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For all you youngbloods out there, appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show was the pinnacle for new rock artists. To appear on that stage meant you’d made it, that you’d hit the big time. Many a Rock God had bowed at the feet of Mr. Sullivan, including Elvis, The Beatles and many more. Sometimes, this being the 1960s and all, Ed would ask a band to tame down their lyrics for Sunday evening prime time television. An example was when The Rolling Stones were asked to change the words “Let’s Spend the Night Together” to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together” which they did. Which brings us to The Doors and The Lizard King himself, Mr. Jim Morrison. Once again Ed asked a band to change the lyrics, this time for the song “Light My Fire.” Morrison was supposed to sing, “Girl we couldn’t get much better” rather than “Girl we couldn’t get much higher” because the latter was considered to be a drug reference. During rehearsal Morrision did just that, but on the live TV broadcast he reverted to the original lyrics. That was Jim Morrison in a nutshell. The end result was that Ed was pissed and The Doors forever banned from The Ed Sullivan Show. Here ’tis:

And here’s the scene in the movie The Doors that depicts the incident:

I thought the little one was a toy but noooo, it’s real. On a related note, everyone thinks their own kid is adorable, amirite? Same here.

Can you identify them all?

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Tough Choices, Part 3

Posted: June 27, 2020 in Movies, Opinion, Things I Love

Oh, man. This one will be debated for sure.

Tough Choices, Part 2

Posted: June 27, 2020 in Movies, Opinion, Things I Love

Another tough one.

Whaddaya say?

Oh hell yes. Picnics, Camping, Drive-In Movies, Little League games, this baby is a must-have. And only $288.00 on Amazon! On a related note, you’re welcome.

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The red and the orange have equal populations. Cool.

I might consider buying it but that subterranean garage might be a little cramped.

PS- Tony Stark’s Ironman place was supposedly inspired by this house.

PPS- Yes, I saw it on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

So how did I live this long and not know that baby owls slept facedown? Just shocking news that has altered my life forever.

PS- Cuteness overload, man.

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Yep. I’ve seen ’em all.

Nah, it’s not dangerous, but it may soon be responsible for some cool sunrises and sunsets in the southern part of the US of A. Check it:

From As the plume comes across America, the blue skies will fade and the sky will have a ‘milky’ haze to it. That milky haze is the dust! Millions upon millions of tiny dust particles will dance in the sky, tens of thousands of feet up, scattering the sun’s rays. This will give off an incredible affect during sunsets and sunrises.


The Independent- Women are less likely to swipe right on male dating app users if they are pictured holding a cat, new research has found.

According to a study carried out by scientists at Colorado State University, men who are pictured holding cats in their dating app profile photos are perceived as being “less masculine”, “higher in neuroticism” and “less dateable”.

Wait. They needed a scientific study to find this out? Please. Everybody knows men with dogs are way cooler than men with cats. Of course cat guys are less masculine, higher in neuroticism and less dateable. That’s science, man. Still, thank you Colorado State University for proving the obvious.

PS- Seriously, this is what they’re passing for scientific studies at CSU? Good God.

PPS- Countdown to someone who doesn’t understand satire posting a photo of Brad Pitt or somebody with a cat. 3, 2, 1 . . . 


Let me explain. There are only two ways humans perceive time. I shall now ask you a question to determine which one you are. Here we go. If I tell you that tomorrow’s noon meeting has been moved forward by two hours, do you assume it’s been rescheduled for 2:00pm or 10:00am? If you answered 2:00pm that means you have an ego-moving perspective of time. In other words, you see yourself as moving forward through time. If you assume the meeting is now at 10:00am, this means you have the time-moving perspective of time. You see yourself as stagnant, with time moving forwards towards you. What does the way you perceive time say about you? I have no idea.

Is it weird that people perceive time differently? Not really. Ask your friends or family the question. You’ll be surprised. In fact, let’s have a poll and see what happens.

I know what you’re thinking – myself and my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied must be running out of ideas. To that we say never! Hey, you said the same thing a few years ago when I ranked numbers 0 through 9 and that story received lukewarm reviews was an internet sensation! If you haven’t read it here you go:

Ranking Numbers 0-9

Seriously, I ranked numbers.

