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Fascinating. On a related note, Joe Millionaire made a meteoric rise and fall in 2003.

Looks like a work of art, man.

I’m sort of disappointed in Seagal.

I wrote about Bullet Ants in one of my “Cool Animal of the Day” posts, and this chart pretty much explains it all. Bottom line? Don’t get bitten by a Bullet Ant because it will hurt. A lot.

PS- If you like cool animals, just type “Cool Animal of the Day” in the S:U search box and you’ll be provided with hours of entertainment. You’re welcome.

As of April 2016, more than 4000 people have attempted to climb Mount Everest.  Annually around 800 people make the attempt which include Sherpas, clients, and professional climbers.

The year 2017 had the second most summits at 648 after 658 in 2013. 61% of the climbers who climbed reached to the top of Everest. 446 of the climbers were from south side and 202 from the north side in 2017.

Did you know?

There are about 200-dead bodies in the mountain, and the bodies now help other climbers to know they are on the right path or not. Those bodies are left there due to the poor weather and bringing them down is very dangerous. Looking back to the history, 4% of the climbers those who have made it to the summit have died.

Dead guy.

Damn place is like being in line at Disney World or something.

Thar she is.

Sadly understandable.

Well, shit.

Just a friendly reminder of how difficult it is to become a college athlete in any sport, at any level.


StreetStats- Pedestrian deaths were up 35% last year, compared to a decade ago. This is due to the rise of heavy SUVs, population growth in regions that do not prioritize walking and distracted driving, a new report shows. The Governors Highway Safety Association estimated that roughly 6,227 pedestrians were killed last year, the highest pedestrian fatality figure since 1990 and 35% more than were killed 10 years ago.

Gee, ya think? This has to be the most unsurprising statistic of all-time, man. People don’t pay attention anymore. Hell, I don’t even to stop to make a turn without keeping my eye on the rearview mirror due to all the damn people texting and driving. During my travels over the past couple years I’ve witnessed people not only texting and driving but watching movies on their iPads, doing their make-up, reading a book, and sleeping. I’m dead serious. I once passed a guy, glanced over and saw his eye closed, blew my horn, and he proceeded to nonchalantly give me a thumbs-up and proceed onward like it was perfectly normal. Hell, people aren’t looking for anything in front of them, human beings or otherwise. Keep your head on a swivel, folks. People are nuts.

Note: On the other hand, my 5′-10″ father could be driving and somehow reach into the backseat of our 1966 Pontiac Catalina Station Wagon, smack me in the head for being an idiot, and still stay between the lines. That’s a special gift right there.


Eh, low odds for the most part. Go nuts.

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From The Statistics Portal: According to data from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, hate crime increased across the United States in 2016-2017. In major cities, Portland, Oregon, posted the biggest increase in hate crime by far, up 200%. Arizona followed with 46% while hate crime in New York went up 28%.

In other words, if you’re looking straight across from a particular beach? Well, here’s your answer. Interesting stuff.

The racial wealth gap kept widening well after the Civil Rights era.



Dead on.



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I’ve also been known to pull out my cellphone and pretend I’m talking to avoid chit-chat.

chart small talk

Settle down everybody.


Tobacco in a non-upset.