s traditional Hog Walk. I won’t stoop so low as to make a comment about fat ass Bret falling during the HOG Walk (wait, I think I just did), but I will comment on something else. Bret is pulling a LeBron James, and by that I mean he’s wearing headphones so he won’t have to speak to the unwashed masses, thus missing the point of the Hog Walk entirely. On a related note, Coach Urban Meyer of The Oho State University prohibits the Buckeyes from wearing headphones during the Buckeye’s walk from the Skull Session at St. John Arena to Ohio Stadium. They are expected to look people in the eye and have actual interaction with their loyal fans.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching Buckeye-hater Bielema’s misfortune as much as I do. Here ya go.


Worth a look.

Seven Tuba Pileup!

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A band director’s worst nightmare.

I assume you’ve all seen the Mariano Rivera Farewell Tour that’s made the rounds in major league baseball this season. Rivera is the supposedly “classy” relief pitcher for the New York Yankees who announced before the season that this season would be his last.

He’s paraded around the league getting showered with gifts from all the teams, been applauded by opponents, and had his feet kissed by opposing managers. Hell, I think the Arizona Diamondbacks actually gave him a combination spongebath/massage right there on the pitching mound.

I exaggerate, but you get the idea.

Here are just a few of the more notable gifts he’s received:


These old dudes don’t seem too worried about getting bit. Then again, if you stormed the beach at Normandy I guess you don’t worry about stuff like that.

I love this stuff.

Uh, bud. Behind you.

For my buddy. Here’s the entire album.

When “My Girl” kicked in I got chills.

Kyrie > LeBron any day, everyday.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners: “Come On Eileen”

Classic stuff.

Amazing camera shoots 1000 frames per second.

Fun. – “Carry On”

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Runway Fails are Comedy Gold

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A real laugh riot.

BatDad is hilarious, slightly unhinged.

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Funny stuff.

God, I miss the 70’s.

Obviously this is a thing with otters?

You will laugh, especially when you watch the guy on the 3-wheel bike do his demonstration.

Speechless, Part 2

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a photo of Christie Brinkley, lookin’ great at 59-years old. Today I present to you Jane Seymour. Jane is 62. Thank you and goodnight.

Oddly enough, he was making perfect sense to me before he started singing.

That is how a frog do.