Today, however, we shall discuss oddly satusfying sounds. Before we get to the good ones, though, let’s talk about a few that don’t don’t really fit the “oddly satisfying” category yet they are special in their own way. To wit:

  • The sound the icemaker makes in my fridge can startlingly terrifying, especially late at night. To this day I cock my head to listen, thinking for just a second that some ne’er-do-well is in my kitchen.
  • The Wondering Soul – I came across this horrifying video on YouTube late one night and may or may not have sat huddled in the corner the rest of the night. Also known as “Ghost Tape Number 10” was an audio mix the US military used for psychological operations in the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese. It played deeply on the Vietnamese belief of ancestor worship, spirits and the afterlife.The Wandering Soul was played on loudspeakers installed on helicopters, PCF boats or by infiltrating infantry ‘loudspeaker teams’ on known enemy areas usually at night deep within the jungle. Diabolical, man. So yeah, bad sound.

  • We have a lot of coyotes in our area, and occasionally you’ll hear their pups all calling out at once. Someone told me their mom is out getting them food and they’re calling to her. Whatever cause it, it sounds like somebody opened the Gates of Hell.

Some sounds can elicit completely different feelings depending on the situation. For instance, there used to be an elementary school about 100-yards from my house and it was always great to hear the kids on the playground yelling, laughing and having fun during recess. On the other hand, one time when I was teaching in a really old school building I had to go to my classroom after scouting a basketball game to pick up something I’d forgotten. As I sat at my desk, looking through a drawer with only my desk light on, I heard a child giggling in the dark hallway. I assumed another teacher had to stop in for something as I had, so I went out and looked around. Nothing. Chills, man. I got the hell out of there.

But on to the cool sounds, the sounds of life that I love to hear. I won’t include music because that’s sort of obvious, is it not? Let us proceed . . .

  • The sound the sweeper makes when it pick up little rocks. I’m right, right? You know that damn sweeper is doing its job when you hear that sweet crackle.
  • A basketball swishing through the net. Of course I love that sound, especially in a quiet gym. Just a little twish or swoosh as the ball drops through. Love. It.
  • A basketball bouncing in an empty gym. I love the little “poing” sound it makes as it hits the gym floor. Of course, I also like the sound of 30 basketballs bouncing during a camp too.
  • Birds. Any birds. I got my love of birds from my mother, and I love any bird making any sound at all.
  • A screen door slamming shut. This goes back to my childhood, and I still love that sound.
  • Baby sounds. Yeah, 3-weeks ago this wouldn’t have been included, but now that I have my first grandchild I’ve been reminded how cool all the cooing and gibberish really is. Amazing.
  • Rain hitting a tin roof. I used to stay with my grandparents a lot as a kid, and they had a tin roof. As I slept in their living room with the windows open the sound of the rain hitting the roof put me right to sleep. So soothing.
  • Crowd, heard from the locker room. Sure, the crowd noise during a game was great, but there was something about being down in the locker room and hearing that muffled roar before we took the court that was always thrilling.
  • The crunch of Fall leaves under your feet. When you live in an area that has an annual Fall Festival of Leaves this has to be included, right? PS- In the Fall southern Ohio is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  • Whir of a fan on a hot summer night. I’m talking about one of those old-fashioned oscillating fans. Like many I can’t sleep without a fan pointing in my direction.
  • Popping bubble wrap. Ah, the age old favorite, universally liked by almost everyone.
  • Walking through crusty snow. There’s something satisfying about that crunch, amirite?
  • Waves crashing ashore. This, this is why I always leave the windows open when I’m at the beach.
  • Opening an airtight jar. Something about that little “pop” that is cool to hear.
  • Sparky’s nails clicking on the floor when I get home. Of course I love most of the sounds The Spark makes, from his gentle snoring to the way he growls and whimpers while having a dream.
  • Bacon sizzling. This also happens to be a top smell. Bacon is at the top of many a list with me.
  • Fire crackling. Preferably during a cold Winter’s night or around a campfire.
  • Outdoors at night. – Frogs, crickets, it doesn’t matter. I’ve always been a night owl and I love the sound of being outdoors in the country.
  • The electric click of a mosquito flying into a bug zapper. Weird? Come on. You know you like it.
  • Popping open a can of beer or soda pop. Something about that click and hiss, that pffft, that . . . whatever you call it I like it.
  • Horse trotting down a street. That clickety-clop is sort of mesmerizing, no? Plus it gives me an excuse to post one of my favorite videos of all time:

Man, I love that video.

I also like certain words, like hush, serendipity and shenanigans. Hell, I wrote a few articles about words called Cool Beans! Words and Phrases That Need To Make A Comeback , Here Are 7 Words That Are Older Than You Think and Word Up: Snorkel, Curds and Uranus. Check ’em out!

So whaddaya say? What sounds make you happy? Let’s hear it!

Oh my. Recipe below.

[Type “behold” into the S:U search box to find more great recipes]


  • 3 ounces cream cheese softened
  • 1/4 cup fresh or canned jalapenos diced
  • 24 cocktail sausages sometimes called lil’ smokies
  • 1 8 ounce package Pillsbury refrigerated crescent roll dough


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and spray a cooking sheet lightly with cooking spray.
  2. In a food processor, blend the cream cheese and jalapenos until smooth. If you don’t have a food processor just dice the jalapenos as fine as you can and blend.
  3. Unroll the crescent rolls and cut each triangle into 3 small pieces. I found it easiest to chop off the pointy end of the triangle for one section and then split the remaining section into two sections.
  4. Slightly press the crescent roll with your hand to flatten and spread about 2 teaspoons of cream cheese mixture on the roll. Add your cocktail sausage on top of the cream cheese and roll up. Place on the cooking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes or golden brown.

Just some random photos of life in the Land Down Under. Home to the BeeGees, Olivia Newton-John, Hugh Jackman, Keith Urban, Mel Gibson, and a bunch of these guys . . .

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Dead. On.

Proof that the Mississippi River is indeed mighty.

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With all the madness going on lately I thought I’d lighten things up a little this weekend. Before we begin, I must make two points:

  • A hamburger is not a sandwich. Technically a sandwich is made by putting a filling, traditionally sliced meat (but now anything goes) between 2-slices of cut bread.
  • As a general rule I like my sandwiches hot.
  • A hot dog is not a sandwich, so shut your piehole.

Ok, I’m glad we got that out of the way. Let us proceed . . .

The following rankings are certain to evoke outrage, shock, and dare I say discombobulation amongst my loyal readers and for this I say sorry not sorry. This is my website and it is filled with my opinions, so deal with it. Let us commence with the rankings . . .

1. Grilled Cheese
Oh yeah. Everyone knows of my love for all things cheese, and I prefer my Grilled Cheese with Pepperjack  and Bacon. However, I have been known to add some Jalapeño Peppers if I’m feeling like I need a kick. My favorite Grilled Cheese from around Southern Ohio can be found at Gibby’s in Circleville, The Rusty Keg in Washington Court House and Wagner’s Roadhouse here in Chillicothe.
Cheesey and Baconey goodness.

2. Oyster Po’ Boy

Love me an Oyster Po’ Boy, and my favorite can be found at Chilli Peppers Grill & Pupuseria in Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, NC. They put some sort of cheese sauce (yes, cheese again) and it is spectacular. I feel a road trip coming on!

3. Italian Sub

Hard to beat a well-made Italian Sub, man. I like mine with salami, mortadella, capicolla and ham along with Provolone cheese, green bell peppers, green olives, salt, and black pepper. I like the Italian Subs at Cristy’s in Chillicothe, but the ones made at the Valero right here in lil’ old Bourneville, Ohio are damn good as well.

4. Crab Cake Sandwich

Aw, man, I love a good Crab Cake Sandwich when prepared correctly. I need a lot of crab and less filler, but doesn’t everyone? I like j-u-s-t a touch of crispiness in my Crab Cake as well. I had them at the Thames Street Oyster House in Baltimore once and nearly passed out from sensory overload. So, so, so, so, so good. And I know a few Crab Cake aficionados recoil at the thought on eating them on a Brioche Bun, but those people can go to hell. Oh, and Crab Cake Sliders? Delish. PS- No tomato please.

5. Fried Bologna

My love of these go all the way back to when I was a kid and my mother would make them for me. Again, as a general rule I like my food cooked well and Mom would make them so they were a little crispy and turned up at the edges. I also like the thinner slices rather than the thick ones some places serve. Drop some Pepperjack on those bad boys and I’m in Hog Heaven. Get it? Hog Heaven? Pigs? Never mind. The Cozy and Wagner’s Roadhouse both make killer Fried Bologna sandwiches locally.

6. Tuna Melt

For me the best Tuna Melt includes mayo, some pickles for the crunchiness, just a little celery, Dijon mustard and of course Sharp Cheddar cheese. Again, not a big fan of tomato.

7. Philly Cheesesteak

Love a good Philly Cheesesteak, especially in Philly. Many will argue for Dalessandro’s and others as having the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, but I’d have to go with Chubby’s. I like it because the steak isn’t really finely chopped, nor is it in slabs, but the perfect in-between. Flavorful as all get out. They also have a Mushroom Swiss Chicken Cheesesteak that is absolutely killer.

8. Cuban

Sometimes called a Cubano sandwich, and I love them. The perfect Cubano is grilled and made with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, Cuban bread, and sometimes salami. However, the essential ingredient is the roasted pork, and it must be marinated in a spicy mojo sauce that includes orange juice, lime juice, garlic, oregano, and cumin. After the marinating you roast that baby and go to town. A buddy of mine from the Outer Banks used to have a Cuban restaurant called Bacu and his Cubano was spectacular.

9. Meatball Sub

A Meatball Sub is only as good as its meatballs. Duh. That said, the right Marinara sauce and cheesey toasted bread is essential as well. I had a Meatball Sub at Polpetti Meatball Bar in Chicago once and I must get back there post haste. Also, any self-respecting Meatball Sub must contain Grated Parmesan and Shredded Mozzerella Cheese.

10. The Gyro

I was told many times by an Italian ex of mine that this is pronounced YEE-roh and I have henceforth used that pronunciation. Anyhoo, the best Gyros I ever laid my tastebuds on were consumed at Bill’s Gyro Souvlaki on The Boardwalk in Atlantic City. It’s basically Ground lamb, seasonings, onion, garlic and bacon nestled in a pocket of Pita Bread. Then you add some Tzatziki Sauce and you’re in foodie heaven.



Just Missed The Cut: Fried Chicken Sandwich, Sloppy Joe, Lobster Roll. Ham & Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Roast Beef w/Swiss Cheese, BLT, Falafel Pita, Bagel w/Lox & Cream Cheese.

Highly Underrated: Straight Up Bacon Sandwich on White Wonder Bread, Straight Up Cheeze-Whiz Sandwich on White Wonder Bread. Random thought – I bet a Bacon & Cheez-Whiz Sandwich would be breathtaking. On it!

Cannot Go Without Mentioning: The legendary sandwich I invented called The Sweet Cheezus, consisting of Cheez-Whiz and Cheez-Its on toasted white bread. Glorious.

Get This Crap Out Of Here: Turkey Club, Rueben, Tuna Salad, Liverwurst, Cucumber Tea, Hummus.

Fun Fact: I’ve never had a PB & J sandwich, ever. It’s true.

Sit back, chillax, and enjoy.


Check ’em out, man. They can float in the water or you can stick ’em in the sand. Genius! You can order them online at LiveItUpButtercup’s Etsy store. Click here for the link.

I know many will scoff at this guy’s chopping claims. Surely he will me mocked. Pooh-poohed even. Haters gonna hate, man, but me? I’m all in. I totally believe him. I mean, look at that guy. If anyone can chop a tractor tire in half it’s my man right there. Dude has badass written all over him. So go ahead, take something to him to be chopped – wood, strong wood, it doesn’t matter. What you bring will be chopped or you will be paid 400 bones.

PS- If you don’t think I’m visiting you’re out of your gourd.

PPS- Just did, and it is spectacular.

PPPS- He even wrote a song about chopping and it is straight fire. Seriously, click here for the amazingness.

PPPPS- On his site he has this quote: “Anything can be chopped, including your worst fear or regrets.” Perfect. 

The BBC reports that the two men, armed with machetes, aimed to carry out a client’s fantasy of “being tied up in his underwear and stroked with a broom”, except they entered the wrong house.

The role play was arranged over Facebook by a man near Griffith, New South Wales, who provided his address to the hired pair.

“He was willing to pay $5,000 if it was ‘really good’,” one of the men said.

However, the client moved to another address 30 miles away without updating the two men. They then entered a home on the street of the original address. When the resident noticed a light on in his kitchen at 6:15am, he assumed it was a friend who came by daily to make morning coffee.

When the men called out the name of their client, the resident turned on the light, and saw them standing above his bed with the machetes. At this point one of the machete-carrying men realized their mistake and one of them said, “Sorry, mate”, shook the shocked resident’s hand, and left.

In handing down a not guilty verdict, a judge stated that all evidence pointed to an honest mistake.


Is there any reaction more Australian than after breaking into someone’s house while brandishing machetes you realize your mistake and then say, “Sorry, mate” and shake the guy’s hand? I think not. The intruders probably went back home, threw some shrimp on the barbie and had a good laugh about it.

And how about the dude who hired them? Don’t you think the correct address m-i-g-h-t be a crucial detail? Crikeys, man. Get it together client who wanted tied up in his underwear and stroked with a broom. You’re better ‘n’ at.

PS- Australia, man. First the apology and then the judge called it an honest mistake. Can’t imagine this happening anywhere else.

PPS- Except Canada.